Season 8 Episode 6

Day 8: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on FOX

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  • Just when I thought the episode was going to be sub-par, they leave us with a shocking final act.

    After eight years of watching this show, you can still find me standing in front of my TV, wide-eyed, nerves completely shot from watching the writers drag us to the edge of the cliff and leave us hanging. For the first twenty minutes or so, I felt uninterested in the episode, as if the writers had included this episode as a way to get fill in some additional hours. However, 24 never ceases to surprise me. While the first half lagged a bit, the second half was chockful of adreneline, twists, snarky Chloe comments, dark Renee moments and Jack Bauer just being a badass. If that's not enough to keep you interested, than I don't what would be able to do the job.

    Is it just me or has Jack had very little to do this season? So far, there hasn't been too many memorible moments with him. I know that every episode can't consist of Jack Bauer taking out bad guy after bad guy with a dizzying array of weapons, but I'd like to see him doing more than following Renee around and listening to her talk. However, the end of the episode, with him going undercover as the German dealer, was superb. If I'm not mistaken, Jack has never adopted a foreign language in order to create a more realistic undercover persona. For a moment (just a short one, of course), I forgot he was Jack Bauer. Next week looks to advance the Renee and Jack relationship, which I'm only slightly interested in. Save that stuff for the end of the season: I want to see Jack taking out some terrorists.

    Note to writers: Please, for the love of all that is good in the universe of 24, wrap up the Dana Walsh/Jenny Scott plot. It's certainly a compelling idea, and much better than 24 has done in recent years in terms of supporting character storylines (Ponder this for a moment, if you will: Would you rather deal with Dana Walsh and her ex-boyfriend woes or deal with another scene of Jack scolding Janis for being unbearably irritating? Exactly.) Dana Walsh is supposed to have a relationship with Cole Ortiz, but they've had maybe one or two scenes with each other. And as a result of her dealings outside of CTU, Cole has been shoved to the backburners, resulting in a few minutes here and there of air-time.

    Also, President Taylor hasn't had a lot of great scenes to work with, but that's to be expected. Last year, her family issues were at the forefront of the season, which gave her a lot of great scenes to work with. However, this year has been a lot of political talk and sitting around, mulling over what to do. Hassan has also been delegated to the bench, yelling at his subordinates for a moment before cutting away to CTU or Jack and Renee. I hope that there's some more scenes with both of these world leaders in the next few hours.

    24 has done a great job of keeping the plot minimal to this point. By now in Season 6, there was about a half dozen antagonists who were out to spill Jack's blood. However, by focusing on the undercover deal with Vlad, the writers have allowed the show to carry out it's storylines for a little longer, even if this leads to some mundane interludes. In a way, this season is starting to remind me of Season 3, if only because of the heavy undercover scenes with Renee. It'll be interesting to see how Jack and Renee will get there way out of this.

    And last but not least (24 has the tendency to have so many plots that it's exhausting to write these recaps and analysis'!), David Anders' character as Bazheav's son has done a great job of remaining sympathetic amidst the entire nuclear rods plot. The ending was shocking, even if I could see it coming. It was brutal to see him kill his own son, and the warning he gave his last remaining son was haunting and something that will hopefully carry into the next episode.

    For an episode that I originally expected to be a filler, I've found that there's plenty to still talk about. That's the thing about 24: they surprise you even when there's nothing in the episode that's necessarily shocking. That may not make much sense, but hey, 24 is like that sometimes.
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