Season 8 Episode 15

Day 8: 6:00 A.M. - 7:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on FOX

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  • In a shocking turn of events, President Hassan decides to turn himself over to the IRK in order to prevent the detonation of the bomb. Faroush takes custody of Hassan and leads CTU to the bomb's location. Jack tries to save Hassan before it's too late.

    Things are finally starting to take shape this season after a somewhat bumpy start. There are still some problems here, but the episode's action and fast paced drama seems to have made up for that liability. It's nice to see the President Taylor we all like once again. She showed she is the person in charge and it was a welcome return. Cherry Jones showed all of us why she won an Emmy last season. Given the description of the planned ambush by CTU to save Hassan, it was pretty obvious Jack, Cole and the rest of CTU would fail.