Season 8 Episode 14

Day 8: 5:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on FOX

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  • Warning! This episode is rated PG - it contains large doses of Patriotic Garbage.

    I don't know weather American viewers froth at their mouths hearing President Taylor's patriotic monologue about the strength of the nation's values, or they get a kick out of the way Jack takes down a commando squad in the "True American Hero" style, but for the life of me I cannot explain why fans still go out of their way to give the show such high ratings.

    Neither can I understand what motivates the show's writers to create such scenes and dialog. They know the show is watched worldwide, and surely they realize that while in the US hearing glorious patriotic speeches may please the audience, in other countries people might roll their eyes and feel sick to to their stomach of hearing the same egocentric propaganda in yet another form.

    The whole escort scene was another story. I'll be honest, I watch this show for the political intrigue and the complexity and multitude of elaborate conspiracies. In the past, the action sequences where Jack singlehandedly takes on dozens of supposedly combat-trained terrorists or other "baddies" had always been the lowest points of the show. Its plot, the unexpected betrayals, double-agents and moles - those are the reasons 24 came to where it is (or used to be, to be more accurate). Not by showing off Jack's inhuman aiming and bullet dodging skills. That's just fluff, a bad taste, an uninspired filler aimed at pleasing the General Viewership, most of whom are angry teenagers yarning for some brainless action to feed their testosterone. Because unrealistic shoutouts are "cool", there is no way around it. And I agree - I like them too - but only when it is done with taste, when it fits in the context and not too over the top.

    Very disappointing season thus far. In the remaining episodes of the season, it would need to do extremely well to send the series off the way it deserves.