Season 8 Episode 3

Day 8: 6:00 P.M. - 7:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • Its a great

    Its a great continuation of the 4 part season opener. Jack is still going strong, and teaching everybody else how to do the field work. :)
  • Hastings = Stupid

    I mean the guy could have evidence on a platter in front of him with a fork and knife next to it and still not know what to do. Who put this IQ deprived human as head of CTU?
  • Here we go again.

    Why is it that when Jack and Chloe see the real plot idiots like Hastings won't even give it a second thought?

    The tensions begin to rise but there is still too much time wasted on the Reed subplot and I want to kill puppies every time we see Kevin Wade and Dana together OMG can't it be over with already?!

    I like Cole cause he has a deep respect for Jack and does what's right in the end. Cole seems like the new Chase this season which is good cause I liked the dynamic of Jack having a partner.

    I know the season gets better but these first 4 episodes are slower than past premieres.
  • Jab at "The Shield?"

    Jack Bauer is beaten by a thuggish cop with a remarkable resemblance to Vic Mackey of the gritty cop show, "The Shield."

    An inside joke? A humorous jab at another TV series with main characters who beat suspects?
  • Jack is forced to put his plans to move back to Los Angeles with his daughter on hold (surprise) and follow a lead to a possible assassin. However, Jack's efforts are thwarted when he is falsely accused of killing a police officer.

    This episode definitely had some very suspenseful moments. However I kept seeing more of something I was afraid of. Again Chloe tries to get Brian Hastings to listen to her theories and he once again dismisses them as nothing until... One of the high points of this episode was how the assasination attempt on Hassan was staged. The set up was very clever and it helped build up to an exciting finale. I hope we do not hear anymore about Jack wanting to head to LA as soon as possible. It's painfully obvious that is not happening any time soon.
  • An overrated episode because of the level stills being not very good althought its ending is really breathtaking and the tension begins to be remarkable.

    After two installments that were only good, the plot begins to be faster and with a lot of suspense and nerve.

    This third episode is not the best episode yet, although is better than the last. But is engaging, nerve cracking some times and not very enough to please the audience, but yes to give one chance to the show.

    The music is according to the episode, the tension increases and the ending of this episode is really shocking and leaves you at the edge of your seat. The worst details are the new director of CTU, is very weak for me and without the authority of Geroge Mason or Bill Buchanan for example, and the plot of Dana Walsh. I hope that her plot will improve in the season.

    Also another thing is the script in general, because sometimes is slowly and other times goes too fast.

    The writers have to fix it.
  • Decent transitional episode

    As is the case with all of the premieres, they always have one filler episode in which the plot doesn't move forward and instead we have repetitive conversations and boring subplots. With this episode is a balance of both. The first 30 minutes would be filler, and poor Jack, in order to let the assassination plot go uninterrupted, is tortured by a sadist cop who mistankely believes Jack is a cop killer. By the time Jack is able to get away with the help of the crazy cop's partner, he knows that the UN bomb threat is a setup, something that the incompetent Hastings didn't even consider as a posibility. Since Jack can't arrive to save the day, this time is Cole's turn, who, in an amazing sequence, saves President Hassan. As with the rest of the episode, there were some good moments, but "24" must not make transitional episodes with unnecesary filler, as has done many times in the past.
  • Not Bad

    This episode was better than the last one, with Jack free and not against CTU for the 1000th time.

    The presentation went fine, the complication phase had some filler time, however was well explored, at least something not too much repetitive. Jenny drama is interesting for those who like this type of drama, it is not bad, but for me is nothing special, for now does not annoys me.

    Meredith had some little filler time and finally this thing is practically over for her part, liked Hassan attitude. The villains plan was good and CTU really fall for it, however Jack and Chloe have more experience than the rest of the CTU in dangerous situations, so they didn´t fall for it so easily. The ending was good, if not great, filled of tension, for the fans that care, of course.

    Presentation Phase - » (7/10), Complication Phase - » (6/10), Jack situation was totally filler, was not bad to actually watch it, Climax Phase - » (8/10) the best part, filled with tension, Ending - » (8/10), good enough, Time and Scene Management - » (7/10) fillers just to delay the main event, Plot Details/Holes- » (8/10), Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (7/10), Suspense/Tension - » (8/10), Drama - » (7/10)., Predictability / Unpredictability » (7/10).

    Not Bad.
  • Somebody needs to grab David Fury and Alex Gansa by the scruff of their grubby necks and remind them that 55 minutes of stalling and 5 minutes of accelerated action do not a good episode make.

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most transparent display of stalling for time ever broadcast on primetime television. How David Fury and Alex Gansa ever thought the discerning public would buy into this sorry excuse for a plot device, we'll probably never know. Just in case there's any doubt as to the nature of this atrocity (which, quite frankly, there can't possibly be), I am talking, of course, about Jack Bauer's little trip to the poorly-lit, dingy household basement and his subsequent maltreatment at the hands of Side-Splittingly Abysmal Caricature #302. Come on guys, do you take us for fools? Jack finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place as NYPD officers show up just as he wanders into the household that Doug Hutchison slaughtered only moments ago and despite calmly illustrating his innocence and using the kind of langauge that only ex-government officials and general all-round trustworthy hard-asses would in order to demonstrate his credentials, he's beaten to a bloody pulp by an officer who decides that this moment, right here, is the one at which he's going to let out his pent up frustration at years of what he perceives to be injustice against his co-workers? Oh please. This is truly laughable stuff, a lorry-load of cringeworthy contrivance that attempts to justify itself by proporting to be socially relevant (guys, legislation is too namby-pamby! All these cop killers quite literally get away with murder!) but actually just turns out to be thoroughly embarrassing. And not only that, but it's hopelessly predictable too. In one corner, we have the bent copper stereotype, thuggish, irrational and frankly idiotic, and in the other, we have his doubting partner, who, quite convienently for the show's timeline, takes the majority of the episode to pluck up the courage to do the right thing and put an end to the absurdity that's taking place right in front of him. It's yet another example of appallingly lazy writing, reliant on the sort of conventions and tropes that take meagre seconds to pluck out of thin air. Frankly, it's insulting to think that the writing staff expect us to buy into this crap. And then, that they expect us to be perfectly okay with their penchant for representational stereotypes. Oh yes guys and gals, the one-dimensional ciphers don't end here. Moments prior to the beginning of this strand, Bauer manages to acquire Hutchison's most recent location from a thoroughly intimidating group of young men playing basketball, who threaten to cause him significant injury simply because he's trod on their turf, or some such garbage. Well, the idea that da yoof are a bunch of disrespectful hooligans would be bad enough but just to an even greater dollop of prejudice into the mix, these ruffians are all African-Americans. Thugz from da hood. And what does it take for Jack to get the info? Bribery! Well I never. Those crazy black kids will do anything for a quick buck. Honestly, what IS the point in all of this? What purpose does this horrible display serve, other than to offend? Why couldn't Jack simply have acquired the information from a couple sitting on a park bench? Would that really have been so bad? Why did we have to resort to racial stereotyping? 24, what the freaking hell are you doing?

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of the remainder of the episode is decidedly uneventful and, as a result, it's difficult to overlook either of these contrivances. CTU continue to ignore pretty much everything that Chloe (and through her, Jack) says, which just makes you want to throw sharp objects through the television, Mykelti Williamson proves shockingly unconvincing as the interrogator of Hassan's mistress, taking a massive dump all over the tried and tested good cop/bad cop dichotomy (what's with all the guerning? Seriously. Is this guy even aware of the word 'subtle'?), and even the Presidential storyline seems to lack some of its prior sparkle. We do get a nice sequence in which President Hassan confesses his affair to Hastings which actually proves that Gansa and Fury can occasionally surprise, but for the most part, things seem to be squarely on auto-pilot... until the last five minutes of the episode, that is. Yes, in true 24 style, after spending 7/8 of their time putting the brakes on, the writers suddenly accelerate down the highway faster than a speeding bullet as all hell breaks loose at the UN and we flit back and forth between the CTU detail, President Taylor, Jack, Hassan's motorcade, dastardly Davros (I'm sorry, but I can no longer take Doug Hutchison's character even remotely seriously now that the 'previously' sequence has revealed this to be his name... I half expect him to yell 'EXTERMINATE!' every time he appears onscreen, or be followed by a couple of hundred Daleks) and the even more dastardly Farhad, as the plot to kill Omar comes to fruition. It's a brilliantly breakneck sequence and one that is genuinely engaging because the outcome is never clear. Agent Ortiz's ultimate sacrificial attempt to save Hassan's life is a thrilling piece of television, superbly executed by the production crew, and goes some small way to redeeming the episode. But only a little.

    Somebody needs to grab David Fury and Alex Gansa by the scruff of their grubby necks and remind them that 55 minutes of stalling and 5 minutes of accelerated action do not a good episode make. Especially not when the stalling consists of the kind of plot that is not only insulting to our intelligence, but is also somewhat prejudicial. Bent coppers, delinquent youth, gang-like and disrespectful African-Americans... these sort of stereotypes should be a thing of the long-forgotten past, not a part of a forward-thinking 21st Century drama series. Sorry guys, but this just isn't good enough. Must try harder.
  • Not the last Season and its just as well.

    I wrote this simply to state to the reviewer below that this isnt the last Season of 24. FOX and Kiefer Sutherland are fully open for a 9th Season however FOX said it depends upon how Season 8 does ratings wise. Ratings have gone up 15% from last year and the 24 premiere was the highest rated show in its slot. No this is not the last season. As for the show the 3rd episode continued the amazing pace of the first 2 episodes. The first 2 episodes had plenty of action, drama, emotion and that suddenly continues this season. The sets are fresh, the location is working well (having Jack in the city that never sleeps) adds to the intensity this year, finally a city that may not stop for Jack. The end of this episode was spectacular, a great ending which also saw Freddie Prinze Jr come into his own, his character of Cole Ortiz is brillant and this continues in episode 4 with his chracter being probably the only person in 24 history not to follow the orders from a bad guy.

    Great job 24.
  • It's the last season of 24.. there could be a possible spinoff... Already?!

    we all know that this is the final season of 24... am I smelling a Freddie Prince, Jr. spin-off of 24.. this early in the season?! Hmm.. it's possible and it all depends on the viewers acceptance to him and his acting performance for that CTU character that he's playing.

    Freddie Prince Jr's character can be made a little tougher and badder but the whole ingredients of being the next Bauer can be pass into him. Although I still see him as the boy-next-door type (remember She's All That?), I think he's more mature and have grown enough to take some serious action stuff.
  • Brilliant episode

    That was great.. I mean.. It did have some moment to breath, but there was so much tension, everything building up to that stunning end what really.. Oh, I love that two episodes are shown in the row as that would have been the place I had hated to wait a week.

    Anyway.. It had some great story development. It had amazing motion, the energy.. Like when things started to spin out of control, they just did.. The question will the president verify reporter's claim and will Jack get help or.. And then when we saw what was going on.. those new questions. I think it was brilliant example of showing how to build a story on emotion and on tension and release it all in the end.
  • Jack finds more information about Hassan's assassin and tries to find in time to stop him.

    It seems that the writers are giving the new characters time to develop which is good. It doesn't like seem we'll experience the mess they did a few seasons ago where they wiped out nearly half the cast.

    Jack's given the intel he needs to find the assassin whose posing as a cop. He arrives at the scene too and is beat up and tortured by a really bad cop. If there's one thing I like about the show is that the writers pose authority figures both in a good and evil light. Many years ago, writers wouldn't dare to pose politicians or cops in less than flattering roles but times have changed.

    Anyhow, the cop's partner eventually does the right and help Jack get to the United Nations which is the assassin's next target. President Hassan is played as a relatively warm person, so the writers can write Middle Eastern characters in a positive light contrary to belief.

    Excellent acting overall. You can knock for the writing but can't knock the acting at all. Everyone does their part.

    Katie's Dana Walsh is an interesting character. I keep thinking of Starbuck and waiting to see if she'll have a Starbuck moments where she's beating up somebody. LMAO. However, this is a different character and Katie pulls it off well.

    Freddie Prinze Jr. who I've never been a big fan is also excellent as Cole Ortiz. He carried the role well and that ending with him was a great money shot to end the episode.

    That Hastings fellow is quite a douche. You'll gonna love to hate this guy. How the hell can tell Chloe he'll fire if he leaves the building. Jesus.

    Overall, this two day night of the show has been something else. The writers look like they are on tasks, and the actors they have on board are all talented, so this Season looks great.
  • How the heck could that NYPD officer not now who Jack Bauer is !!

    How the heck could that NYPD officer not now who Jack Bauer is !! Even small children know its Jack Bauer who saves the nation every season. But how could the NYPD officer not now this and start beating the crap out of Jack. If Jack could have convinced the NYPD officer sooner, they could have captured the terrorist, no bomb would have ever been there and Omar's brother could have also been captured. The peace conference could have been held in peace and the treaty signed. Man... and everybody would have lived happily ever after. And 24 would have ended in 3rd episode.... Cool. I lover 24... like ever I did.
  • Little by little, details are being revealed.

    The second night begins with an episode filled with little details being revealed, and a whole lot of Jack Bauer getting the crap beaten out of him after being mistaken for a cop killer. Not the best episode, but certainly a good way to keep the story moving. I felt like Jack being tied up and beaten as a cop killer was a time waster and just a way to fill some story.

    So far, I haven't really found a weak character. I don't necessarily find them to be as interesting as previous ones, but every character has something interesting about them without seeming lame (Just look at anybody from season 6 and you'll know what I mean). I'm actually starting to get a bit interested in what the hell is going on with Katie Sackhoff's character Dana Walsh.. or is it Jenny Scott? As usual, Freddie Prince Jr. gets little to do except bark out orders, and Kiefer Sutherland and Cherry Jones had little to do.

    The plot so far hasn't been alluded to much. Usually, I can get an idea of where things are going.. either that or I used to read too many spoilers. However, so far, there hasn't been too much in the way of revealing. I'm sure in time there will be, but right now, I'm intrigued. However, the ending was tense and ended on a really good note. Watching Cole finally break out of his shell and following Jack's orders was great.

    Now, just to wait for the second episode of the night..