Season 8 Episode 13

Day 8: 4:00 A.M. - 5:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 22, 2010 on FOX

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  • about this episode

    It had great sound editing.
  • Dribble, Dribble, Dribble

    Even three years later this episode still emits a rancid stink that just won't dissipate. I agree with all of screenagedkicks reviews thus far for the season and I must say I rather enjoy reading his reviews, they are a freaking hoot and much better than the episodes themselves. HA!

    I am so glad this was the last season of the show and it definitely is in the writing. I mean come on what were the writers thinking?! The narrative is so effed up by this point that it seem pointless to even continue but the writers try to invoke feeling with the dribble, dribble, dribble that is Chloe pulling a gun on the NSA sap, who no one cares about, the cliche moment of the rookie breaking formation in the firefight and oh last but not least the'shocking' twist in the DanaJenny show she's a mole GASP!!!

    I seriously feel deep sympathy for Katee Sackhoff having to play this abysmal role after coming from such a magnificent role with Starbuck. Seriously if I was her I would have stormed off the set after this reveal hell even when the Dana/Kevin Show started all hell would have broken loose wasting a talented actress on this crap!!

    But oh no '4am-5am' is just the little pebble that starts this landslide of shit and propels us into the cespool that is the rest of Day 8.
  • boring so far

    This season has been a letdown so far. i sure hope it gets better. anyone notice Jack called where he is working CTU? Its not CTU anymore right?
  • Even the twist, in its way, was predictable

    It wouldn't be the eighth season of "24" if there weren't several ridiculous plot points held together by a few classic moments. That has been the story for the season since the underwhelming premiere. With the reappearance of yet another classic "24" trope, it may be that the series has reached the end of its rope.

    For once, Jack's plot thread missed the mark, but it wasn't entirely his fault. The writers chose to make everyone other than Jack and Cole a complete and utter idiot. They also seemed to think that Jack and Cole would be unable to land even one shot until the end of the firefight. That left only the option of stripping down an armored vehicle and walking to an emergency callbox, which resulted in two characters making stupid, emotional decisions against Jack's advice. Because that always ends well.

    The problem was that it was predictable. It was inevitable that Jack and Cole would be the only ones to make it to the end, just as it was predictable that Renee would arrive just in time to save Jack from certain death. Not that Renee's return to the field is a bad thing; it could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Renee's short arc with Jack and Vladimir was the best part of the season thus far.

    Chloe has been snarky this season, but she hasn't had much of a chance to shine. This is clearly supposed to be her big moment, a long time in the coming, but it feels forced. It's hard to believe that NSA agents would allow Chloe to intimidate them, even taking the gun into account. And just as everything that happened with Jack was predictable, so was Chloe's success. Did anyone really doubt that she would manage to get the system running before the end of the episode?

    More surprising was Director Hastings and his support for Chloe, though it was in character. The writers certainly got the inter-agency sparring down right, even in this post-911 age, and Hastings rankled at the obvious barbs tossed in his direction. Given his established political concerns, scoring a victory over the NSA and getting back online faster had to be worth it. Besides, if anything went wrong, he could just blame Chloe to cover himself.

    So with all of the mediocrity throughout the rest of the episode, it seemed like Dana's plot thread would live up to its well-earned reputation throughout the first 12 episodes. Prady's ridiculous insistence on pursuing his agenda in the middle of a massive national security crisis was enough to earn him a painful death. Of course, killing a man in the middle of CTU doesn't seem like a sound strategy.

    That said, the revelation at the end of the episode does make sense of Dana's actions throughout the season to date. Well, at least to a degree. If the terrorists were banking on the assassination of President Hassan to smuggle nuclear fuel rods into their country, why would they need to have a mole in CTU? Just in case something went wrong, and they needed to execute this "Plan B", which was initially framed as a last-minute gamble? Or was this always the plan, and the writers just didn't make it clear that the terrorists were using Farhad to execute their true design?

    But it was predictable for CTU to be attacked, and it was equally predictable for someone to be a mole. It should help to give Katee Sackhoff a lot more to do, something more suited to her range, but it feels like something that the writers decided to do late in the game. This is the kind of shocking twist that they used to toss into the mix when they were making things up as they went along.

    Overall, this episode suffers from being all too predictable, even when it comes to aspects of the admittedly unforeseen twist at the end. Fans of "24" have seen it all before, and after eight seasons, the tropes are becoming more than tiresome. This season just can't seem to pull itself off the floor.
  • Nothing new under the sun...

    Well...I really love 24 I fell it has always been one of the best shows on TV but...Is it me or we use to get a cliffhanger every episode in the previous seasons...I mean now i don't really care what happens next episode. We used to get this over the top crazy situations that made me wait to see how they get out of it next week but now...it's tired and almost boring to watch...I understand that there are limitations to the ideas but then way not just end the show with dignity...

    i have a crazy guess...after they stop the terrorists they will find out that there is an American group behind the...probably again the same grumpy bunch of old republicans who opposes the health care bill
    ...or whatever

    ...I mean...come on, again a sleeper agent in CTO...they have less of a screening process then Domino's Pizza...

    The firefight was boring...what's up with Jack...it looks like he needs some training or at least let him play Call of Duty 2 or something, 4 bad guys are a problem for him? I mean Rene is coming from a different angel and takes care of it? and how the hell did she get there is 10 minutes...I live in NY and it takes me half an hour to cross the street come on...

    The fact that they took CTU again...I mean I have more security for my mail box...come on people It seems like the writers are not sure what to do with Jack in order for him not to look like superman they make him irrelevant at a lot of the scenes which is annoying i mean this whole show is Jack. I'm afraid to say it but we need to end this soon...it's an OK show and 24 used to be the best show on TV, now it's OK which is no good for 24.
  • Never trust noone..

    Oh.. that was.. How to say.. First half was collecting all the pieces what had been scattered from last episode. Total cleanup.. and Chloe gets trouble with that. But something on that was very Chloe'like... And she managed to get CTU back.. and managed to get Renee back on action too.

    So.. on other storyfronts.. It felt quite status quo. There was shooting, something going on, but nothing major until the end when they get back to the action and some weird things start to happen.. and then.. another brilliant twist. We probably should had expected it as there is nothing new on that revelation and it was clear Dana Wash has more than just one skeleton on her closet.. but that made so much more clear.
  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that 24 is in desperate need of a good culling.

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that 24 is in desperate need of a good culling. Forget the thousands upon thousands of dollars generated by its relatively steady viewing figures (no matter how much you might want to tune out, like all good car wrecks, you just can't) and the millions garnered through merchandise and promo; ignore the desperate pleas of the handful of rabid fans who have convinced themselves that they 'need their fix', as if somehow enslaved to the show's narcotic tendencies; cast aside the fact that you'll be putting hundreds of writers, directors, cast and crew out of a job. This show needs to die. And now. Before it drives an entire nation to psychological breakdown. Before it turns heretofore innocent and perfectly content individuals into sociopathic killing machines, battering every harmless biped within a two feet radius to death because they just can't take it anymore. And you may think that a little extreme, and perhaps it is, but really, there's no other way to describe this season of 24 than as a catalyst for agonising, hair-pulling, face-munching frustration.

    If you want to point the finger of blame, it should be aimed squarely at the writing staff, whose patent refusal to challenge themselves and do anything other than regurgitate formulaic narrative patterns is crippling the show's success. It's a worrisome and baffling trend, particularly given the fact that occasionally, the season does deliver either passable or actually engaging instalments. Last week's hour of power was a well-structured, pointedly tense piece that ratcheted up the suspense and avoided many of the pitfalls that have previously plagued the programme. Unfortunately, these appear to be mere blips; brief flashes of life from a series that has lapsed into a comatose state and is threatening cardiac arrest. And as you can probably guess, '4am - 5am', hour thirteen of this shockingly troubled year, returns to the trend, falling rather spectacularly from grace and proving once again that the production crew have well and truly lost every last juicy morsel of the plot.

    The episode is a two-hander, oscillating between juxtapostionary narrative strands that counterpoint each other, both thematically and in terms of the quality of their content. The over-arching motif, inevitably, is the fallout from the detonation of the EMP, which promptly renders things a little difficult both at CTU HQ and for those in the field. This would be an encouraging element if it were handled realistically and without the most ludicrous of haste. Taking the base of operations as our first concern, Howard Gordon, Evan Katz and David Fury resort to fanciful pseudo-technological garbage in an effort to impress the viewer, but actually wind up making the programme appear amateurish. As soon as the representatives from the NSA arrive (within about ten minutes, note) and processes are put in place to begin repairing the systems, dialogue descends into technobabble and make believe, with the occasional dose of verisimilitude thrown in just to make it seem like the writers know what they're talking about. Which they don't. Quite clearly. The terminology is largely correct, but what NSA and especially Chloe propose doing with it is just plain rubbish, completely out of context and having no grounding in reality whatsoever. But who cares, right? Who really pays attention to that stuff anyway? Why should we get hung up on it? Well, there seems little point in attempting to inject realism, taking steps to seem convincing, when actually you're just doing the opposite. That's counterproductive, guys. Just don't bother!

    What is worse, undoubtedly, is the manner within which the story is structured. The plot is framed around two thoroughly abhorrent and irritatingly contrived character beats: the smarmy oneupmanship of the NSA representative and the ridiculous persistence and inappropriateness of one Chloe O'Brien. The pair are effectively ciphers here, spouting dialogue that simply performs a role (antagonist and supposedly protagonist), rather than embellishing character or creating something organic. The NSA guy, in particular, is little more than a one-dimensional cardboard cut out, his sole role seemingly being to provide O'Brien with an obstruction so that she can overcome the odds (again), prove how oh-so-wonderful she is and drag the plot out at the same time. Well, yay for that, eh? Honestly, is there any real need for this? Does anyone watching the show genuinely feel engaged with Chloe's 'struggle'? Or are well just irritated by the fact that the NSA dude shows no semblance of compromise whatsoever, simply will not listen to sense and has the most stuck-up attitude known to man, considering himself superior to all those working at CTU and actually having the audacity to get annoyed by the fact that the place was subjected to an attack that they couldn't possibly have predicted? We are surely supposed to hate this guy, ut actually, we just end up hating the writers for making us endure this crap yet again, for resorting to a storyline that they've slung at us time and time again for the last eight f****g years. Someone from the outside comes in, they clash with everyone else, we rally around CTU and hope to boot them out. Ye Gods, why???

    Chloe's one-woman effort to magically fix all of CTU's obliterated systems only hampers things further. Of course, she knows better than every last one of NSA's tech experts! Of course she has a work around that even the guy who helped design the entire freaking building wouldn't have conceived of! And okay, so perhaps the reason he wouldn't is that the idea is dangerous, but then, why does Hastings allow her to go ahead with it anyway? Would it kill the writing staff to not allow everything to be resolved within the space of one episode and actually demonstrate some long-lasting consequences? That's too much these days, apparently; we need to turn O'Brien into the single greatest analyst in CTU history! Maverick, intuitive, practical... wow, she's sodding amazing, isn't she? And handy with a gun too! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, just when you think there are no further depths that this strand could plumb (after being made to endure pointless obstruction and worthlessly contrived conflict), Chloe actually aims a firearm at her superior, quivering like she's never seen one of these strange devices before, thereby risking her entire career for the gazillionth time. But it's okay because hse knows she's right so... we'll just let her off! There will be no lasting consequences for this gal, oh no. Suspension? Ex-communication? Prison? Oh no! A slap on the wrist from Hunchback Hastings in a patently laughable scene that essentially consists of a series of 'ner ner ner ner ner's. That's it! He lets her continue! Despite the insistence of qualified officials that what she's doing may well destroy the very fabric of the building or something. Seriously. What is this crap? Rajskub, Williamson and virtually everyone else involved are awful, delivering their lines with little or no conviction and seeming decidedly wooden, but you really can't blame them. This is truly horrible stuff, the kind of writing that has no place in a two-bit soap opera, never mind a supposedly quality drama like 24.

    Of course, everything is fixed by hour's end. Well, sorta. They've got their systems up and running. Chloe's essentially fixed everything that they need in order to communicate with Jack (whom she's desperately worried about, you know... in case you didn't get that), prevented the drones from falling out of the sky (well, there's a major design flaw if ever I did see one) and stopped the vending machine from spewing out Oreos when you ask for a hot chocolate. So... what was the point? We're treated to a cumulative twenty minutes of technology-bereft action in the field (more on that later) and absolutely no consequences within the Counter Terrorist Unit itself. Seriously... where's the challenge here? The poor parole officer's files get conveniently erased and... um... that's it! Why not maintain this strand? Why not challenge your writing skills and force yourselves to come up with something new and entertaining, instead of resorting to the same lazy quick fixes with every passing week? The absurdly efficient technology is one of 24's core problems and removing it from the equation provides the road ahead with so much promise. To utterly and completely waste it within the space of an hour, especially in the sort of cheaply composed and catastrophically lazy manner as here, is just plain stupid. Don't give us the drones back; don't allow everyone to have access to every last security camera in the entire world. Give us something different. Please!

    Frustratingly, it seems that the writers are categorically incapable of providing this. With every passing scene, the CTU strand simply gets worse and worse, sinking further into the quicksand of banality, until finally, it disappears beneath the surface, drowning in its own fetid detritus. Yes, as if the magical fixes and hopelessly wooden acting weren't enough (check out that scene between Hastings and Kayla... could you get any more forced? Seriously?!), 24 effectively lobotomises itself at hour's end with the oh-so-exciting twist that, yes, your eyes weren't deceiving you and your brain does hurt oh so very much, DanaJenny is a mole! She's working for the no-good, no-name terrorists! She's been secretly hampering CTU's efforts all this time by... struggling to silence her ex-con ex-lover and, um, not much else really! And why? Well, the answer's obvious,isn't it? She's Rod Stewart's No. 1 fan and she just can't wait to see him perform 'Maggie May' in front of thousands in Manhattan and subsequently obliterate the entire city! Sorry, in-joke there. Couldn't resist. Really, this has to be made light of otherwise I'll start bashing my brains in with the keyboard.

    God, this truly is the very definition of abysmal, isn't it? Whose idea was this? Oh sure, it's going to give Katie Sackhoff something more interesting to do for the next half of the season and at least it connects her narrative to that pesky central story (we've essentially done away with any unrelated gumf... yay!), but did it really have to be this? Did we have to have yet another Goddamn motherfudging mole working inside CTU? In one sense, it's arguably a logical extension of the fact that we already knew she had a prior conviction but come on. Putting aside the fact that the security checks at this organisation are the most useless ever invented, we've seen this story a billion, trillion, gazillion bloody times. It isn't interesting any more. There's nothing left to surprise us. The audience response is not "oh my God! Can you believe what they just did?", it's "for f**k's sake, why must we put up with this predictably formulaic crap, season after season?" What have we done to deserve this? Why can't we have something new? Would it kill the writing staff to depart from the formula, to throw the rule book out of the window? Undoubtedly, many will be willing to swallow this rancid, festering pill because it immediately resolves the problem created by the extraneous narrative element but frankly, I just can't. This is as ludicrous a contrivance as The Kevin DanaJenny Show, if not more so. It feels like the writers were scrambling for something to do with the story, having backed themselves squarely into a corner, and they just picked the first thing that came to mind without stopping to think it through. There's nothing organic about this at all; it's a thoroughly transparent plot manoeuvre and a woefully atrocious one at that.

    This takes so much wind out of the episode's sails that it almost negates the successful elements provided by the concurrent plot strand. To be fair to the show, the shoot outs between Bauer, Cole and the Redshirts and da evilz terrorists are quite niftily executed. Without the technological aid provided by CTU, without Chloe being able to predict the enemy's every move, there is some genuine peril created, a palpable level of tension and suspense, that is magnified greatly by Milan Cheylov's expert direction. He uses static and hand-held camera work to convey the uncertainty and chaos of the situation, and orchestrates the fire fight with the utmost of precision. Unfortunately, the writers prove themselves utterly incapable (again) of scribing something without lapsing into cliche. Agent Owen's death, as well as that of his compadre, is fraught with predictability: for the umpteenth time in televisual history, an inexperienced officer decides to ignore the sage advice of his superior and break out on his own, thereby compromising the entire mission. And then Owen does the same, running after the guy's bloodied carcass, desperate to save him. Sure, this might be passable, hell, it could even be poignant, if it weren't so ingrained in the viewer's conscience from years upon years of trite storytelling. There's no pathos at all because everything is so blase, so readable, so telegraphed. We know they're going to betray orders, we know they're going to die. There's nothing fulfilling about these beats at all. And to have Jack shot in the middle of the battle and survive again, getting up, effectively walking away and actually being coherent in the ambulance at episode's end is... well... there are barely the words. Why oh why oh why must the writers insist on putting Bauer in peril when it's obvious to everyone with a frontal lobe that he is in no danger whatsoever? Put Cole in the firing line, for God's sake! Anything else! Or hell, why not incapacitate Jack for the rest of the day? Give his gunning down some actual consequences? It's terribly easy to write this stuff, to rectify these problems, and so it's hard to believe that professional scriptwriters simply cannot do it. That they can't see that bringing Renee in just in the nick of time to fix everything is the furthest thing from satisfying. They just box the innovative away, much like DanaJennyMole hides Stephen Root's body behind, um, a rather conveniently shaped panel, not thinking beyond the immediate. And it's killing the show.

    It really is a chore to sit through 24 these days. Episodes like this are so poorly written, so riddled with ill-thought-out developments, lazy cliches and objectionable plot beats that any semblance of enjoyment is utterly annihilated. The viewer is removed from his or her engagement and sits outside of the story, looking in on the continued downfall of this once mighty show. The car crash continues with every passing hour, occasionally offering shards of hope but mostly causing the programme to die a slow and painful death before our very eyes. Unless things pick up fast, and do so persistently, 24 really needs to be put out of its misery as soon as humanly possible... before we're all driven clinically insane by its absurdity.
  • Didn't see that coming, and not in a good way.

    So there apparently comes a time when all shows present a plot point so god awfully stupid that we must stop and reevaluate our decision to watch them. Unfortunately, this was 24's night. After 7 and a half seasons with some pretty bad lows and some pretty great highs, I must say farewell.

    My vital organs just about ripped themselves out of my body when Chloe pulled the gun on the server guy. I still bought it with a massive pile of salt, however, and at least it was resolved in a decent way. It was the first warning light in this episode.

    However, all season long I have hated Dana Walsh. Every aspect of her character and story line is annoying and pointless, but I was really rather hoping that Milton from Office Space would put that all to an end. But instead she decided to garrote his big fat ass and call up her hitherto unknown terrorist buddies, consummating what is one of the worst characters in TV history with one of the stupidest, least sensical 24 mole reveals in the show's running.

    I am done with 24.
  • Please...kill...this...show.

    Wow, what an hour of SUCK that was. Too much SUCK, so I'll just mention a few : An hour-long shootout, really?? Man, those were the worst snipers EVER! Tarin and those two other terrorist saw Jack clearly using binoculars, so why can't THEY snipe him? Tarin with the totally necessary statement that Jack is one of CTU's best agents. When did get he get brief on this? And Jack's wasn't even active until this day.

    Cliche scene with Owen dying.

    Jack walks out there like he's Robocop.

    Chloe pulls on a gun on the NSA guy! What??! And Hastings sides with Chloe instead of the NSA guy and Dana. Whatever.

    Dana is the mole...that's all you got, writers? What a crappy mole she is - she hasn't done anything for the terrorists for the last 13 hours.
  • Second half of the last day ever has just begun!

    After the shocking ending from last hour, CTU is desestabilized and all the workers need help from NSA.
    While this event happens, Jack and Cole are looking for the terrorists whose have the dirty bomb.

    This follow up from last episode is predictably worse, but the level doesn´t goes so down like other times and the beginning of the second half of the day is not bad at all.
    Is a good episode, pretty entertaining and with another surprise ending.

    This surprise is not as shocking as the previous, but engages you to see the next installment and also prepares you to recieve more tension that you have got yet.
  • The NSA comes in order to help CTU get back online. When Chloe and her suggestions are dismissed by the arrogant NSA officials, she takes drastic measures. Elsewhere, Jack and Cole fight the terrorists on their own without any help. Until...

    Another strong episode. "24" appears to be finding its stride in the latter half of the season. Freddie Prinze, Jr. gives yet another strong performance here. What is also a welcome site is Brian Hastings finally showing who's in charge and taking command. Mykelti Williamson gives, in my opinion, his best performance of the season in this episode. Chloe shines once again here. She is one of the best characters on the show period. I hope she sticks around from here on in. What's even better is there's no longer any debate about Dana Walsh. We all hate her now.
  • Another season, another mole.

    Thank god this show is fiction. I would hate to think our own security services are this incompetent.

    About a third of this episode was a gunfight with Jack and 3 CTU officers versus the terrorists from, well, where ever they are suppose to be from this year. Despite having (literally) an armored SUV load of automatic weapons with high tech scopes and night vision equipment these guys managed to let loose about two thousand rounds without hitting anything resembling a terrorist. Glad the tax payers paid for all that "training". Well maybe not so much. The two CTU guys who got capped looked like they just traded in their boy scout uniforms last month.

    Yeah, yeah, Dana. Whatever. It wouldn't be 24 if the bad guys weren't crawling out the walls - from the inside. Let's see what back story they come up with this year.
  • The episode that legitimized my hatred for Dana Walsh.

    Thank you 24, from the beginning of this season i knew i hated that blonde beeyotch Dana Walsh for some reason. I had no idea why, maybe it was her anal retentiveness or the fact she was engaged to Freddy Prince Jr. This episode, slightly downhill from last weeks (like OMG an emp? crazy!), showed Dana's true colors. Not only did she was she an accessory, but she helped her ex and his crazy friend commit larceny, then murdered him, all while jeopardizing the citizens of NYC (yeah I'm from long island so i take it kind of personally). But now she murdered that creepy p.o and hid him in a vent in the wall plus she's a terrorist too? She has got to go. I miss classic 24 but Jack Bauer's still awesome despite how crazy Dana Walsh is. Sorry to digress but she bugged me so much and it has been limiting my enjoyment of this season. I miss the days of Tony and CTU in Los Angeles and Jack Bauer wasn't a grandpa. This season is a little lackluster but I've put up with it. Last week's episode was good but I'm not reviewing that. 4am to 5am wasn't as great but I love the little bits at the end which have more information than the entire episode in just 20 seconds. This episode was alright but now I'm glad that I don't seem like I'm randomly hating Dana Walsh. She is literally insane and this episode proved that.
  • Another "Green" episode....

    Wow! What a surprise! CTU allowed to be bombed & infiltrated by terrorists!!!! That's a plot line they've never explored before! 24 has to be the "Greenest" television program on Fox, they've recycled more storylines from the past seasons better than anybody I can think of. And how about Renee...? Last night Jack has a running gunfight with the terrorists and everybody is standing around ankle deep in spent bullet casings and nary a bad guy dead. Renee shows up and 4 bullets later has 3 of the terrorists dead. I have been a 24 booster since the beginning and have never missed an episode, but I'm beginning to think I should start grazing elsewhere for my terrorist-ass-kicking fix. And Dana! Where shall I start. I admit it was a nice twist, but really, it is totally unbelievable that she was ever vetted for employment with CTU. Crazy, huh?
  • Depending on how much you've hated the Dana Walsh storyline involving Kevin Wade, this episode may somewhat redeem it.

    For the second episode in a row, 24 has cranked up the action and intrigue, weaving a portrait of cliffhangers, twists, moles, gunfights, Jack being badass, Chloe doing her best Jack impression and some pretty lame dialogue. The final result was fun, although it's difficult to decipher how exactly the writers of the show are going to explain their latest twist, involving Dana Walsh as a terrorist attempting to destroy her own country. I was glad to see 24 back to its typical adrenaline-laced ways, although sometimes, 24 is notorious for sacrificing plausibility for thrills and twists. Then again, 24 is rarely a realistic show, so maybe I'm being a little harsh.. Either way, the last two weeks have been a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the season.

    A large portion of the episode was focused on Chloe attempting to get CTU up and running again, and to be honest, it's about time we got some scenes with Chloe. I've mentioned it several times before, and I will mention it one more time right now: Chloe has been a key figure in 24 since Season 3, so it seems a shame to waste her talents on simply standing around and taking orders from a new and completely uninteresting character like Dana Walsh. As soon as I saw Chloe pull the gun on the NSA agent, I was cheering. Literally cheering, as in standing up on my chair and thanking God that they finally gave Chloe some scenes we all could sink our teeth into. As usual, CTU is quickly up and running, proving that the time constraints of an episode never holds CTU back from always winning.

    I was glad to see Renee involved in the episode again. I was worried she was going to pull a President Taylor and simply disappear with no explanation of where she's been off to, but luckily, Chloe got Renee involved very quickly. She ends up saving Jack's butt after him, Cole and a couple of other CTU agents get cornered by Samir and Taran's men. Speaking of Samir and the terrorists, it feels as if there's no danger from these nuclear rods. Is there really any doubt that Jack and the others will not find them in time and save the day? Is there really any feeling of tension involved around this? I've grown less interested in the big picture and more interested in the little character moments, which is okay, I suppose, but a little disappointing considering that 24 used to be able to balance these two things effortlessly.

    It's nice to see, based on the previews for next week, that President Taylor will be making a return. Perhaps people are growing tired of me whine and complain about her absence, but there's never been a President on the show, except for maybe Season 4, where the President was missing for this long. And Cherry Jones is too good of an actress to ignore for this long too. Thankfully, she'll be sharing the screen with Gregory Itzin for awhile, and he played one of the best television villains in a long time as Charles Logan. It's also nice to see that next week will most likely be as action packed and exciting as the last two weeks. 24 was in major need of an overhaul, and it appears that with the halfway point now distant in the horizon, we can look forward to some somewhat steady storytelling.

    That being said, I decided to save the Dana Walsh twist for last. I'm still not sure what to think about these sudden change of events. Part of me is happy that this whole Kevin Wade mess is over, because the time being focused on it was ridiculous. However, the other part of me makes it feel like they wasted all this time establishing this character, however flawed and dull she is, and then decided since it wasn't working with the audience, to completely change her. I agree with another reviewer on this website when they wrote we've never seen Dana in contact at all with the terrorists since the season began, so it makes absolutely no sense that she'd be working with them now. It sounds like desperation on the writers part for me. They're trying to salvage a plot point that was failing miserably, and it'll be a few episodes before I decide whether or not it was the smart thing to do.

    Fortunately, we've had two home runs in a row. Well, not home runs, but at least a double. It's been a little while since I've felt 24 has delivered a home run of an episode. But there's still about ten episodes left. I'm hoping there's still time for the writers to make our heads spin.
  • The following takes place between 24 & WTF. (spoilers)

    I say this everytime. The show is 8-9 years old. Its hard to be able to write everything in 24 consecutive episodes and write something original and exciting. I'm sure fans may agree with the original bit. But so what. I still love 24. Probably always will. We have all grown up with CTU getting destroyed, Moles appearing out of no-where and Jack being like "robo-cop".

    So what?
    Isn't that what makes 24, well 24?
    Don't we all watch Jack because he kicks the crap out of terrorists?

    Yes this episode had alot to live up to from last week, and I say it did okay. It did feel abit more of a filler episode but next week sets to be very interesting. (I'm sure I say that every week though D:)Yet this weeks episode was good. It kept to the tradition of 24, its twists, its characters, its invincible main character and its moles.

    I thought Chloe did well for herself this episode, after a pretty boring time for chloe these other hours. Same with Hastings, he's beginning to grow on me. Jack & Cole made a good team, but I felt that story could have hurried along faster, but i'm glad Renee is back.

    & as for Dana. I loved her killing the parole officer. My God was he annoying. & burying him in the vent. Nice touch. Atleast we get to see some more interesting side to Dana :)
    And as the (controvercial) mole in CTU. I'm trying to work out in my head whether it all makes sence, but in the world of 24 not everything does. (Jack Bauer saving the world in one day for the 8th time is it? haha) But hopefully it will all be made clear in the next few hours. Atleast we can see her doing something other than get blackmailed. But why let herself get blackmailed in the first place? I'm gonna guess its because she couldnt afford anyone to realise shes not who she says she is and then her cover would be blown. By killing the parole officer im sure that hasnt helped. But overall I'm interested to see where this plays out. I know some people wont like it, some people will. Bit its 24 you should be used to it by now. I know some of you will just hate it becuse you cant stand Dana's character. But I love Katee Sackoff so hopefully now her talents can get to better use. I enjoyed this episode, if not a little less from last week. It still got the story going to wherever it is building up to.
  • So my jaw dropped, but not for the right reasons

    Last week's 24 ended on such a high note that I was buzzing for hours following. This week picked up in a great place. I liked that Hastings developed a bit. I still find him a little annoying, but he at least seems rooted in some kind of reality. I can't say how much I've always loved Chloe. Whoever writes for her does such a great job of being snarky and keeping her character consistent. I was glad to see her reclaim her role as head supernerd by getting CTU back up and running. I read a review where someone questioned her pulling a gun - was that you krameriffic - if so I totally buy it. I liked that she did it and I think it's in line with her character, especially because she took a deep breath before and it was completely awkward - that just seems like Chloe to me. I have to say, I wasn't entirely sure they'd let her plan go off without a hitch and I would have accepted if she failed too. Now...what I can't accept is Dana Walsh. I agree with krameriffic's assessment here. I mean, does this make sense? In what I felt like should have been a pivotal and really important reveal, I was really let down. I admit my jaw dropped, but for all the wrong reasons. Let me go back..I'm kind of sick of this idea that CTU has baddies on the inside. Exactly how are these people vetted? Plus, there will never ever be as bad of an inside baddie as Nina from the first season. Dana is messy, sloppy, not conniving at all. I was already bored and irritated by her character but I accepted her as just some odd plot device that was needed for drama; then they had to go and thrust her into the main event! Why!? If she was that good, how in the world did she leave a trail to begin with? CTU doesn't know you're a terrorist but your ex/con/boyfriend can find you under your new name? Really?Seriously? Why was she all torn up about murdering Kevin? Why did she send him to her apartment? Why didn't she just kill him from the beginning or have one of the terrorist lackeys do it for her? When exactly has she been in communication with the main bad guy? I feel like the writers wrote her as Dana Walsh for the first 7 hours and then in the 8th hour gave her a personality transplant. All of a sudden she's not weak and spineless?Really?Seriously? I'm not buying it and I find myself a little annoyed knowing they're going to have to work more Dana Walsh into the main plot. Overall the good things about this episode were equaled out by the stupid ending.
  • Compared to last week's episode, this weeks was alright...

    As most of us agreed, last week's episode was the best episode this season. That's hard to beat, but this week's episode wasn't bad either. Jack and Cole get into a thrilling shootout, Renee is back, Chloe adopts a new attitude, and Dana is becoming less boring and annoying with her new revelation.

    This week's episode had lots of exciting action, interesting twists and suspense all the way through. I really felt involved in the story, and I think the writers have what it takes to finish off with a strong season. The story lines are really coming together and I'm interested in the story, finally. Lastly, after this weeks episode, we no longer have to complain about Dana's involvement because her story is actually going to be more interesting... I will say no more.

    This week's episode was really exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope the writers can keep it going.
  • wow!!!! amazing!!!

    This was the best episode in what is becoming an amazing season!!! The twist is something none of us saw coming! The writers distracted us with dana and made us hate this stupid storyline only to throw it right back in our faces that shes the mole!!! I really feel like 24 has done what many thought it couldnt do and that is to completely catch us off guard. The writing has only gotten better and better with each episode this season. Jack, chloe, cole, rene, president hassan, and even hastings now have all become characters that we care about. man this is why i love this brilliant television drama
  • Good episode though I'm not sure about the twist.

    All in all a good followup episode to last week's installment. We saw Chloe take initiative and use a gun for the first time since I believe season 4. We saw Hastings become less incompetent and have some faith in Chloe's intuition, thus correcting his lack of judgment from earlier in the day. We saw an awesome shooting scene with Jack, Cole + two other CTU agents versus the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Kamistan. We saw Renee return and kick even more ass.

    Then we saw Dana Walsh become a traitor? I'm not sure about this twist. On one hand, it brings more interest to a subplot I was otherwise bored by earlier in the day. On the other hand, does it make sense? Dana was sloppy at covering her tracks from a probation officer throughout the day but somehow she was able to become a CTU mole under the radar? I'm not sure about this. Every year CTU has a mole and it makes me wonder how thorough are these CTU background checks haha Her storyline could take a turn for the better though. Remember in the beginning of the season it was revealed that Dana was a murder accomplice. The question remains, who's murder was it? If 24 answers this question and the answer is significant, Dana's subplot may do a total 360.

    All in all this was an action packed episode where Jack, Cole, Chloe and Renee each had moments that kept me glued to my television set. I hope Dana's subplot does a 360 because up until this episode, I felt it's been totally pointless.
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