Season 8 Episode 15

Day 8: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on FOX

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  • '6am-7am' shows that there are still glimmers of brilliance left in this once shining series.

    Even though 24's quality has degraded rapidly over the course of Day 8, '6am-7am' shows that there are still glimmers of brilliance left in this once shining series.

    Two of note being the excellent exchange between Tarin and Hassan then later in the hour Arlo catching DanaJenny off guard in the server room, I almost had to laugh when DaneJenny looked behind her and saw Arlo standing there she looked like she could have shit a brick LOL.

    Hearkening back to Tarin and Hassan it was nice to at last see the connection between these two and their history it brought a wonderful sense of reality and that the viewer could finally connect with these two characters.

    Please for the love of God end the stupid Danajenny Show already which I know it happens ha but still have to type it as this has to be one of the worst plot threads in 24 history and possibly TV history also Katee Sackhoff's acting doesn't help matters, oh how the mighty have fallen!
  • So Tense!

    After the so entertaining last installment, the last season ever of 24 is building up a so tense and amazing plot with so interesting and thrilling points and full of suspense.
    And this new hour is an important proof of it.

    Despite this episode is mostly transitional, it´s really cool and so tense!.
    The best Jack Bauer is back and the action is so impressive and very well done.

    Watching all that improvements in the show, i´m particullary concerned about the recent downfall of the marks.
    I know that this is not a review about the episode, but i want to learn the true note about all the episodes, because is impossible that the best mark is an 8,9 and is so evident that the episode and more of this season deserves much more.

    I´d liked that the last votes were well done and just what the episode really deserves and not to overrate it.

    Now, comming back to my review from the present episode: the best 24 is really back!.
  • Fast paced

    That was good episode. I mean.. it had it all. President facing her administration and taking down those working against her.

    Then we had Jack trying to figure out where Hassan is.. finding him and following him up.. but as always.. the plan goes boom before final seconds but he got it.. and now I am starting to have a theory.. it was anyway very exciting.. lot of action..

    And ofcourse.. the whole Hassain storyline itself. He talking with that man in the car.. trying to understand and explain. It was great interlude for all the action.. And the whole switch itself.. Great episode. Very fast paced
  • In a shocking turn of events, President Hassan decides to turn himself over to the IRK in order to prevent the detonation of the bomb. Faroush takes custody of Hassan and leads CTU to the bomb's location. Jack tries to save Hassan before it's too late.

    Things are finally starting to take shape this season after a somewhat bumpy start. There are still some problems here, but the episode's action and fast paced drama seems to have made up for that liability. It's nice to see the President Taylor we all like once again. She showed she is the person in charge and it was a welcome return. Cherry Jones showed all of us why she won an Emmy last season. Given the description of the planned ambush by CTU to save Hassan, it was pretty obvious Jack, Cole and the rest of CTU would fail.