Season 8 Episode 16

Day 8: 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on FOX

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  • The writers finally make good

    It's hard to know if this was the plan all along. This has the feel of something decided late in the game, as if the writers and producers realized that the story needed to take a major leap. What can be said is that the story finally took a surprising turn. (Which shouldn't be surprising, since Episode 16 is typically when a twist occurs, as it represents 2/3 of the way through the season arc.)

    It was a smart decision to air these episodes together in one night. The first hour was mostly set-up, leading directly into the high-intensity events of the second hour. Frankly, the first hour doesn't have all that much to speak for it. Either that, or memory is already fallible, and it just feels like the story naturally escalated in the second half.

    There were many great moments. President Taylor's resolute takedown of the traitors in her administration was a much needed reminder that she has teeth. The countdown to the potential bomb detonation was surprisingly tense. The hunt for Hassan, right up to the showdown in the parking garage, set the stage for Dana's capture.

    While Cole hasn't been very distinct as a character this season, as much to do with the writing as the actor, this situation was very well played. His emotional roller coaster was perfectly depicted. Dana's little game with Jack gave him the opportunity to shake the rust off some old skills, and his handling of the rescue operation with Renee did much to solidify their solid partnership.

    Of course, the real impact came with the final act. Something had to be done to take this season to the next level, and the killing of President Hassan certainly serves that purpose. Even better, it fits with the general direction of the plot to this point. Hassan's death, despite the Russian delegate's claims to the contrary, stands as proof of his desire for peace. He may have turned himself over to his enemies with the hope of possible rescue, but he had to know that death was a likely consequence. Hassan sacrificed himself for the sake of thousands of Americans.

    If the writers manage to stick to their thematic guns, they should emphasize this point as much as possible. Hassan's self-sacrifice will do little good for his own country, but he could become a martyr to the cause of peace. That serves the theme of "learning from the sins of the past" rather well.

    The seemingly sudden emergence of the Russians as the potential masterminds of the terrorist plot is not as unlikely as it might seem at first glance. After all, it was a Russian crime syndicate that brought the fuel rods to New York in the first place. The source of the rods was always vague at best, so this resolves a minor dangling thread.

    The idea seems to be this: the Russians stand to profit from the ongoing instability in the Middle East, which is threatened by the peace process and the presence of President Hassan. The original plan was to eliminate Hassan and put Farhad into power in his place. In lieu of that, the IRK terrorists chose to use the threat of detonating a dirty bomb in the middle of Manhattan as a means of getting Hassan and completing the task. With Hassan out of the picture, the Russians would appear to have what they want.

    So the final act of the season (and the series) would logically be the process of unearthing the Russian connection to the terrorism and countering their attempt to derail the peace process. It's a given that this process will involve a few more twists and turns, but with the end of the season being revised to allow for a more fitting end to the series, the writers may not have too much room to maneuver. This would usually be cause for concern, but considering how lackluster the season has been overall, just delivering a solid ending would be a triumph.

    One thing that the writers should keep in mind, without a doubt, is the theme for the season and, more importantly, the arc of Jack's journey. Just in the past few episodes, Renee seems to have regained much of her old confidence. While some of that is no doubt due to Jack's support, the writers should resist the urge to have her die in the final act.

    This is especially true given Jack's apparent feelings for her. The series began with the heart-breaking loss of Jack's wife. That was the beginning of a long and systematic process of stripping away Jack's family, friends, and support system, until he was left with almost nothing. The past two seasons represent Jack's restoration. It would be counter to that process if Jack were to lose Renee, if he sees her as a potential to regain something he has lost.

    The producers and writers should also resist the urge to leave the series open-ended in the hopes of resolving things in the proposed feature film. For one thing, the fans deserve a sense of closure in the show's current format. But more than that, there's no absolute guarantee that the film franchise will be viable. It should be successful, but stranger things have happened. Logically, it would make more sense to have "24" the television show end definitely, and then have each "24" film be a complete entity, standing on its own.

    Overall, these two episodes packed a solid and unexpected punch, bringing the season arc into context and giving fans hope that the final leg of the season will rise to the occasion. The need to adjust for the end of the series could be a factor, but at this point, the goal is to go out on a high note, not achieve perfection. This is a good start!
  • Despite a few gaping plot holes, this is the best episode of the season so far. (CONTINUED...)

    Despite some gaping plot holes -- for instance, the fact that CTU had plenty of time to cover all the exits from the parking garage, and yet they still let the blue car exit the structure with Hassan in the trunk -- this is the best episode of the season so far. Filled with action, intrigue & betrayal, we see characters struggling with their long-held beliefs, others tossing their loyalties aside for what they perceive as the greater good, and still others standing strong for what they know is right, in spite of the inevitable consequences they will eventually face. This is the kind of episode that is a prime example of how good 24 can be, precisely because it focuses at least as much on the emotional journeys of the main characters as it does upon the plot. Great work from Kiefer, Cherry Jones (Pres. Taylor), Annie Wersching (Renee) and Anil Kapoor (Pres. Hassan), plus Necar Zadegan as Hassan's beautiful, strong-willed wife, Dalia. And I can't wait for the return of Gregory Itzin next week as the disgraced former President Logan. If the rest of the season keeps delivering quality episodes like this one... everyone on the show can feel good about ending the series as strong and proud as their first season.
  • A Tragic Shock.

    This episode is undoubtedly the best episode of the present season!.
    Really shocking, nerve, tense and with an unforgettable and surprising shock at the end.

    Jack tries to track President Hassan before the terrorists kill him.
    After everyone learns about her cover, Dana is forced to cooperate in the search.
    But, while all this events are being ocurred, Hassan is being torture.

    This episode is really amazing and one of the darkest episodes of the whole series.
    The following installments must be well done because they have it hard.
    Kiefer Sutherland gives his best performance yet and Anil Kapoor really surprised me.
    At the beginning of the season i really don´t like very much this character. I think that the writers could find a better place to him. But what i thought came true in the last four episodes and in this last installment, Kapoor gives us a fine performance of his President Hassan, with an humanity and courage really amazing.
    So, you will be missed so much, President Hassan.

    Now, could you predict what happens next after this shocking and totally unexpected ending?.
  • Powerful episode

    That was.. it had incredible emotion. The last minutes of this episode.. They were brilliant. I never expect it to go down that way. It had such an sad emotion.. but incredible tension.. the talk Jack had with Renee before entering the building.. the woman and the child.. and then what they found..

    But that was just the ending.. the start.. the whole thing with Diana Walsh. That was also spending. I mean.. It had such an electric atmosphere.. she almost getting away.. the anger of Cole.. the way he was betrayed.. and how he felt.. the whole game she was playing with Jack.

    One amazing episode. Surely!
  • One of the best episodes of 24!

    This episode was very good... it had action, interrogations, and edge of your seat suspense and one of the greatest 24 twists ever done. I am still in shock...

    This season of 24 may have started excruciatingly slow, but the show is at a heart attack pace, and you can't even stop for air! This season will go down as one of the best seasons of 24, it was worth every minute. Now that the sun has risen on this day, so has the shows spirit. The writers still have the ability to surprise us with new twists, and keep us intrigued. These last hours are gonna move at lightning speed, and were gonna hang on for the ride!
  • WoW, this was exciting! I can't believe Jack Bauer can won't save 24 ;) but I would say: DO IT! NOW!

    It's amazing! The season started a bit slow but for me perfect and now I can't stop viewing.

    It's 24 how I like it. Every time if I think I am getting bored because I assume to know what's coming, I am wrong... love it! Looks like Dana isn't getting something and I am curious what they she is getting from Cole ;)

    The final from president Omar and Jack's reaction was a bit too emotional but anyway good.

    I saw the season until now in 3 days and have to wait now one week... I am not sure what I should except... crying?
  • One of the best episodes of 24 in the 8 year history. Intense, emotional, exciting what can I say! Why do this show have to go off the air!

    First off I have rarely got emotional and heartbroken after a 24 episode but this one really went to the gut. Jack and Renee track down the terrorists to an apartment where they are holding Hassan captive. Dana makes a deal and gets immunity after she tells them the location of the apartment where they are holding Hassan but it looks like her immunity will be short lived because even though Jack and the team arrive at the place where they are holding Hassan the terrorists fool everyone by pre-recording a tape and execute Hassan over the internet. R.I.P. Hassan a hero for saving the lives of American citizens for sacrificing himself for the exchange of the dirty bomb.This episode shows the humility of 24 the good guys can't win every battle and when you lose it really goes to the heart. Jack will find these guys and make every single one of them pay! I can't wait for the final 8 hours.Wow!
  • DONT CANCEL 24! This is the best action tv show in the entire universe up to date. This episode proves it!

    This episode proved again that 24 can reach a level no other action tv show can! Jack Bauer is one of the most powerful tv characters as we speak. The viewers know exactly when and how he will react on all kinds of situations. Particular in this episode, we were able to connect us to Jack the way we want to all the time! Also the other actors made this season of 24 a great season (Except for Dana, always had my doubts in her). Still and again: 24 is the best action / drama tv show in the universe, it has everything! For the people that rather watch "Dancing With Stars" in stead: The blood of the cancellation of 24 is on your hands!
  • Did anyone else notice the glaring time error in Hassan's death? A great episode but starting to notice the show slipping away from real time.

    Samir decides to read out Hassan's crimes and starts the recording then two minutes later President Taylor starts watching the feed. That is at 7:44 yet the tape lasts till 8 so are we supposed to believe that they recorded a 15 minute speech and killed Hassan in the two minutes between Samir deciding to read out the crimes and President Taylor starting to watch?
    It's a shame because the episode is extremely gripping and its a fantastic twist however when a show claims to be shot in real time it cannot afford to be lazy with continuity errors.
    In an earlier episode Tarin starts a 15 minute count down for the dirty bomb at 6 yet he stops it with 7 seconds remaining at 6:11? Does nobody watch the show first to spot these mistakes. I hope the final season isn't spoiled by similar errors because its been a great show over the years.
  • Katee Sakoff as Samus?

    My apologies if someone has already said this before, but if there is ever going to be a live action version of the game Metroid, Katee Sakoff would be perfect to play the lead role as Samus. She looks like her and after watching this episode we now know she can be an action star. She's already got the long blonde hair. Can't wait to see the 24 feature film. That's part of the reason the show is coming to an end. Kiefer & company have been wanting to do a film for a few seasons now. But they've waited, not wanting to make the writers create both a compelling TV and movie script.
  • While in CTU custody Dana demands full immunity in exchange for all the information she has on the IRK operation including where Hassan is being held. Jack and Cole race to the location and begin the rescue operation. But is it all too late?

    The best episode of the season so far. There was not a dull moment in this episode from start to finish. President Taylor's conversation with Ethan Kanin pretty was pretty much a giveaway to the ending of this episode, but the story worked so well on the screen I didn't mind at all. The rescue operation was one big thrill ride from start to finish. What's even better is, since Hassan was found dead, Dana's immunity deal is now nullified. YEAH! "24" looks to say good-bye in a fantastic way. I can hardly wait to see how the ride ends.
  • A shocking episode indeed.

    I was on the edge of my seat when I saw this episode, especially at the end. I have never seen so much energy build into one hour. Between this episode and the previous, this was the more shocking and explosive episode. Basically because at the end, President Hassan was killed by the terrorists and the peace agreement is near to be nullified. Now everyone's thinking, what are the terrorists planning next? Whatever it is, we all know that it will be more dramatic than what we witnessed the past couple of hours on 24. Also, Dana was finally revealed as a mole at CTU and it was interesting how both Cole and Jack wanted to take a swing at that loser. From looking at the preview of the final hours on 24, I was amazed to see that President Taylor is going to strengthen the peace accord with the assistance of Former President Charles Logan!! In a way, it seems like Logan is trying to bypass his way towards undermining Taylor's presidency. Also, Renee and Jack seem like they've both gone past their differences and have started a new relationship with each other. It is basically what everyone has been waiting for, for two seasons. Overall, everything comes down to what happens during these last 8 hours, which I can assure everyone that they will be ones that you won't forget.
  • Did you hear that? Neither did I. One of the best episodes in 24 history. SPOILERS.

    Did you hear that? Neither did I. Because this episode ended with a silent clock. And I can't emphatize how shocking, sad, moving, emotive was this final twist.

    After an episode full of action and suspense, Jack Bauer and his CTU team fail to save President Hassan's life. I was (and still am) completely shock because you never have a clue they are late. You really think that the internet feed is live and it's not. The anger, sadness and desperation of Jack is played in a perfect way by Kiefer, and so is President's Taylor reaction. This episode is 24: a twist you didn't see coming. A big unpredictable twist. A sad one. But it was an epic episode of this great series.
  • Hassan In the terrorist hand, dana is caught and jack to rescue hassan

    Damn! i mean Damn!... this was good epic suspenseful, emotional, dramatic and whatever else you can think of, they are really ending 24 with a bang and a biig one at that.

    Sad Hassan died, but whats next someone more powerful is behind all this and with the way the russian foreign minister talked to Tylor and how the preview of the final episodes point to there being more russian involvement i think this is gonna be more exciting. Is someone trying to start a war between US and Russia? or is someone trying to weaken both countries defence? is Russia even involved? I mean Damn! were does it all go How does it all end?
  • OK, I'm eating my hat...this was probably one of the better episodes I've ever seen on TV...

    This episode was so good and moving It really left an impact, the moment you realize that the feed wasn't live and that Hassan is already dead was shocking...and really left a great impact. going back to the epsiode in hindsight you see that Hassan already understands that he is not going to make it. It looks like Hasan's wife is going to take over but at this point I won't be surprised if she is in on the plot....

    I loved the Dana plot line, she is so screwd and now have no other option and in order to save herself she needs to give up her employers. 24 is going out with a bang and it feels like this ride to the end is going to be amazing.