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Season 8 Episode 17

Day 8: 8:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2010 on FOX
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Episode Summary

Following Jack and Renee's failure to save Hassan on time, Ethan suggests to President Taylor to bring in disgraced former President Charles Logan to cement the peace agreement with the Russians. Jack and Renee confirm their romantic feelings for each other.

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  • If you want a happy ending, go watch Glee instead.

    After last week's episode and the absolutely crushing death of President Hassan, I thought that we were out of the water for a little while and that this episode might flag in comparison. I was very wrong. This episode equalled, even bettered the emotional turmoil of last week, and was in my opinion exemplary in showing what 24 became famous for: that nobody is ever safe.

    I often rely on TV.com to tell me how good or bad episodes of series are, so I am dismayed to see how poorly rated the episode is at no more than 8/10. I can only imagine that such ratings are either from people who are hanging on as best as they can to the (wrong) idea that this season is not as good as previous ones, or from those who wanted to see Jack and Renee to walk off into the sunset. 24 is one of the best shows on TV, because it refuses that tired old requirement for a happy ending - and this season has been the best example of that constant failure. Nothing has gone according to plan this season for the 'good' guys. And that is truly brilliant.moreless
  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ..... this is hard. Good and bad. But did they really have to kill Renee???

    I actually thought this is the season where Jack gets some kind of rest from his somewhat turbulent past with CTU. I wanted to see him find some kind of peace. But ALAS that was not to be. why??? Renee just got killed!!! And naturally that should shoot Jack off the rails!

    So why 8.5. Well ... as I'm sure a lot of people thought, Jack was to go out a great hero. Not on the run like the past, but peaceful. According to the Jack we know someone has to pay, and badly. I only acknowledge the writers ability to twist the expected storyline. I just hope they keep twisting it and not give us the usual Jack, the vengeful and law-breaking-under-pretense-of-doing-the-right-thing Jack we all know. That would not only be cruel, but will also be shallow on their end.

    I always knew that Jack and Renee could hit it off. How many people in 24 ever had the capability to understand Jack as quickly as Renee? I mean sure she had her doubts about him. Remember the time she told Jack "I wanna know you feel something". A lot of characters were quick to dismiss Jack until he saved them. When they brought Renee at the beginning of this season I knew they were gonna hook up. I was wrong to assume that they'll both make it to the end of the season. It would have been cool to have the duo fighting side by side. it would have been a new and interesting side of the 24 series. But hey, it was still pretty good!!!moreless
  • Most emotional episode of season 8

    I dont know wh many of you didnt like this episode...OK of course i didnt Renee to die, i liked her a lot! She would be perfect for Jack. They both have suffered a lot, they have faced death, they have lost friends and family and they have gone through soooo much together.

    I dont get why some of you say that they didnt have feelings for each other. Renee obviously started feeling things about Jack at the end of season 7 and so did Jack, because as we found out in the first couple of eps in season 8 he continually tried to get in touch with her after she was fired from the FBI. In season 8 their feelings come in the open very soon. Jack cuts a deal to help prevent the terrorists for Renee's sake, instead of going with his family in LA. He does everything he can to make sure she is ok and help her with the Vladimir situation.Also have you EVER seen Jack get so intimate with another woman before.??? He always hanged her and always found ways to touch her hand and make her feel safe... Actually all of this is crap...Theres no need to explain anything at all. You can tell if two people are in love with each other just by seeing how they look at each other..And if you re-watch the episodes you'll see that they are DEFINITELY in love with each other...

    To sum it up Chloe getting promoted and Dhalia becoming president of the IRK were good developments, but the emotional climax of Renee getting shot, Jack rushing her to the hospital, and finaly JACK CRYING AND KISSING HER IN THE FOREHEAD was one of the most perfect moments of the whole 24 series....Thats why im giving 10!!moreless
  • The writers show they don't even understand the purpose of the season

    As often mentioned, the theme for this season has been "lessons of the past". Not just in terms of learning from past mistakes, but also knowing where the right kind of wisdom might be found. That theme has been eroding for quite some time, and with this episode, it's fair to say that the writers have once again gone completely off the rails.

    In many ways, this is beginning to feel like the fourth and fifth seasons, when the story started off with a more complex philosophical underpinning and quickly devolved as the writers were forced, due to poor production management, to make up plot points as they went along. While Hassan's assassination is in keeping with the beginning of the season, as is the Russian involvement, almost everything else in this episode feels like a writers' room grasping for shock tactics.

    And this is deeply unfortunate, because it didn't have to be that way. The writers were well on their way to providing Jack Bauer with a fitting and logical end to his character arc, at least in terms of the television series. This was supposed to be the end of his long recovery and restoration, after having lost everything and falling into a personal abyss. So why are the writers ripping everything out from under him again?

    It's not even clever or necessary. If it was about justifying Jack's involvement in the final leg of the season, that had plenty of ways to do that without killing off Renee. For one thing, Chloe is now in charge of CTU, and she definitely feels like she's in over her head. So why wouldn't she call on Jack as the one person she knows will have her back? Especially knowing that he was once director of CTU and knows the ropes and current situation better than anyone?

    For that matter, why kill Renee, when wounding her is perhaps even more effective in the long run? This will push Jack into some seriously dark territory, which makes for easy drama, but other than revenge, what is he fighting for? Most of the season, he was fighting for the promise of peace, which itself was symbolic of fighting for the right to live with his family, finally out of the game. Is that even a viable option now?

    Never mind that the idea of promoting Chloe to interim director of CTU makes little to no sense. Granted, the organization was all but gutted for a few years, and most of the truly experienced agents have long since been killed, but Chloe's skill set has been support, not leadership. It already feels like the writers are trying to convince the audience that this moment and this crisis will bring out the kind of confident leader that Chloe always had the potential to be, but it just doesn't compute.

    And that makes it feel like the writers may be trying to push the story more in the direction that the seventh season always suggested: a restored CTU with an older, wiser Jack Bauer at the helm. The problem is that it would make a lot more sense if Jack were in charge of the entire CTU operation, not just one branch, in terms of progression. Yet there is now a power vacuum in CTU and all instincts point to the notion of the writers setting up the future film franchise by putting Jack in a recognizable position of authority.

    Even if Jack doesn't end up in a position of authority within CTU, and the writers somehow justify his return to his family in some measure of peace, it still feels like they went too far in justifying Jack's involvement at this juncture. As already mentioned, Chloe could have logically called on Jack to help, now that the peace conference is back on the table. In fact, Jack's entire reason for leaving was the notion that the conference was canceled. One call from President Taylor, Chloe, or even Dalia Hassan, and Jack and Renee would have been right back into the mix.

    Instead, the writers had to ensure that Jack had a personal reason, which meant killing Renee. And that meant having the Russian side of the conspiracy go full-out stupid. When the characters themselves point out the faulty reasoning of the plot progression, without any sign of a deeper context, it's a bad sign. Killing Jack and Renee would have immediately forced further investigation.

    Worse, having the Russian delegate back out of the peace agreement in a notably negative fashion was a sure way of getting President Taylor and just about everyone else to wonder what their true motivations might be. With clues already pointing to Russian ties to the IRK opposition and now Renee's death, it should take Chloe and Jack about 0.003 seconds to figure out that the Russians were in on the Hassan assassination.

    As if all these plot points weren't ludicrous enough, there's the return of Charles Logan. Logan represents everything that was ridiculously wrong with the series during its inexplicably lauded fifth season, wherein the President of the United States was the driving force behind terrorist activities and killing American counter-terrorism assets. Bringing Logan back at this juncture is completely unnecessary, and it seems rather obvious that he will turn out to be part of the conspiracy.

    It really comes down to the writers' lack of trust in their own ability to sell a subtle story. The goal was clearly to get Jack back into action for the final several episodes. Despite having already established several different ways to accomplish that goal, the writers went overboard, forcing the villains into making stupid decisions and needlessly killing a character for shock purposes. It's not a matter of personal preference; it's a matter of pointing out where the writers chose expediency over logic.

    Overall, this episode was a quick step backwards, falling far from the heights of the previous installment. This is all very unfortunate, because with the series ending in May, the writers could have made better choices and given Jack Bauer a thrilling sendoff. There were plenty of plot elements on the table to get Jack back into the game without undermining the effectiveness of the character's series-long journey.moreless
  • oh.. (spoilers inside)

    I am not sure what to say.. It was weird episode.. Some kind of that "transformation" episodes in some seasons when one story ends and another starts as Hassain is dead and no valid leads to continue.. but.. there is something else going on and now.. what to say.. Russians again.. and Logan. I think we have had enough of both of them but..

    I enjoyed the thing on CTU. I mean.. Never been big fan of Chloe but she as a head of CTU. I think that will be worth watching. It was a time for her. I mean, she has been around all the time.

    And the whole Renee and Jack thing.. it was nice to have minute of "calm" for them.. but two silent clocks in a row? I mean.. Hassain's death was done very emotionally.. but Renee's.. It wasn't as powerful.. but the impact.. oh.. I can only imagine how Jack will take that..moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Charles Logan: (To President Taylor) I suppose I've spent so many years trying to justify my actions that it's become difficult for me to own up to the truth. I made mistakes, terrible mistakes, that stained the office of the presidency, and for which I will be paying the rest of my life. But I still can be of value to my country. I can still do some good.

    • Hastings: I've never been very good at goodbyes. But I want to tell you what an honor it's been for me to have served with each and every one of you. Division is now vetting names to replace me. In the meantime, Chloe O'Brian will be in charge, and I'm sure you will show her the same level of loyalty and commitment that you've all shown me. Thank you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Anil Kapoor (Kamistan President Omar Hassan) is taken out of the main cast.

    • President Taylor brings up David Palmer, which means that he has been in, or at least mentioned in every single season, despite being dead since the first episode of season 5. Teri (who died in season 1) has also been mentioned in every season at least once.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: May 11, 2010 on 7TWO
      Norway: June 7, 2010 on TV2 Zebra
      Latin America: June 14, 2010 on FOX
      Finland: November 8, 2010 on MTV3