Season 8 Episode 4

Day 8: 7:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2010 on FOX

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  • Bryan Hastings should have been fired!!

    After having ignored the important lead provided by Jack and Chloe and almost having President Omar killed, Bryan Hastings should have been fired, I hate the character (since (S08E01) and his acting is even worse!!
  • Premiere Wrap-Up

    I always love to see the contrast between Jack and other characters after they both experience the same events such as Jack losing Teri and Tony losing Michelle both handled it very differently. Same with Renee and torture it wasn't a concept she had been exposed to much and after spending a day with Jack her life has been turned upside down.

    With this episode an interesting dynamic is introduced with Jack and Renee going uncover with a sect of the Russian mob being one of my favorite plot lines in Season 8.
  • Bauer created a monster

    Renee Walker: Find something to cauterize that wound.


    Renee Walker outdoes Jack Bauer in ruthless sadism. Bauer created a monster.
  • Agent Ortiz manages to prevent the assassination of President Hasad. The assassin is soon tracked down and killed. It's soon determined the assassin was part of the Russian Mob. To get to the leader, CTU calls on an old friend of Jack's

    I agree with screenagedkicks. This episode is the best of the four which opened the season. At this episode the season appears to be geting into its stride and I like that. Hastings finally got his head out of the clouds and realized he should listen to Chloe. That is definitely a step in the right direction. I was not the biggest fan of Renee Walker in the previous season, but in this episode I liked how she and Jack played off each other. They have good chemistry here and I hope it continues for the rest of the season.
  • Love the end of this episode!

    It took a while but we finally get to see Renee back in the fold. Renee is brought in by CTU to provide intel on the Russians so that they can get close to them to find out information about the nuclear rods. It's revealed that she had previously been undercover with the Russians so CTU ends up asking her to go undercover. Jack doesn't want her to and ends up "babysitting" her while she goes to Zia to find out information about where Vlad is. This is where she gets a little psycho and cuts his thumb off (!!!) to get the tracking bracelet off. Totally out of left field, jaw dropping intensity 24 is known for. For all this, the episode deserves a 10/10. "Maybe for you, but I'm just getting started."
  • Season 8 at its best yet!!!!

    If the end from previous episode gave me hope to like this season... i was right. Because this fourth episode is the answer to all my possible complains of this present season.

    At first: is a much better follow up from the last one. At second: the characters that i dislike (CTU director, Dana Walsh and other guest stars) have improved very much in this episode. They are not as weak as in previous and their characters begin to show more confident and more personality. And, at third: the season started very quickly and without answer to the viewers some questions about history time line and what happened with some characters. And, in this episode, we finally find out many answers.

    This episode also marks the return of Annie Wersching as Renee Walker, a very important character from past season and also one of the best. At the end of the last season, we leaved her in one complicated situation. And in this episode we find out what happened to her and the conclusion of that cliffhanger. Also we learn about her relation with Jack.

    Apart of this, this episode marks the return of the quality and the greatness that i believed lost and i'm so surprise about this hour. Is really clever, necessary, engaging and perfect. All the performances are good, but Kiefer Sutherland is terrific like ever and i very pleasant of the return of Annie Wersching who is also terrific and specially interesting because of her great change in her character. In fact, the shocking ending of this episode (i think that is the most shocking yet!) shows that. You must see her!.

    Also, the new plot of the season (because the main is over) looks like very well and very interesting. If the writers structure the story only with the necessary, i think that this new plot will be suspenseful and with a lot of surprises. Don't miss it!. This fourth hour is the best episode of the season yet!.
  • The premiere comes to a shocking and satisfying end.

    Renee, you badass, you.

    The premiere of 24 is now over, and, unsurprisingly, there's a whole lot going on. Dana's got a shady history; uranium is a hot-topic; the Russian mob is relaxed as hell; Renee Walker is a loose cannon and Jack's caught in the middle of everything. Yes, the eighth season of 24 has finally kicked in.

    The unfortunate thing is that not all of these stories are handled well, namely Dana Walsh's. Unimaginative and unbelievable are probably the only words I can use to describe such a lackluster side story. When the notion of a cloudy past for Dana Walsh came in from far left field in the first night, I actually saw some potential for it, provided the writers explore the many options they had for the story. Consequently, they took the 'trailer trash' route and things have already fallen flat. Kevin, an old "friend" of Ms. Walsh, has been released from prison and, naturally, he just wants a place to "crash" for the night. And before you even ask, yes, he lives out of a trailer with a beard and a denim jacket. Yawn. Anyway, Kevin Wade decides that his girlfriend from years past is just dying to talk to him and is still the same person he knew from before he was behind bars. He phones Dana at CTU and learns that she has completely changed; even her name is different. It turns out that Dana Walsh is not who she says she is, and her name is merely an alias she has taken on to mask her former life. Kevin calls her "Jenny" and, indeed, she responds.

    But he does not get the loving reaction he was expecting, and, in hour three, Kevin makes his way to CTU to find Jenny or Dana or whatever she's called.

    WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Hold on, hold on, hold on! Did some generic 'redneck' just find the offices of CTU NY on his own? Isn't this place some sort of intelligence agency? Really, the CTU of Day 8 looks pretty secure, and most of it even appears to be underground, with only a few entrances poking their heads up from the tarmac. This doesn't seem likely. At all. Anyway, Dana (Jenny?) even gives Kevin the key to her apartment, allowing an obviously perturbed man free reign of her home. Something here doesn't add up. Hopefully we can make things a little more coherent in future episodes.

    But I digress from the main plot points of the two episodes. Jack is on the move already from the get-go, searching the suburbs for the season's first villain Davros. Within minutes he has arrived on the scene of the Russian's handiwork, but, alas too late. The bodies of Davro's hostages lay lifeless on the kitchen chairs, with bullets in each of their heads. Within minutes of Jack's arrival, the cops show up at the door, and, it just so happens that one of that of Davros' victims was an officer himself, effectively labeling Jack as a cop-killer. Enraged, one of the cops starts delivering a beat down to Jack, and his mission is unfortunately delayed, but only for a short time. With effort, Jack is able to take control of the situation, and manages to return to the UN in time to save President Hassan from an untimely death and kill Davros.

    It isn't until the fourth hour that things begin to get really interesting, introducing old though scarred friends. Last season, we already began to see the metamorphosis of Renee Walker, as she turned from a passive employee of the FBI to a character caught in the gray, unsure of what's wrong and what's right. And, while she crossed boundaries from time to time in season seven, she looked her part. Oh, how a day with Jack has changed her.

    After examining Davros' dead body, a number of odd looking symbols are found, along with traces of weapons-grade uranium. Things don't look good, and, shockingly enough, the only agent with the right knowledge (and body) on the Russian mob is Miss Renee Walker. She doesn't like to talk much, but she sure is determined.

    Her assignment will bring her back undercover with the Russians, though it has apparently been years since Renee was in that line of work. It's a rocky and unpredictable undertaking, and Jack isn't sure if Renee is up to it. He forces himself along with her, and Renee is immediately resentful, claiming that he's only there to "babysit." She has not time for nonsense, and will apparently go to whatever lengths she needs to fulfill her duties. She's had a rough past as is, and her character's actions speak for themselves, delivering a shocking and gruesome ending to a plot-driven episode.

    An unpredictable and battered soul, Renee alone delivers a solid hour, and what may be most interesting is seeing how she grows further. While the premiere of 24's eighth day was inconsistent at best, a few memorable moments shined. The interactions between Jack and Renee may very well be what this season is remembered for, and, if future episodes play out as unexpectedly as the final few minutes of hour four, we may very well see an excellent season.
  • The strongest installment of the four hour premiere. Renee is back!

    Immediately dealing with the aftermath of the assasination attempt, Cole helps President Hassan while Davros tries to get away and Farhad escapes after killing a CTU agent with a pen to the neck. Way to keep your cover, Farhad! Cole is quickly found by Davros, but proving his loyalty for the second time in five minutes, he tells the truth to his fellow agents. Fortunately, Jack arrives just in time, but as always in "24", we discover that this is just the beginning, since the Russian Mob wanted to kill Hassan to acquire nuclear materials. Once again dealing with a familiar threat, this new plot thread looks promising with the arrival of Renee Walker, badass than ever. Jack, knowing about her past problems since Season 7, wants to protect her while going undercover. All of this makes a very interesting episode, and specially, the cliffhanger, which I'll not give. Don't mess with Renee!
  • Easily the best instalment of the two day special feature.

    A massive improvement on the previous hour, '7pm - 8pm' manages to turn the rusty cogs of the arc plot with enough gusto to maintain the show's forward momentum while simultaneously holding enough back to maintain a comfortable level of intrigue. Now that the assassination attempt's been thwarted and poor Davros has bitten the dust (still can't bring myself to type those letters without my sides splitting) - which, by the way, is somewhat refreshing to see, given the penchant of American television programmes to stall for as long as humanly possible - things begin to take a turn for the more grandiose as Farhad attempts to make good on a deal he was brokering during the whole messy 'let's kill my brother, yeah, that'll be a good idea' thang. While suggestions are made that hint at the guy's motive, specifically in relation to his brother's policies on nuclear disarmament, there's still plenty room to breathe here, with a sufficient lack of clarity to ensure that the viewer remains invested in the storyline. Of course, there is a potentially negative aspect to this; the low-key nature of the central threat arguably lent the first three episodes a certain strength, couching them in the down-to-Earth. Amping things up again could threaten to take the story into the realms of the ridiculous and, perhaps more worringly, into all too familiar territory. What with the wealth of rehashed tropes we've already seen so far this season, the last thing 24 should be doing is subjecting us all to more old material. To be frank, the prognosis isn't a good one. All signs seem to be pointing toward something radioactive in nature, most probably nuclear, given the minutiae of Hassan's narrative. And no matter how the writing staff choose to dress it up, calling the dastardly devices 'rods' and such like, it'll still feel like the plot of at least two other seasons of the show. Unless, that is, they mean these sort of rods...


    Now how cool would that be, huh? Slaying the infadels one at time with 'D'You Think I'm Sexy?' Now THAT's a season of 24 that I'd pay good money to see.

    For all the portentous nature of these developments, Harbison and Johnannessen manage to do a great deal of good with them. Casting Heroes and Alias' David Anders in any capacity is a truly marvellous idea and from the looks of the role he plays here, it seems we'll be seeing a lot more of him (in case you didn't know, he's the doubting son of the faceless businessman). And then we have the truly spectaculr scene in which we are introduced to the guy's other son... you know, the one who was careless with the ROD STEWARTS and is being left in a room to rot. The dialogue is absolutely spot on in its callous brevity; it magnifies the power of the visual, making it all the more horrific, and leaves a definite impression, providing the discerning public with the first proper 24 water cooler moment in eons. And then, about half an hour later, we get another bloody one as Renee Walker goes postal on her Russian friend and proceeds to slice off his hand. Slowly and brutally. It's a thoroughly sick and twisted sequence, made all the more terrifying thanks to Annie Werschung's stunningly convincing portrayal of the former agent's character turn, and recalls the infamous 'are you Marshall Goren?' scene from the show's second season. It's certainly as effortlessly cool and instantly memorable and will undoubtedly provide much fodder for discussion in the weeks to come. It's a nice idea on the part of the writing staff to have Walker be at the place that Bauer found himself earlier in his career and it certainly showcases Wershung's talents. Hopefully, this will lead to some really interesting interaction between the two now that they're invested in their cover. This, in itself, is good to see, since 24 does this sort of thing so damn well, and the last time we saw a good prolonged undercover operation (that I can recall, anyway) was waaaay back in Salazarland in year three. Here's hoping this whole shebang lasts for a good stretch, eh?

    Elsewhere, it's certainly refreshing to see Hassan simply accept Farhad's betrayal and not flat out deny the possibility, thereby sparing us a few episodes of pointless convincing. Omar is turning out to be a really well-rounded and likeable character, refreshingly multi-faceted, which could arguably be the key to the season's success. Katee Sackhoff is also excellent again, demonstrating a very impressive emotional range as she struggles with her ex and his meandering through her apartment, and, to be honest, she's the only thing keeping this personal gumf afloat. But boy is she doing a good job. It's just a bit of a shame that we're still being subjected to Brian Hastings, no matter how satisfying it is to see him have to swallow his pride and commend Chloe on a job well done, since Mykelti Williamson really can't act his way out of a paper bag. Or not in 24 land, at least.

    After the last hour's dip, it's good to see 24 back on form with this well structured episode. As the focus of the central narrative changes, the show demonstrates a great deal of promise for the next part of the season, while successfully paying off certain plot strands and character beats from the earlier hours. And of course, we get hardass Renee to boot. Easily the best instalment of the two day special feature.
  • Love 24...but please get rid of Hastings. It's really getting old!! I hope the writers don't turn Jack.

    Love 24...but please writers get rid of Dana and Hastings. It would be so GREAT to see Hastings GONE! Hopefully Prinze will end up turning on him. I really like Prinze as Cole. At least Chloe is there. I'm really hoping that maybe at the end of the season Jack, Cole and Chloe go to the West Coast and start their own agency!Sorry had to just copy and paste... GET RID of HASTINGS!!Hopfully the writers won't turn Jack into a "obey" the law PC all over the place like last season!!! have to type more...testing one two three....
  • Too predictable, but some hope emerges

    For quite some time, "24" has been using the first four episodes as something of a jump start to the season arc, using a broad action sequence to introduce characters and conflicts quickly and efficiently. This season is no different, as it becomes clear that the attempt on President Hassan's life was just the beginning. As usual, the assassination attempt provides the starting point for the much longer investigative and preventive process that drives each and every "24" story. It's as much a question of proper resources as it is a question of information, especially this season. If nothing else, the first few episodes have made it very clear that the new CTU is still trying to find its footing. That said, the writers are still trying a little too hard to demonstrate that the old guard has the right experience and paranoia. This entire situation may have proven Chloe's worth to Hastings, but it required that a lot of people be stubborn or stupid in the process. Hastings is constantly trying to play the right angle to score quick political victories, even when prudence suggests a more thoughtful approach. Granted, this has been an ongoing problem with CTU directors over the course of the series, but it's a card that is overplayed in this instance. At least Dana Walsh has a good reason to be distracted. The mystery of her true identity is hardly compelling, but it does explain why Dana might lapse on judgment or attention until it's resolved. The plot is ridiculous for reasons that have already been covered, but how hard would it be to get this handled? All she has to do is tell security that some psycho thinks she's someone named Jenny, that he won't stop harassing her, and it should take about five seconds for him to be locked in a deep, dark hole somewhere. Such is the benefit of working for CTU. The direction taken is unfortunate, because it takes a great actress in Katee Sackhoff and saddles her with the kind of woman-in-peril subplot that leads to grinding of the teeth. Hopefully the eventual resolution to this problem will involve Dana finding a spine. Dana would be just as distracted, thus serving the needs of the plot, if she was looking for a way to teach Kevin how to fly without wings. Thankfully, the writers did manage to cover some of the potential thematic aspects of the story along the way. As mentioned before, Chloe's subplot may have been cloying at times, but it did touch on the notion that she and Jack have the all-important weapon of perspective. Ortiz has the presence of mind to realize that an agent with Jack's reputation and record should be heard during a crisis. Even Dana's personal issues involve dealing with the lingering lessons of past history. In terms of Jack, it goes quite a bit further. Jack dealt with many of his demons in the seventh season, even as he helped to clean up some of the mess caused by others. The theme of the seventh season was very simple: doing what must be done does not absolve one of the consequences of one's actions and choices. Jack's understanding of that basic truth has fueled his sense of moral imperative: if staining his soul will save millions, then so be it. But the seventh season also took a close look at what kind of person it takes to make that kind of personal choice. Renee Walker discovered what Jack was trying to show everyone from the Senate Subcommittee to the FBI: that sometimes, extreme measures must be taken in the defense of freedom. But Jack also tempered that with judgment and a stern mental constitution, one that has been tested and bent, but never broken. Others, like Tony, have snapped under the same pressure. The writers seemed to be preparing Renee as Jack's acolyte, someone who might learn to be equally thick-skinned. For that matter, it looked as though Renee might have been a romantic interest for Jack, someone who he wouldn't need to protect from his world. In retrospect, that's not what Jack really needed. Jack didn't need to build a new world for himself; he needed to rebuild what he thought he had lost. Had Renee escaped her experiences in the seventh season in good mental health, then Jack would likely have left New York without a second thought. In fact, he probably would have felt that the situation was in the right hands. But it's clear that he sees Renee's fragile mental state as the result of his influence. And as such, Jack feels that this is another consequence that he must amend before closing this chapter of his life. As it turns out, Jack has reason to be worried. Some have already wondered why Jack would take exception to something that, once upon a time, he would have done without hesitation. Clearly, it's not the action itself, but rather the psychological mess behind it. Jack would always weigh the necessity of his actions, and the cost was always noticeable. Renee, on the other hand, is acting out of a personal nihilism that is deeply disturbing. It's not even certain that she cares about the outcome. Because Jack takes responsibility for Renee's mental state, he feels a need to make things right. That it will also save lives is just a bonus. That it is sure to go badly in a dozen different ways will certainly factor into the intensity of the story, even if the writers gave themselves another four episode or so to pull the next trigger (in keeping with their usual pattern of dropping a huge plot twist around episode 8 or 9). Overall, this was strong enough end to a strangely predictable opening start to the season, launching the story into some unexpectedly dark territory. Some subplots are still begging to be discarded as soon as possible, regardless of how well they might fit into the season's theme, but Jack's part of the story is definitely worth it. Even so, this is the weakest start to a season in quite some time.
  • The was no lack of action, suspense, or drama in the two hour follow-up to the premiere episode.

    Chloe was right, and Jack, after being beat to a pulp, was able to narrowly avert the assassination attempt. Cole was the man of the hour and was in total sync with Jack. He didn't even hesitate to "take the bullet" so to speak, for President Hassan. Hastings was admirable in giving credit to Chloe and Jack for being on target about the diversion and the actual plot. He doesn't seem to have an ego problem like many in his position.

    To borrow a phrase from "Criminal Intent" about Goren, Renee has become a real "whack job." Even Jack, despite his sincere concern for her, was somewhat horrified at her interrogation tactics of the Russian. She has really gone over to the dark side and unless Jack can bring her back, she is likely to self-destruct at some point during the day. A padded cell and heavy duty meds may be in her future.

    The opening hours are off to a great start and it will likely be a wild ride to the end of the day. Dana, Cole, and Renee have a lot of issues to resolve in just twenty hours and their stories may be fodder for another season.
  • Good continuing storyline...

    So.. the episode continues where the very explosive ending left us and it is amazing sequence.. First of all the chase of the killer and how Cole (was his name Cole? Still do not have all the names) decides not to play killers game but Jack walks out just on the right moment.

    And Farah's storyline is looking to become more interesting: at least we know now, what the story will be some time. And the Russian syndicate and Renee as undercover.. I did not expected that and the new Renee.. She is scary but doing just fine, I think. It is good to see how they explain all those developments. I know, we have got some, but still. There seems to be so much.

    And the only thing I have vice-versa feelings at the moment is Dana Walsh. I mean.. I got the point of that storyline on the first time, so remind it to us over and over.. for sure, it will have some major role in coming episodes but.. it looks little bit bored at the moment.

    But.. overall.. strong start of season and I am eager to see what comes
  • President Hassan's info about the assassin leads CTU to investigate a possible Russian syndicate.

    So there were traces of Uranium found with the assassin. President Hassan fills in the explanation for this by telling of his country's venture for Nuclear weapons. It all makes sense coupled with the attempts on his life during important peace talks.

    Knowing that CTU must have someone infiltrate a Russian syndicate which is involved with the sale of nuclear arms with Hassan's brother. Enter Renee from last season who did undercover work.

    Jack isn't warm to the idea. He asks to work with Renee. We see the hilarious results to this in the end.

    Renee's meltdown has been documented since last season ,but even Jack didn't know the full depth of Renee's transformation into a cold blooded person till now.

    As people have already stated, the parallel is obvious between Renee and Jack's character. It's hilarious though to see it nonetheless. It's also very realistic no one whose exposed to such chaos, dysfunction, and violence as these agents are NEVER the same.

    That's why Chloe works with computers and isn't in the field. This episode move on to the plot of Nuclear Weapons. Yep it's been done before time and again, but I watch this show for the action and performances more than anything else.

    It'll be interesting how Renee and Jack work together. It'll be interesting to see where Cole's characters goes. He was the hero in the last episode and is looking for.

    Although, a couple of people aren't happy with the Dana storyline. I like it. Yes it's been done before too, but this show has so many things that they do over and over. What really matters is the execution. They do these storylines fairy well. Going back to Renee, I am intrigued to see where this ends.
  • The first day of the rest of Jack Bauer's life...

    ...is a mere 4 hours old and already he has realized his destiny is that of a human doo-doo magnet!

    In the longest and one of the most intense season premieres I have ever watched, Jack and CTU, both new and old, are coming to terms with the fact that the more things change the more they stay the same. As a viewer, I am brought back to just how small a time frame all of this 'stuff' takes place, and as always, I marvel at how the writers can keep up the pace and the quality. But so far, its among the best.

    Overall, I am liking Freddie Prinze Jr's character. He seems to be kind of channeling another "Jack" in the form of "Jack Traven" from Speed. I like it!

    Whats with Katie Sackhoff's character? I have to say I am not feeling the love: not for the character or for the side-story line...which, in this series, may be a main story line before the season ends! I will be patient!

    New CTU Director Hastings redeemed himself by admitting he was wrong about Chloe's insights, and I'm glad if for no other reason than I didn't want to dislike two characters this early in!

    And doesn't Renee just need a good cuppa java??!! Jack had better be watching his back and almost any other body part he can protect, cuz apparently, Momma ain't happy with how the past couple of years have gone. And when Momma ain't happy she amputates things... ;x[
  • Renee returns!

    The usual death of the first villain to make room for the next, slightly more powerful bad guy occurred in this episode, one that was filled with plenty of action and new reveals. I knew Davros aka Mike Farmer wouldn't survive long, but now it appears Hassan's brother is on the run and is involved with a Russian Crime Syndicate.. and that's something I can go along with, as long as the season doesn't take the same turn that Season 6 did, where the first four episodes were superb while a majority of the rest sucked.

    The episode started right where the last one left off (of course.. this IS 24). We get to see Cole doing his best Jack Bauer role, and for the first time this season, I actually found myself liking Freddie Prince Jr.'s character. I actually found everything to be pretty interesting in this episode. Regardless of what anybody thinks, I still think this season is similar to Season 1, where the plot slowly unfolds. I mean, if you think about it, Hassan is replacing David Palmer's role as the world leader facing an assassination threat, and with Jack Bauer attempting to figure out who's doing the job. I didn't have high hopes for this season, but it's growing on me, slow but sure.

    Renee's return surprised me, mostly because I completely forgot she was returning this season, and I have to say, I'm liking this dark version of her. It's interesting to see her in a dark place, much like Jack has been throughout his life. It ought to be nice to see Jack and Renee working together, along with Cole possibly.. they could make a great terrorist hunting trio. And the final scene? Man, even Jack Bauer isn't that brutal.. wait, in Season 2, I remember Jack doing something like this. And the Renee/Jack parallels continue.

    But what a chilling way to end the episode. Can't wait to see where this goes next.
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