Season 8 Episode 6

Day 8: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode starts off with Renee being spared her life by Vladimir, who was simply doing a temperature check to make sure she was not lying to him about the uranium deal. He takes her back to the warehouse where he demands a five million dollar advance payment in order to meet with Ernst Mier (Jack Bauer undercover). However, Vladimir has other plans in mind – after Renee's statement of having nothing left, he decides he wants to keep the five millions and not go through with the deal, instead have his men kill Jack. He pressures Renee into sleeping with him by threatening to not go through with the deal. After informing Jack that she will go through with it to keep the deal (who is on his way to the checkpoint to meet with Vlad's men to finish the money transfer), she "goes dark" and disappears into a room with Vlad.

Dana Walsh troubles with her ex continue, who wants money in exchange for not revealing her true identity. She finds an abandoned warehouse that has a money stash from a previous drug bust and has her ex Kevin meet her at CTU, so she can give him an access card. She promises to monitor the warehouse and guide him around the security cams so that he can get in, get the money and leave. Arlo becomes suspicious and spies on her on the CTU cam having an exchange with Kevin behind his van.

President Hassan does not appear to be doing anything to stop the issues going on in his home country, which concerns President Taylor and other members of the UN regarding the future of the treaty.

Oleg is being treated by the doctor Josef took him to, but before he can get all the medicine he needs, they are infiltrated by their father's men, who grew suspicious, when Oleg and Josef did not arrive at the house. He shoots Oleg back at his headquarters as a punishment to Josef for disobeying his orders.

Meanwhile, Jack denies Cole's suggestion to send backup with Jack to the checkpoint with Vlad's men for fear that they'll sniff out his cover right away. Jack heads to the checkpoint meeting with Vlad's men to do the money transfer where Vlad has ordered his men to kill Jack as soon as the transfer is complete. Sure enough, the men get ready to shoot Jack, when he announces the transfer has been completed, but before they can kill Jack, they are killed by Cole, who is posted up in the next building over with a sniper rifle. Jack demands to speak with Renee and then demands Vlad's henchman (who he has held at the ground by gunpoint) take him to Vlad and Renee's location.