Season 8 Episode 15

Day 8: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

6:00am - Rob Weiss checks up on Ethan Kanin's heart condition. He fears that he may not last long. Reluctantly, he locks Ethan's office before rejoining him in the situation room. Rob briefs with General Brucker on Ethan's condition and informs him he needs immediate medical attention. General Bruckner tells him to hold off until they can capture Hassan and deliver him to Samir Mehran. General Brucker is only interested in finding the bomb. They both brief President Taylor on Hassan's status. President Allison Taylor has an address she would like to go over with Ethan before going public and Rob offers to find him. Madam President is worried the bomb will go off in less than ten minutes.

Meanwhile, Jack carries out Adrion Bishop while President Hassan thinks over the worth of his life over many other innocents. Dalia tries to talk some sense into Omar, telling him he's the best chance of the peace agreement going through. He disagrees with her. Jack locks Bishop in a fenced room so they can travel faster. Renee spoke with Jack, discussing how Omar did not agree with President Taylor's ultimatum. Jack said that his disagreement had no bearing on the mission, but he is knocked out with a crowbar from Omar. Omar drew a gun on Renee, telling her to free Bishop and lock herself up with Dalia, Kayla, and Jack. Omar surrendered himself to Bishop, who drove him to hand him over to Samir. Dalia and Kayla pleaded with him to change his mind, but he had made his mind up and left with Bishop.

6:06am - Bishop and Hassan made it to the surface. Bishop commended Hassan for turning himself in to save thousands of lives. After Hassan entered Bishop's vehicle, he called General Brecker through a satellite phone to update him about Hassan surrendering himself. General Brecker was surprised that President Hassan was willing to give himself up to stop the bombing.

General Brecker headed to Ethan's office, where Rob is tending to his condition. Brecker did not care if Ethan lived or died and told Rob to call Samir. Rob and General Brecker called Samir to confirm to him they have President Hassan. Hassan explained to Samir that President Taylor refused to meet Samir's demands, but Hassan would have. He wanted assurances that the bomb would not be detonated, but Samir cut them off.

Less than a minute before the uranium bomb detonated, Samir called Tarin Faroush to turn off the bomb and ordered him to acquire Hassan.


6:15am - While Jack smashed the glass out of the door holding them captive to escape, Chloe reported no explosions to Director Hastings. Arlo reported that sweep teams did not find the bomb, but was supposed to have detonated four minutes ago. Jack called Chloe on a private line, suspecting that information was fed from CTU to General Brucker's men. He also told Chloe to get Tim Woods on a clean line so he can tell them that Hassan handed himself over willingly to Bishop. After the phone call, Dana asked who Chloe was talking to. Chloe said it was a sweep team giving an update. Dana offered to help Chloe, but she politely refused.

6:16am - Jack escorted the Hassan family out into the streets of New York. He found no sign of Hassan or Bishop. Jack asked Renee to take Dalia and Kayla back to President Taylor for the time being. He briefed Dalia that staying out on the streets would endanger them. Jack wanted Dalia and Kayla to continue onto the air force base. They hailed a taxi and Renee escorted them out. Chloe called Jack, who got a secure line to Tim Woods. Jack also asked Chloe to pull security footage on 7th street between 53rd and 54th Avenue to determine Hassan's whereabouts.

President Taylor inquired about being seven minutes past the deadline, trying to figure out the bomb did not go off. General Brucker told her his men are looking into it. She wanted to know about President Hassan's status, but General Brucker told her he was not at liberty to discuss Secret Service's details. President Taylor told Rob to find Ethan. She received an urgent phone call from Homeland Security, who is actually Jack Bauer on the line. He told President Taylor not to react to his name and that General Brucker signed off on an operation to capture Hassan and hand him over to Samir so that the bomb would not go off. After learning of this information, President Taylor asked a Secret Service agent to help her tail General Brucker.

Chloe called moments later to update Jack with the description of Bishop's SUV, the vehicle that Hassan entered moments before his departure. Jack stole a nearby vehicle to track down Bishop's vehicle.

6:20am - Bishop and Hassan arrived at their designated meeting point across the street from Tarin's location. When Tarin called Hassan's phone, Hassan was surprised to hear Tarin's voice. He ordered Hassan to hand over the phone to Bishop. Tarin instructed Bishop to leave the vehicle and walk away. He instructed him further to cross the street to Tarin's location while dropping the van keys containing the bomb. After they switched positions, Tarin instructed him to look underneath the newspaper stands to find the van keys while entering Bishop's vehicle. He handcuffed Hassan's hands to the dashboard, stranding Bishop in the intersection holding the van keys.

President Taylor met with the Secret Service agent to learn that Chief-of-Staff Rob Weiss conspired with General Brucker to kidnap President Hassan and were complicit with Ethan's disappearance. Taylor ordered the agents to break into Ethan's office.

6:24am - Bishop located the bomb van parked in the alley. At the same time, Secret Service agents apprehended Rob Weiss and General Brucker. Ethan was found in critical condition. While Brucker is hauled away, President Taylor angrily confronted Rob for his treasonous act. She demanded to know where Hassan was. Rob informed her it was too late, since the switch was successful. Rob defiantly opposed Taylor's actions, believing that sacrificing Hassan was the right choice in saving New York. President Taylor sentenced him as a traitor to his country, which is punishable by death. President Taylor assured him that she would personally execute Rob for his treasonous act.


6:31am - Director Hastings briefed CTU that rogue operatives succeeded in trading Hassan for the location of their bomb. Chloe, Arlo, and Dana reviewed the security footage from Hassan's last-known location. Hastings tasked Chloe and Dana to reacquire the SUV. Dana offered to rework the servers to increase processing speed, but Chloe assured her that they can work with what they have.

At the bomb site, the bomb squad worked on disarming the bomb while Jack confronted Bishop for the last time. Bishop was defiant that they saved Manhattan, but at the cost of Hassan's life. Jack reminded him they betrayed their country by negotiating with terrorists and ordered SWAT to place Bishop in custody. Chloe updated Jack with Hassan's last-known location.

6:33am - Dana excused herself to update Tarin, but Cole arrived. They talked about parole officer Bill Prady, whom Dana claimed that he did not find further evidence of Kevin Wade's last-known whereabouts. Unbeknownst to Cole, Officer Prady was garroted by Dana earlier in the day and his body stashed in a conference room.

Hassan tried to reason with Tarin to stop driving him to Samir. Tarin refused to listen, believing Hassan to be an enemy to Kamistan and Hassan has lost. Hassan speculated that Tarin's people will force him to confess his sins to the world. Tarin believed that Hassan did worse things than the enemies he brought down on their home country. Hassan believed that he did what was necessary to join the rest of the world in peace, but Tarin shot him down. He recounted how he watched over Hassan while he cheated on Dalia for a news reporter in the United States, calling her a "whore." Tarin, like many of Hassan's enemies, believed that Hassan only cared about himself, referring to a TIME magazine cover. Hassan believed that he made mistakes, "but believing in peace was not one of them." Tarin assured Hassan he would not live long enough to figure out if his actions would have brought peace to his country and to the world.


6:41am - President Taylor said some prayers outside of Ethan's office as he was being carried out to a military base hospital. President Taylor wanted Ethan to know she needed him more than ever. Renee arrived with Kayla and Dalia. President Taylor updated Hassan's situation to them, reassuring them they will do what they can to save President Hassan. President Taylor was happy to work with Renee again, arranging to have her transported back to CTU.

6:43am - President Taylor brief Dalia and Kayla on Jack's rescue operation to save President Hassan.

Cole directed Jack from CTU on Tarin's position. Chloe offered to manipulate traffic lights to impede Tarin's progress. Dana noticed fluctuations in server activity and excused herself to warn Tarin of Jack's pursuit. Arlo caught her in the server room, feeling really suspicious of her behavior. She prepared to garrote Arlo with a wire, but Chloe paged Arlo and ordered her back down to the command center. After warning Arlo off as he leaves, Dana called Tarin and warned him.


6:52am - Chloe continued to update Tarin's location to Jack. Cole asked Dana if the trunk line would hold up and Dana replied "yes." Tarin is visibly spooked and Hassan noticed this. He deduced the phone call was a warning from someone (who is Dana) about CTU's pursuit. Jack realized he was tipped off and had Cole reposition his team at the parking garage. Jack found Tarin and gave chase. Tarin drove to the roof of the garage before driving off of the top, crashing the SUV and killing himself in the process.

Jack ran to the crashed vehicle to find a deceased Tarin Faroush, but no sign of Hassan. It is revealed that Tarin dropped Hassan off at some point in the garage. A man and a Kamistani woman in a blonde wig incapacitate Hassan before stuffing him in the woman's trunk. In the SUV, Jack found Tarin's cell phone, which contained the phone number of his last contact. He wanted to set up an upload link to trace the number to its caller. Jack called Renee, who was on her way back to CTU, to work with Chloe only since he believed that CTU is compromised. The blonde woman drove away from the garage while CTU began sweeping the garage for signs of President Hassan.