Season 8 Episode 6

Day 8: 9:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M.

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2010 on FOX

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  • Mini-Review: An almost disappointing mesh of mediocre side plots and an above average center story.

    Dana Walsh: Dana the dipstick keeps making stupid decisions, burying herself into even deeper trouble on her own part. Seriously, the side story, already heavy on the cheese and unbelievability, did not get any better. Thankfully, however, we didn't see much of a it. A few short scenes were all that were necessary to only slightly push this terrible plot forward. At the beginning of the hour, Dana, rather than thinking even somewhat rationally, gives her redneck 'friends' a call, informing them of a location where they can cop an evidence container worth over $100,000. The two, obviously, are happy with her findings, and give each other an honorary high five (if that's what it was...). And... that's pretty much it. Nothing else about this story is worth mentioning. Not impressed. Moving on.

    President Hassan: Not too much went on at the United Nations this episode... save for Mr. Hassan getting more paranoid of the people around him by the second, ordering arrests for almost everyone he knows or suspects has dealings with the people wishing to impeach him. The ones who once trusted them, obviously, are bewildered by his actions and demand him to calm down and revise his ways. Hassan is adamant that his cause will not be obstructed, and proceeds with his antagonistic manner, demanding that a man from within his own party is arrested and questioned at length. While the plotline isn't necessarily badly written or illogical, it's not particularly compelling. Something major needs to happen down the line for the pace of this these slow moments to quicken, because, right now, it's just wasting time.

    David Anders and Company: In the episode before, Sergei's son, Josef, arrived at doctor's office requesting, no, demanding that his suffering brother be treated for radiation poisoning. In time, daddy calls, wondering why they have not yet reached the cottage, where they were supposed to be. OF course, Sergei becomes suspicious of the two and sends several of his men to investigate, following Josef and his brother's trail. Later in the episode they show up, killing everyone in the office and exfiltrating the two. Upon their return to their father's restaurant, they find an unhappy Sergei, furious that his son had defied him. Maddened and aware that Oleg, his sick son would not survive, he shoots the boy with Josef looking on in fear. Apparently, Sergei is a man who will do anything to meet his goals, even if that means murdering his son to ensure a smooth operation.

    Jack, Renee and the Russians: Ah... finally, the main storyline; the most compelling one of all. Jack, apparently, is fluent in German, and, as part of the undercover coup must pose as a German wishing to deal in nuclear arms. The scene where Jack meets with a member from Vladimir's group is wonderfully scripted, with the Lugo chatting in German to test Jack's proficiency. The tasteful piece concludes with Lugo pulling a gun out on Jack and Cole swiftly taking down three of the four Russians with a sniper rifle, sparing Lugo. Jack, thankfully, is still good at what he does. On the Renee side of things, little occurs plotwise, yet her character development continues to be strong. All of Wersching's scenes in the episode are with Vladimir, a suave yet compulsive and demeaning Russian mob leader played by Battlestar's Callum Kieth Rennie. The chemistry between the two on-screen is phenomenal; the range of emotions palpable and each and every moment is a joy to watch.