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'24' Movie To Shoot In Spring

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    It's almost a year since reports of script problems seemed to place Jack Bauer's big screen outing in jeopardy. Despite some optimistic words from Kiefer Sutherland, little has been heard since, but it now appears that the countdown has properly begun on the 24 movie, which is finally pencilled in to shoot early next year.It seems like the 24 film has been in development forever. There was talk of it during the TV series' heyday, before Sutherland said it was on hold because all involved were too preoccupied with the episodic version. Then there were rumblings of a movie that would constitute a wrapping-up of the series, until season 8 did that by itself. And since then it's been 'on' and 'off' again several times.The biggest move forward came with a pitch and a screenplay from the much-lauded Billy Ray (Shattered Glass, Flightplan, State Of Play), but his take that was ยป

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