Season 8 Episode 6

Day 8: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on FOX
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President Hassan's moves to quash any dissenters in his country start to draw concern with President Taylor and other members of the United Nations. Kevin Wade starts to push Dana to the breaking point, forcing her to help him get into an NYPD evidence lock-up for a huge score. Josef has had success in treating his radiation-poisoned brother Oleg, but the treatment is cut short by their father, who is furious. Renee gets the plan back on track to acquire the uranium, but not without a demand by Vladimir, who also, without Renee's knowledge, has plans for the buyer, Jack.moreless

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  • Arlo: "If you weren't so jealous you'd hear I was asking you a serious question." Chloe: "Oh yeah, I'm jealous. Please won't you stare at my ass as I walk away?" Ah, and he did indeed...moreless

    I am happy the writers recruited Mary Lynn Rajskub for another season as Chloe. It always seemed like all the old cast members slowly left the screen leaving Sutherland (Jack) as the longest reigning cast member. Chloe hasn't lost the personality most people admire about her, and that's good. That comment she made had me laughing from the moment she rose off the chair, but what sealed the deal was Arlo actually watching her ass. Sad thing she's married though, otherwise Arlo would be constantly hitting on her as well right? I believe Arlo's friendly side is when he tries to be flirtatious, but I also believe he has a huge crush on Dana and that's the only way he could explore his feelings. It looks as though he is on to something...

    On the topic of Dana, what's up with her anyway? Why does she feel the need to succumb to her ex's manipulations? How did he find her again? That question still hangs in the balance and who is his oddly quiet friend? Dana believes that if she helps him satisfy his money-hungry ways, he'll just go away, but what happens when the money runs out? Dana should have him arrested, tell her fiancee the truth about her past and get on with CTU business, but I guess things wouldn't be that easy. Somehow her ex would be connected to the later events in the day, or his friend anyway, that entire story is just not adding up. Dana needs to toughen up, I mean she is a CTU agent, she has a power she could use and her past is not as implicating as she may believe, it is not as though she is a fugitive.

    Vladimir get your dirty man-paws off of our Renee *yuck*. This is definitely not the same Renee we left off in Season 7, what happened? How long was she undercover with this scumbag again! A woman needs time to herself while in the shower, you don't just show up, I thought Renee locked that door anyway (hmmm). Jack despised putting Renee in that situation, his facial expression during that 'dirty scene' was evidence of that. He probably wanted to wring Vladimir's neck for what he did to Renee in the past, give him a few broken ribs as well. I wonder how would the confrontation be between Jack and Vladimir? Not pretty since just under an hour, he tried to have him killed and rip him off for a measly Five million. (Ha, I just thought of the glasses Jack wore during that entire operation-hilarious). Was Jack trying to sound American while speaking German, or was that all Kiefer :) and he was very witty with his statements as well, surely shoved it to Vladimir's men.

    Hastings was obviously not present this hour (thank you). They focused mainly on Jack and Renee's story along with Dana Walsh and her ex. They were also the main plots of the episode for me, but equally entertaining was watching a father murder his son in cold blood. He actually showed no remorse and condoned it by saying it was because his son betrayed him (well if that took away the guilt). I guess it was better than having his son suffer from poisoning. I actually applaud his brother for trying to save his life. I believe the brother could be the 'hero of the day' kind, the one who Jack or someone else could use to bring down his father. The brutal murder of his brother could be enough incentive for him to turn to the authorities to bring his crazed father on death row, because let's face it, his brother would not be dead at all had his father kept his hands clean and earned a living the decent way.

    Compared to all the other seasons, I believe this season started off on a slow rate, steadily developing each character and giving them a decent background - I like it. There has been the action in between and a few blasts here and there, but I admire the curiosities and dilemmas instilled in the plot. It leaves you wondering what's going to happen next and I really have no idea what to expect.

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    Four and a Half Stars

    Grade B-

  • Solid main plot continues to keep afloat what otherwise is a flawed season of "24".

    As expected, Jack and Renee's main plot continues to be the most interesting aspect of the season, providing us personal conflicts with the best two characters of the show right now. However, unlike the majority of the seventh season, this season's choice of subplots has been nothing but bad. Although Hassan and Bazhaev's subplots can be endured long enough (even if it seems that the Bazhaevs thing will become totally irrevelant in a few hours), the Dana subplot is still ridiculous and overlong. Knowing in advance the plot twist of Episode 13, it can be considered "partially" necessary, but if the real intention was this all along, at least they've could rewrite the whole subplot or think of another thing. On the positive side, Annie Wersching and Kiefer Sutherland give convincing performances, as always, and Jack's cover as the German dealer with Harry Potter glasses was kind of hilarous and very unusual for a serious character like Jack Bauer and a show like "24". Several times during the scene, it seemed like Kiefer was on the verge of laughing. (P.S.: This is the first and only time in the whole show in which Jack smoked. Amazing. Kiefer couldn't resist his smoking habit not for one second while he was filming).moreless
  • Better follow up

    In this installment, the general plot of the season stills being so slowly and without so much movements.

    But its small plots about its characters are quiet interesting and so entertaining.

    And this hour is a remarkable proof of it.

    Afterwards the end of the previous hour, in which Jack did anything, finally Jack makes some movements and takes an important role in the plot.

    While, Renee keeps the audience in some tension because of the darkers remembers with Vladimir.

    That thing is not very important, yes, but the writers have managed to do all that things interesting enough to please the audience one more week.

    And for me, they have made up.

    This hour is better than the last.

    My only problem is Jack´s glasses.moreless
  • Mini-Review: An almost disappointing mesh of mediocre side plots and an above average center story.

    Dana Walsh: Dana the dipstick keeps making stupid decisions, burying herself into even deeper trouble on her own part. Seriously, the side story, already heavy on the cheese and unbelievability, did not get any better. Thankfully, however, we didn't see much of a it. A few short scenes were all that were necessary to only slightly push this terrible plot forward. At the beginning of the hour, Dana, rather than thinking even somewhat rationally, gives her redneck 'friends' a call, informing them of a location where they can cop an evidence container worth over $100,000. The two, obviously, are happy with her findings, and give each other an honorary high five (if that's what it was...). And... that's pretty much it. Nothing else about this story is worth mentioning. Not impressed. Moving on.

    President Hassan: Not too much went on at the United Nations this episode... save for Mr. Hassan getting more paranoid of the people around him by the second, ordering arrests for almost everyone he knows or suspects has dealings with the people wishing to impeach him. The ones who once trusted them, obviously, are bewildered by his actions and demand him to calm down and revise his ways. Hassan is adamant that his cause will not be obstructed, and proceeds with his antagonistic manner, demanding that a man from within his own party is arrested and questioned at length. While the plotline isn't necessarily badly written or illogical, it's not particularly compelling. Something major needs to happen down the line for the pace of this these slow moments to quicken, because, right now, it's just wasting time.

    David Anders and Company: In the episode before, Sergei's son, Josef, arrived at doctor's office requesting, no, demanding that his suffering brother be treated for radiation poisoning. In time, daddy calls, wondering why they have not yet reached the cottage, where they were supposed to be. OF course, Sergei becomes suspicious of the two and sends several of his men to investigate, following Josef and his brother's trail. Later in the episode they show up, killing everyone in the office and exfiltrating the two. Upon their return to their father's restaurant, they find an unhappy Sergei, furious that his son had defied him. Maddened and aware that Oleg, his sick son would not survive, he shoots the boy with Josef looking on in fear. Apparently, Sergei is a man who will do anything to meet his goals, even if that means murdering his son to ensure a smooth operation.

    Jack, Renee and the Russians: Ah... finally, the main storyline; the most compelling one of all. Jack, apparently, is fluent in German, and, as part of the undercover coup must pose as a German wishing to deal in nuclear arms. The scene where Jack meets with a member from Vladimir's group is wonderfully scripted, with the Lugo chatting in German to test Jack's proficiency. The tasteful piece concludes with Lugo pulling a gun out on Jack and Cole swiftly taking down three of the four Russians with a sniper rifle, sparing Lugo. Jack, thankfully, is still good at what he does. On the Renee side of things, little occurs plotwise, yet her character development continues to be strong. All of Wersching's scenes in the episode are with Vladimir, a suave yet compulsive and demeaning Russian mob leader played by Battlestar's Callum Kieth Rennie. The chemistry between the two on-screen is phenomenal; the range of emotions palpable and each and every moment is a joy to watch.moreless
  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jack and Renee's undercover soiree continues to be the best thing about 24.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, Jack and Renee's undercover soiree continues to be the best thing about 24, with both Sutherland and Werschung acting their little socks off to create something truly captivating. For whatever reason, as soon as the writing staff turn their attention to these characters, they automatically become about ten times better at scripting dialogue (or maybe it's just that the actors are so talented that they can disguise the hokum nature of what they're given). The dynamic between these two, the desperate determination of Jack and the resigned melancholia of Renee, is mesmerising and creates a far greater level of suspense than most of the show's extraneous dramatic events. It helps that they have an excellent foil in Battlestar Galactica's 2 (or Leoben), who plays the duplicitous Vladimir. His quietly methodical portrayal makes for something truly sinister.

    It is a slight pity that the writers play the 'madcap' card so early in the day; it would've been nice to see a more tempered progression towards the sort of ruthless masochism and misogyny that is depicted here. Did he really need to threaten Renee so soon after being reunited with her? Was it necessary for him to lapse immediately back to his aggressive ways? Some build would have been nice, as this suddenness gives the story a slightly artificial after taste. Plus, the two make the beast with two backs in the space of about five minutes. We cut to commercial and... bang! That's it. All over. While it's tempting to suggest that this says rather a lot about Vladimir, it's likelier that it as such for convenience's sake. Still, for the most part, this is all very good stuff, and it only improves when Jack shows up dressed like Great Uncle Hans, complete with ludicrous glasses, and starts speaking in plain English with an American accent. If they'd gone the 'cod German' route, this would have fallen flat on its face. Thankfully, we are spared Sutherland's attempts to pronounce his 'w's as 'v's and consequently, we are able to invest in the dramatic tension of the narrative without any niggling distractions.

    Elsewhere, President Hassan's predicament proves to be somewhat interesting as the writers continue to layer his character. His knee jerk reaction to the assassination attempt counters our previous impressions but helps to give a more rounded and believable political viewpoint. This works in conjunction with the problems facing Taylor to manufacture some intriguing political manoeuvring, and the inclusion of the European representatives only magnifies this, lifting the urgency and significance of the plot by incorporating a macrocosmic element. Kensei's attempts to save his desperately ill brother are also rather entertaining, even if the boy's murder at episode's end is completely predicable. The only truly problematic storyline belongs to poor old Katee Sackhoff, who must, by now, be thoroughly sick to the back teeth of the pointlessness of what she's been given. No longer is this a passable deviation with some nice acting (well, from Sackhoff anyway). Now it just irritates. The story completely obliterates the narrative's forward momentum and is made even worse by the fact that it's woefully obvious that Agent Ortiz is just going to find everything out and 'bury' (or some such euphemism) Evil Kevin. Couple that with Arlo's frustratingly smarmy attitude to the whole thing and the terrible, terrible combination of 'please, won't you stare at my ass as I walk past?' with an actual shot of Chloe's ass and you've got a cringeworthy load of gumf that the show would be infinitely better without.

    Generally, '9pm - 10pm' is a fairly solid episode with some interesting plot developments, a number of excellently written and executed scenes (usually involving Sutherland and Werschung) and a great deal of forward momentum. It's just a shame that a horribly redundant storyline and a handful of minor niggles prevent it from being truly great.moreless
Callum Keith Rennie

Callum Keith Rennie

Vladimir Laitanan

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Gene Farber

Oleg Bazhaev

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Tony Curran


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Bob Gunton

Ethan Kanin

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Jürgen Prochnow

Sergei Bazhaev

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Clayne Crawford

Kevin Wade

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