Season 8 Episode 1

Day 8: 4:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2010 on FOX

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  • A nice premiere as usual for 24

    24 has graced the small screen since 2001, giving us a new meaning to the words "cliffhanger" and "tension." When most shows grow stale after five or six seasons, 24 has proven able to circumvent staleness by tinkering ever-so-slightly with its format. Season 8 may not have had much in the way of new things, but they stuck to what they do best: presenting about 44 minutes of some of the best action and intensity television has to offer.

    Going into this season, I wasn't too excited, not nearly as excited as last year. Last year, we had Tony coming back and seeing some intense scenes between the two. Season 7 ended up being pretty good so Season 8 had a lot to live up to. I'd have to say that it did so for the most part, even if the first episode wasn't as explosive as the previous season premiers.

    In a way, this premiere was like Season 1. We're not given an assassination or a murder or explosion to start things off.. instead, the first few scenes unravel rather slowly, introducing us to Victor Aruz, to the new CTU, to President Hassan (played wonderfully by Anil Kapoor from Slumdog Millionaire), and even a side of Jack we haven't seen in forever: the family guy. Season 7 started off with a bang, but this episode started off by building up to a great ending and a great lead-in to episode 2.

    I liked the dig to Season 3's Salazar plot (Aruz was an informant Jack used during those days) and I liked Jack's axe-to-the-chest kill near the end. Easily one of my favorite kills he's done.

    Overall, this was a good introduction, even if it did move a bit slower than other seasons before it.
  • Stellar beginning.

    This season of "24" really started off wisely with an action sequence as, since we all know, it's what most people tune into 24 for. Other than that, the story lines were steady and set up future plot points exceptionally well. This season felt to me to resemble a reboot in some ways. This was mainly because of the the reintroduction of a new CTU in a new city and introduction of new characters established itself as a different model of 24 which is what most seasons have been for the past 5 years. All in all a good episode and hopefully the rest of the season can keep up to this pace.
  • So far Jack Bauer has never disappointed me. Another great season-premiere for 24!

    The first episode of season 8 was one of the most interesting premiers in all seasons. We saw pressure in the government, a mysterious group of people trying to kill president Hassan, the Iranian president, and of course Jack Bauer, retired from his old job, trying to build a good relationship with his daughter Kim, and his granddaughter Teri.

    I was also thrilled from the remake of CTU, because it reminded of the old one, except for the fact that it was like 100 times cooler. This episode was sure not a cheap way to go for 24. It consisted of some great special effects, like expected, and a story that makes you curious about what's happening next.
  • Another day.. It seems that Jack cannot get away.. even if he tries hardest...

    So.. Another day, another season and by the look of things.. it seems to start off stunningly. I liked that Jack is ready to give up everything and is, again, get back into the game as he just cannot stand by and he does the right thing.

    I like what they have done with CTU. I think more than the good new look, I love that CTU is back. Missed that in last season.

    And it looks, like again, we will have Jack storyline and presidential storyline and that seems to be a big mess, by the first glance of things we had.

    So.. I think it looks promising.
  • Not too much action... but several surprises

    One thing I liked about the last season is that Kim Bauer was finally able to let her father in her life again and was also able to forgive him and overcome all that trauma that was overwhelming her. Now married, with a child, it was nice to see Jack hanging out with his granddaughter and being a father once again.

    I'm not still convinced about the idea of another season that begins with a plot to kill someone. The episode was very good actually, with action, not as much as we're used but still, I was expecting something else but this wasn't that bad.

    Poor Chloe didn't find her place. But I'm sure she was glad to listen to Jack's voice again.

    Can't wait for next week.
  • The eighth season begins with a new CTU in a new location. Specifically, New York City. As a historic peace accord is about to be signed at the UN, Jack receives information from an old informant that an assassination may take place.

    The eighth season of one of the best suspense dramas ever did get off to a good start. However there were a few bumps in the road. The whole storyline with Jack agreeing to move back to Los Angeles with Kim is one of them. It could not have been anymore obvious that he would be forced to change his plans at the last second. The second is how Hastings refused to give any credence to Chloe's theories that the journalist arrested at the UN was set up. From the second I heard that I knew Chloe was 100% correct.
  • Jack's back to save the world and get no thanks for it until it's too late AGAIN in this, the debut episode of Fox's flagship edge-of-your-seat, bite-your-fingernails-off-in-crazed-anticipation type show, 24.

    Jack's back to save the world and get no thanks for it until it's too late AGAIN in this, the debut episode of Fox's flagship edge-of-your-seat, bite-your-fingernails-off-in-crazed-anticipation type show, 24. Jon Cassar, showrunner and principal director, may have abandoned ship at the end of the seventh year, but you wouldn't know it from this melting pot of unnervingly wonky camera work, crazy angles, ludicrously OTT technology and ridiculous dramatic effects (come on, don't tell me Cassar wouldn't have creamed himself at the chance to shoot that rocket launcher sequence). Brad Turner picks up the mantle beautifully, reminding us all just how unique this show is visually and creatively, maintaining its stylistic integrity. Joseph Hodges is on fine form too, doing a wonderful job of creating a bleakly contrasting production. The outside world, Jack's New York, if you will, is all murky blues and greys, which gives the action a refreshingly realistic quality. The new CTU, meanwhile, is like something out of Battlestar Galactica (well, Katee Sackhof DID play Starbuck, you know...), with its gigantic video-screens for arial drones, weird flashy lights, minimalist desktop 'stations' and stark primary colours recalling certain aspects of Cylon decor. It looks ace though, and reminds us that we ARE watching a show that's set several years into the future now due to its between season timelines.

    Howard Gordon and Evan Katz's script is ultimately pretty standard 24 fare. Once again, Jack has disassociated himself from any ties to the government, choosing instead to spend time wallowing around on the couch with the young brat, sorry, his beautiful grandddaughter. But naturally, due to a situation far, far beyond his control, he's roped back in and despite the fact that he continues to affirm that he's going to have nothing further to do with events, you just know he's gonna be hampered by circumstance time and time again. It's a little frustrating this, since the beat has been played out so many times in 24's season openers that it's practically a given, and the writers really are fooling no one with their constant attempts to convince us that no, he's going to fly to Los Angeles with Kim to happily ever after. Don't be ridiculous. There's a season to deal with first. It really wouldn't hurt just to have Jack - shock of all shocks - be working in a role that naturally ties him into events (a la seasons three or four). At least it would feel more organic. The means by which he is ingratiated into the plot are quite a nice touch - the informant concept adds verismilitude, and there's a nice continuity reference to season three thrown in for the attentive viewer - but how the story plays out is ultimately just a retread of last season's debut episode, as the guy with all of the important information is tragically murdered just before he can blurt out the most important details by the central villain: yeah, that's exactly what Almeida did last year. Exactly. A little lazy, don't ya think?

    Of course, there's plenty to enjoy here too. Jack's execution of the men in pursuit of his informant is absolutely top notch, with Turner's camera angles as the gentlemen falls down the stairs providing some of the best shots in the show's long history. For once, Elisha Cuthbert is actually enjoyable to watch in a role, and it's largely thanks to the organic nature of her dialogue with Sutherland. It's great to see Cherry Jones back, slotting right back into Madame President's shoes effortlessly, conveying a sense of formidable poise during her interactions with the President of a Conveniently Unnamed Islamic Country That Wants To Better Itself. Oh look, he's the guy from Slumdog Millionaire! Well, I never. He's great here though, matching Jones's composed portrayal like-for-like, and convicingly putting across some of the more ambivalent elements of his character. The script benefits greatly from allowing us into the private life of this man, witnessing the disagreements with his brother over certain political decisions, as well as the strain in his relationship with his soon-to-be-ex-wife and the effect this is having on his daughter. It humanises the character and gives a refreshing perspective on a plot device that has been used several times before (good Islamic guy renounces terrorism/nuclear capability in order to establish better ties to the West). Of course, the affair with the reporter is hardly groundbreakingly original either, and the idea that she may be a mole is enough to make you want to chew your own foot off, but at least there seems to be sufficient evidence to suggest that this is a red herring. Doug Hutchison's got someone else on the inside, you mark my words. His casting (and I never thought I'd say this) is actually somewhat questionable, simply because, having been in so many other shows playing characters with American accents, it's hard to buy into his cod-Russian twang. Would it have killed the writers to either have cast someone for whom this is natural or simply made the villain not be from the same damn country as virtually every other bad guy in every other American production since about 1950? At least Freddie Prinze Jr. manages to surprise everybody and be pretty damn great as Bauer-lite Agent Ortiz. In fact, almost all of the newbies at CTU are very strong, particularly the aforementioned Sackhoff who will undoubtedly be the highlight of this particular strand in weeks to come. The only player who really disappoints is Brian Hastings, whose shoulders-haunched stance, perpetual half-smirk and unemotional delivery make every scene feel forced. His disapproval of poor Chloe's progression rate is just going to irritate too, I can tell...

    '4pm - 5pm' is another strong debut for 24, successfully introducing the key plot tropes and players of the season and throwing a truckload of tension and suspense at us to boot. While there are certain elements that raise a few eyebrows - particularly some of the more familiar aspects of the plot - on the whole, this is an enjoyable little romp. It may not be anything particularly original but hey, you'll be on the edge of your seat all the same.
  • Beginning of the End

    The first episode of Season 8 is a mixed bag when compared to the likes of the Season 4 and 5 first episodes during the 4 night premiere. With each of those episodes we're propelled into a vortex of action, emotion and suspense whereas the opposite is true of this episode.

    Albeit it is still a good episode better than most stuff on TV then and today it just seemed a little slower than the rest of the series. I loved seeing Jack playing with Teri watching cartoons, it was nice diversion to see Jack happy again after so long but of course as we all know that won't be for long.

    The setup of the new characters is fleshing out nicely but at this point I can't say who is my favorite (although I've seen this season will save for later) it's a change of pace to see Dana (Katee Sackhoff) outpacing Chloe in this environment contrasted to last season with the competitive juices flowing between Janis and Chloe.

    I do like the fact with this season they are calling back to the good ole days of Season 1 with a more personal attack on President Hassan this time thus having Jack pulled back into a life he soon wants to forget.

  • A beginning too much far from the level and the expectatives of Season seven

    After saw a brutal and breathless season, like the seventh season was, the people expects another excellent season, with an stunning beginning that introduces you in the plot and don't let you go. And i have to say that this present season doesn´t have all that elements. After see this new episode i have the feeling that it was fairly disappointing, and the suspense and the strength of the last season it's too far. Despite the show repeats the details that the last season presented once, maybe with the hope to repeat the same success, this new beginning, this new characters and this new plot are not as perfect and intelligent as the last season or another one. But one thing is really truth: Jack Bauer still engaging us after seven seasons. And the new place, NY, looks like very cool at the moment.

    I enjoyed enough this episode and the last six minutes are so breathless and very good. For me, the best of whole episode. Well, also Jack Bauer is included.

    So, a good start, but not as terrific as you could expected.
  • Strong beginning to the eighth season, although not so much surprises and action as the previous premieres.

    All of 24 season premieres always set up quite nicely the rest of a season, they always feature at least one action sequence and interesting character dynamics. Last year, we had the return of Tony Almeida, but in Day 8, apparently not coming back, it belongs to Jack and the new characters to carry the show. The episode begins showing a happy Jack for the first time since Season 4, and although it's brief and predictable that his happiness won't last long, nonetheless it's a refreshing change of pace. More than ever, Jack now has more reasons to resist coming back into his old world.

    The plot was generally interesting and we had good action in the last 5 minutes. However, I consider this to be the weakest of the season openers, although that doesn't mean this episode is bad. It's not, but I think it lacks a liitle bit some of the shock value or adrenaline rush of the previous seasons.
  • Overall, we have a great presentation for a show were dong different and never seen before things is difficult.

    A new season and another situation that will put everyone in danger. Jack is back, with a normal life, 6 years passed and now Jack appears to be fine and not with a death sentence, thanks to the last season. Jack is living fine, but as everyone can guess, Jack can never have peace, even now after all this years, so it is easy to guess that he will return temporarily in action to help CTU.

    Another new CTU, with a great look and technology and some news character and the lovely Chloe, also Kim appears in this episode to give meaning to what Jack have been doing all this time, since the treatment could be dangerous (I don't know how) to her, nice to see she is fine.

    So, for 24 standards of 24, the presentation is very good, the complication phase seems to be interesting, nothing new, but nothing bad either. The climax was the best part of the episode, filled with the usual good and nice action that only 24 can deliver like this. The ending was unpredictable because I didn´t expected that they would reveal the agent supposed to assassin Hassan so soon, this is why I don´t believe that character is the one supposed to assassin Hassan, will we see. Didn´t notice filler, it is hard since this is the presentation, also didn´t notice plot holes either.

    Presentation Phase - » (9/10), Complication Phase - » (7/10). Climax Phase - » (9/10), Ending - » (8/10), Time and Scene Management - » (10/10), Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10), Suspense/Tension - » (7/10), Drama - » (8/10), Action - » (8/10), Predictability/Unpredictability » (7/10).

    Overall, we have a great presentation for a show were dong different and never seen before things is difficult.
  • Not the best season starting

    I really expected much more from this. Previous seasons had a good start, the 1st ep always made me watch the other almost religiously. But this one didn't have that "spark" of action and suspense that you can expect from 24.

    And I'm hating now the new role of Chloe of the stupid one who can't make the job. Come on, is Chloe! She represents the intelligence behind the man on field, the one who you can trust for the mission completation. Don't do this to her character.

    I hope that new eps will be "actionfull". Because this one just looks like more of the same. I'm still a big fan.