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    Copy and past to fill out this survey about 24! Feel free to give an hounorable mention or two for some categories!

    Favourite Season: Season 5. After 4 awesome seasons, 24 was still able to come along and be amazing. Favourite season to re-watch, best characters as well

    Favourite Actor: Gregory Itzin/Charles Logan. From being the wimpy Vice President to an insane ex-President who blew his brains out, Greg Itzin was simply amazing in every scene he ever had. Makes my skin crawl.

    Favourite Actress: Jean Smart/Martha Logan. Even though she was only in 24 episodes all up, she was just as brilliant as Itzin. She has some of the most memorable scenes and its a shame she couldn't stick around. Honourable mention to Mary Lynn Rajskub/Chloe O'Brien and Annie Wersching/Renee Walker

    Favourite Storyline: The whole Chandler Plaza Hotel attack. Really helped turn around a season that was lacking a bit, and had great moments and gave Reiko Aylesworth/Michelle Dessler some great scenes.

    Best Shoot-out: The Season 2 finale, at the Colosseum, Jack vs Kingsley. Season 1 at the docks, Jack vs Drazens was also pretty good.

    Best Explosion: I love CTU being blown up in season 2.

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Charles Logan as already mentioned, but Sarah Clarke/Nina Myers was great

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina was the best - didn't see it coming. From then on, I suspected everyone was a mole.

    Biggest Shock: Other than Nina being a mole, when Alan York is really dead and Fake Alan York is really Kevin Carroll in season 1. Also, I never thought Hassan would be executed in season 8.

    Best Death: Edgar. I nearly cry everytime! Though Palmer is still shocking to watch, as is Michelle and Teri.

    Worst Storyline: Whilst Dana Walsh and Kim's jungle journey spring to mind, the worst was the whole Mexico deal in season 3 when the Salazar's actually thought Jack was a bad guy. Fools.

    Character that should have been around longer: Sherry Palmer, Martha Logan and George Mason.

    Character that should have never been around: Sandra Palmer, Sean Hillinger, Janis Gold.

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer was the best!

    Jack's best sidekick: Renee was more bad-a$$ than Chase, Cole or Doyle.

    Best CTU Director: Even though it was FBI, I really liked Larry Moss. He was the most believable and he was cool as. Bill was better whenever he got fired.

    Jack's best love interest: Audrey, only because Teri was a super strong confident person one minute, then a blubbering mess the next. Audrey was more tough, but not too tough like Renee. Also, Audrey is super hot and is now a doctor.

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    Favourite Season: Season 5. not just of 24 but best season of any show period.

    Favourite Actor: Kiefer Sutherland there was a lot of great acting on this show throughout but the man himself Jack Bauer just owns.

    Favourite Actress: Mary Lynn Raskjub is great. Bringing a little comedy to a very serious show is not easy. I LOVE CHLOE!

    Favourite Storyline: So hard to choose... The hunt for the recording of Logan's involvement late season 5 would be mine.

    Best Shoot-out: Jack vs the Drazen's docks season 1. Honorable mentions season 8 Jack and Cole at the docks and Jack saving Hassan in the tunnel.

    Best Explosion: CTU being blown up in season 2 for me too

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Charles Logan takes the cake easily. Slimy manipulative bastard... He's right under The Joker as my all time favorite villain thats huge. Honorable mentions. Christopher Henderson, Nina Meyers, Sherry Palmer.

    Best Mole/Betrayal: No question its Nina every mole after her wasn't even close.

    Biggest Shock: Mine is Hassan's death.. That totally turned season 8 around. Honrable Mentions Tony is bad in season 7 and Nina's the mole in day 1

    Best Death: Edgar. Teri. I don't even like Teri but her death made such an impact it would be felt for the rest of the series and it gives you the understanding that anything can happen in this show and will.
    George Mason, Palmer honorable mentions.

    Worst Storyline: Dana Walsh is the worst of any show ugh i cringe just thinking about it. I love the mexico storyline best part of season 3 for me!

    Character that should have been around longer: Sherry Palmer's death was stupid and unnecessary. They just tossed out a great character just for convenience. I almost said George Mason but his death was so great it would cheapen it if he did stick around.

    Character that should have never been around: Arlo Glass, Janis Gold ugh most useless characters ever.

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer was the best! QTF!!

    Jack's best sidekick: Not only was Renee the best partner for Jack she was the best love interest. Her death tore me up more than anyone else

    Best CTU Director: Bill Buchanan is easily the best. He was consistant. He was loyal to Jack but didn't let it stop him doing the job. Also Chloe was awesome there near the end.

    Jack's best love interest: Renee is the most interesting the most attractive and she can hold her own in a fight. I hated that they killed her. And I did not like Audrey IMO she wasn't interesting she wasn't the least bit attractive and I did not miss her.
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    Favourite Season: Season 5. Like Rockworm said Best Season of Any Show Period.

    Favourite Actor: Kiefer Sutherland simple because he did an amazing job for 8 years and I still wanted more of Jack Bauer. Honorable Mention: Gregory Itzin for reasons similar to what generalbrent stated.

    Favourite Actress: Mary Lynn Rajskub because Chloe was amazing in every scene, both comedy and drama at the same time only she could pull that off. Special Mentions to Jean Smart and Kim Raverwho both really acted brilliantly.

    Favourite Storyline: The Sentox Nerve Gas Conspiracy was by far the best storyline of the show, it had repucursion right upto season 7 and well had the most intense and complex plots.

    Best Shoot-out: The Season 5, CTU taking back Ontorio Airport from the Dawn Brigade, how they tricked the terrorists at the last minute and blasted through another entrance, amazing shootout.

    Best Explosion: The Nuke going off in Season 6. It just gave me such goosebumps as i stared at the screen in shock. Honorable Mention: Billsacrificing his lifein Season 7 to save the President.

    Best 'Bad Guy': Charles Logan for reasons already stated. Honorable Mention: Nina Myers and Mandy. Best female villains and Mandy never got caught!

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina was the best period.

    Biggest Shock: David Palmer and Michelle Dessler's death within the first10 minutes of the season. Shocking as ever.

    Best Death: Paul Raines, I know his character was pretty much not that important but I thought his death was one of the most powerful on the entire show. Special Mention: Ryan Chappelle, shocking and emotional death.

    Worst Storyline: Sandra Palmer/Walid storyline. Hated every second of it. Special Mention : Kim Bauer on Day 2.

    Character that should have been around longer: Mike Novick, I know many people dont like or care about him much but in my opinion was one of the most interest characters on the show and should have been around longer. Special Mention : Kate Warner I wanted to see a bit more of her as well.

    Character that should have never been around: Sandra Palmer (S6)and Maya Driscoll(S4)

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer, very obvious choice.

    Jack's best sidekick: I am surprised neither of you mentioned Curtis Manning. I thought he was one of the best field agents after Jack.

    Best CTU Director: Bill Buchanan, cool headed, ally to Jack on Most ocassions and simply a great character and leader overall.

    Jack's best love interest: Audrey because in my opinion she was perfect for Jack. There was true love and loyaltybetween them and had the longest relationship with Jack throughout the series. Itdoesn't hurtthat she is quite hot.

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    Favourite Season: Season 1. Although, I'm afraid that might just be nostalgia hitting in. I do like the fact that it's slower and the story doesn't change drastically throughout the season. That's why I consider it the best.

    Favourite Actor: Gregory Itzin (Charles Logan). He truly showed the character's indecisiveness and wimpiness. He filled the antagonist role pretty well.

    Favourite Actress: Jean Smart (Martha Logan). She was a good match to Itzin's Charles. Honorable mention goes to Penny Johnson Jerald (Sherry Palmer). Sherry was menacing.

    Favourite Storyline: The first part of the assassination attempt on Palmer in Day 1.

    Best Shoot-out: The Season 2 finale scene at the Coliseum.

    Best Explosion: When Jack Bauer threw the phone away from Palmer and it exploded. It totally caught me by surprise.

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Nina Myers was the best because she even fooled Jack Bauer.

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina was definitely the best.

    Biggest Shock: Nina being the mole. I totally didn't expect it.

    Best Death: George Mason. I cry every time I watch that episode.

    Worst Storyline: The Jenny Scott storyline. It was completely unbelievable and not entertaining

    Character that should have been around longer: Sherry Palmer, David Palmer, Erin Driscoll, Martha Logan, Chase Edmunds, Curtis Manning, Nadia Yassir, Marilyn Bauer, and Mike Doyle.

    Character that should have never been around: John Keeler, Maya Driscoll, Sandra Palmer, Sean Hillinger, and Dana Walsh.

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer.

    Jack's best sidekick: Cole Ortiz. Honorable mention goes to Curtis Manning. I selected Ortiz over Manning because of how Curtis wanted to kill Hamri Al-Assad when he was a lead.

    Best CTU Director: Bill Buchanan.

    Jack's best love interest: Audrey Raines. I actually did not care for her, but the fact that she was into politics sort of balanced Jack's life.

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    Favourite Season: Season 5. Chloe gets some, President Palmer assasinated, Michelle Dead and Tony hospitalised by a car bomb. and thats just the opening 15 minutes. The president being the villain and it ending with Jack captured by chinese, it's just a brilliant thrill ride from beginning to end

    Favourite Actor: Gotta be Kiefer Sutherland, being a one-man army bad arse AND being able to effectively portray emotions, he's a dying breed

    Favourite Actress: Jean Smart, for Martha Logan, bringing gravitas to the role which could've been one dimensional

    Favourite Storyline: Season One, David palmer assasination attempt storyline. Honourable mention to season 8 Jack hunting down Renee's killers and Jack & Paul Raines going to the company with the EMP

    Best Shoot-out: Jack and CTU at the airport in season 5 beginning.

    Best Explosion: Bills sacrifice in season 7

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Charles Logan, nuff said.

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Gotta be Nina, totally unexpected and shocking.

    Biggest Shock: First 15 mins of season 5. 2 deaths, Tony hospitalised by explosion. Honourable mentions to Hassan and Teri Bauer's deaths

    Best Death: Palmer. Just came out of nowhere. Honourable mentions to Hassan, Ryan Chappelle, Teri Bauer and Edgar

    Worst Storyline: Dana Walsh. Enough said

    Character that should have been around longer: Edgar, Martha, Aaron Pierce (he should've been in season

    Character that should have never been around: Dana Walsh, Janis Gold, Arlo Glass

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer

    Jack's best sidekick: Renee. Honourable mention to Chloe

    Best CTU Director: Bll Buchanan

    Jack's best love interest: Audrey
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    Favourite Season: I think all seasons are fantastic but if i have to
    say one, i'd have to say season 5. It really is the best season all
    the way through. Fantastic beginning and my favourite ending.

    Favourite Actor: Kiefer. Couldn't think of anyone else portraying Jack
    as good as he does. The darkness, the lack of any humour, the
    intensity and dedication.

    Favourite Actress: Sarah Clarke (Nina Mayers). I'm actually afraid of
    her . She is very believable!

    Favourite Storyline: This is so hard but i'm gonna say the political
    storyline in season 2. That was intense. Special mentioning, the
    chinese storyline was cool.

    Best Shoot-out: Also hard but Jack taking out Abu Fayeds team, ending
    with jack hanging Fayed from a chain telling him to say hello to his
    brother. Pure awesome!

    Best Explosion: Season 8 when the young terrorist (don't remember his
    name) was in the chamber in the hospital. They couldn't desarm the
    west and jack barely gets the door closed, the bomb goes off and jack
    flyes across the room from the blast. the Nuke in s2 was cool as well!

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Not gonna say Logan, even though hewas brilliant. I'm
    gonna go with a smaller player. Bierko or Emerson...Bierko it is! He
    was scary.

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina, without a doubt

    Biggest Shock: There's been so many. Maybe that Jack actually went
    through with the killing of Chappelle.

    Best Death: Teri. Without that 24 (mostly Jack) would never have been
    as good as it was!

    Worst Storyline: There are two things i have to fastforward through
    when rewatching the seasons: The Maya Driscoll crap (s4) and the
    Sandra Palmer and her friend bs s6.

    Character that should have been around longer: Mike Novic. I also
    think Chase Edmunds would have been cool to have around another season.

    Character that should have never been around: Maya Driscoll, Sandra
    Palmer, Wayne Palmer (as President). He was really good in s5.

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer

    Jack's best sidekick: Chase

    Best CTU Director: Bill

    Jack's best love interest: Audrey

    Have to add one more thing to the survey:

    FAVOURITE TORTURE SCENE: Stark torturing Jack in s2.
    (would have said s8 with Pavel but that wasn't torture, that was

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    Favourite Season: Season 5. Great opening(Palmer was assassinated before first commercial break, and Michelle was killed 10 minutes later), Great storyline(to have someone so high up be the bad guy(THE PRESIDENT), is gutsy and amazing), and suitable ending with huge cliffhanger. Honorable Mention: Season 1

    Favourite Actor: Gregory Itzin aka Charles Logan. He had so much variety as the weasely President of the United States who can show everything between concern for his wife, complete evilness, and utter horror(Jack approaching his limo in mask, Season Honorable Mention: Dennis Haysbert(David Palmer)

    Favourite Actress: Annie Wersching(Renee Walker) She was only on the show for two seasons(whereas Chloe for 6, Nina for 3 etc), but she brought something knew: A female who can get in on the action with Jack(both in the field and in the bed. KABOOM) She was especially fantastic in Season 8, bringing very strong performances(especially the monologue when she was on her knees about to be executed).Honorable Mention: Jean Smart(Martha Logan)

    Favourite Storyline: I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I'm gonna go with Marie and Raeza and Kate. With all of Kate's and her Father's suspicions about Raeza, it really took the focus off of the frazzled Marie on her wedding day, which made for a great twist that she was the bad guy. Honorable Mention: Season 4 - Saving Audrey and her Dad.

    Best Shoot-out: Season 8 had this great shootout, I think it was when Jack was trying to bring the Hassan's out of their hotel safely, and at the end, Omar Hassan had the last kill. Jack then found out that these were Americans acting on somebody's orders, and it turned out to be the Chief of Staff. I thought it was a great scene. Honorable Mention: Raiding the Drazens in Season 1

    Best Explosion: When Bill sacrificed himself in the White House in Season 7. Honorable Mention: CTU's explosion in Season 2.

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Honestly, I'm going to go with Jonas Hodges(played by the great Jon Voigt). He really acted like a true bad guy. Honorable Mentions: Charles Logan, and Will Patton's character(End of season 7 bad guy. I just wished they used him longer).

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, tops Nina. Honorable Mention: Marie Warner, Season 2. and Tony the second time in Season 7 when he killed Larry.

    Biggest Shock: Jack being captured by the Chinese at the end of Season 5 when everything seems all happy. Honorable Mentions: Papa York not actually being Papa York, and of course Nina.

    Best Death: Teri was the best death and also a fantastic way to end the season. Also, Renee's buried alive almost death was AWESOME. Honorable Mention: Milo, out of nowhere, in season 6 he just got blasted in the face.

    Worst Storyline: Kim in anything she did besides Season 1. Honorable Mention: Morris' drinking problem.

    Character that should have been around longer: George Mason was awesome, he ties with Will Patton's character. Honorable Mention: Sherry Palmer

    Character that should have never been around: Jamie Farrel(just didn't like her). Honorable Mention: Spanish Lady Lover of Jack from Season 3

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer. Honorable Mention: Not Charles Logan.

    Jack's best sidekick: Cole Ortiz. Honorable Mention: Tony Almeida.

    Best CTU Director: George Mason. Honorable Mention: Jack and Tony.

    Jack's best love interest: Renee. Honorable Mention: Not Kate Warner.

    Best Fight: The INCREDIBLE fight with that assassin guy from season 7 who framed Jack for killing Senator Red Foreman's assistant. That scene was intense. Honorable Mention: Jack and Abu Fayed in Season 6

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    Favourite Season: I think the best season was season 7, they got rid of alot of things (major characters,L.A, and ctu) and they still managed to put on a great season.

    Favourite Actor:Glenn Morshower aka Aaron Peirce he never breaks character.

    Favourite Actress:Reiko Aylesworth aka Michelle Dessler she is the most believable.

    Favourite Storyline: I'm going to have to say the bad president storyline in season 5... you realize even though he is the president of the U.S he is not the only top dog.(gram bauer)

    Best Shoot-out: Season 3 when they are about to kill jack and chase takes them out with the sniper, then all heck brakes lose and then Hector blows up.

    Best Explosion: Season 2 the Nuke...can't get much better than a president watching a nuke going off on his own country. (season 6 was close with the nuke in Valencia)

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Henderson he killed Michelle and Tony the 2 best!!( i know tony is not dead!)

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina, do i really have to explain?

    Best Death: Ryan Chapelle, we all secretly thought that he should die throughout the season because he was such a jerk, but when he did it made me feel guilty.

    Worst Storyline: The Sandra Palmer and Julia Miliken crap in season 2

    Character that should have been around longer: Karen Hayes, we saw he alot in season 5 but thats about it, in season 6 she was just like an assistant and she never even showed up in season 7.

    Character that should have never been around: President Palmers girlfriend in season 2 or 3 (can't remeber)

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer with Allison Taylor in a close 2nd.

    Jack's best sidekick: Renee or Tony

    Best CTU Director: Bill

    Jack's best love interest: Renee

    Have to add one more thing to the survey: FAVOURITE TORTURE SCENE:It wasn't really to much of a torture scene but in seaon 6 when Jack bit the guys jugular.. that was epic.

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    Favorite Season: Mine was Season 1.. I loved every season of the show but Season 1 really stands out for me.

    Favorite Actor: Kiefer Sutherland.. He was amazing as Jack Bauer and he was a total bad- a$$!

    Favorite Actress: I would have to say Kim Raver as Audrey Raines! I loved her character and she was a great actress in the show.. I also loved Mary Lynn (Chloe) and Annie Wershing (Renee) and Jean Smart (Martha Logan).

    Favorite Storyline: My favorite story-line is from Season 4 when Jack had to either save the Chinese Man who had information, or Audrey's husband Paul, and he chose to save the Chinese Guy! That scene is great and it was a big turning point in Audrey and Jack's relationship.

    Best Shoot-out: The shoot out between Jack and Kingsley at the end of Season 2! It had me on the edge of my seat!

    Best Explosion: The Season 6 one in Valencia! It was shocking and made for some interesting storylines in Season 6!

    Best 'Bad-Guy': President Logan, by-far! Other villains that come to mind that I liked were both in Season 4: Marianne Taylor (I don't know why but I liked her as a villian), and Dina Araz!

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina, by-far!

    Best Death: I really liked George Mason's death in season 2 because it was so sad and just a great 24 moment!

    Worst Storyline: There were not any storylines that I really disliked.. I guess I would have to say.. the storyline about Palmer and his girlfriend in season 3 (I think her name was Anne). I just found that storyline a tad boring..

    Character that should have been around longer: I think that Renee should have been around longer!! I was so mad and sad when she was killed because that meant that she wouldn't appear in the film, if there actually is one (I hope there is). A close second would have to be... Nina! I wanted to see more of her in other seasons.

    Character that should have never been around: President Palmer's girlfriend in Season 3 (Anne). She was annoying and her storyline was boring.

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer, hands down!

    Jack's best sidekick: Tony

    Best CTU Director: Bill

    Jack's best love interest: Audrey (I loved her and Jack together)!

    FAVOURITE TORTURE SCENE: In Season 8 where Jack tortured that bad guy really bad, and then he found out that the villain swallowed his cell phone memory card or something...

    I LOVE 24!!!!!!!!

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    Favourite Season: season 5 there is just not a bad episode this season its full of amazing storylines great twists and heartbreaking deaths and of course it displays the best acting in the shows history

    Favourite Actor:kiefer sutherland. as much as i want to say greg itzin jack is the main reason i kept watching for 8 seasons and thats thanks to kiefer he made the show and has a very well deserved emmy and golden globe to prove it

    Favourite Actress: Jean Smart probably but i also love mary lynn and the woman that played dina araz (cant remember the name now) was also great even though she was only in like have a season

    Favourite Storyline: this is so tough so i will name 3 im sorry first jack killing the russians in season 8 then fake recording in season 2 and jack trying to proof logans guilt in s5

    Best Shoot-out: The docks shoot out just because of the emotional impact of jack thinking kim is dead

    Best Explosion: does the explotion of the nuclear bomb in season two counts?

    Best 'Bad-Guy': charles logan- nina myers tie

    Best Mole/Betrayal:nina without a doubt

    Biggest Shock: the palmer and michelle death on the first 10 minutes of season 5

    Best Death: tery just because it was when i realized just how amazing 24 was

    Worst Storyline: the amnessia, kim in season 2 and danas super idiotic past

    Character that should have been around longer: larry, tom lennox, sherry palmer, mason but at least his death was epic and michelle i liked her a lot i would say palmer but his death is the driving force of s5

    Character that should have never been around: sandra palmer, milo, chases baby, morris, nadia, doyle

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer.

    Jack's best sidekick: Cole Ortiz just wish they would have introduced him before

    Best CTU Director: chloe obrian it was only for a couple episodes but we all knew she deserved that

    Jack's best love interest: renee walker

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    Favorite Season: Season 1. To me this is the best complete full season. Best twists and turns and best story and character development by far. The smaller, more personal story made this season better than the rest.

    Favorite Actor: Xander Berkeley. (George Mason) In his 1 1/2 seasons he stole every scene he was in. He created a fully layered, interesting character. He made us love a character that many of us never thought we would.

    Favorite Actress: Reiko Aylesworth. (Michelle Dessler) She brought a personal, human element to the show with Michelle Dessler. She made Michelle someone that we could relate to on this chaotic, crazy show.

    Favorite Storyline: The second half of season 3. Trying to find the virus, the death of Ryan Chappelle, and the Chandler Plaza Hotel attack.

    Best Shoot-out: Jack at the docks, season 1 finale.

    Best Explosion: When the fighter jets take out Saunders' helicopter in season 3.

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Ira Gaines. His sinister wit and sarcasm was unmatched throughout all 8 seasons.

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina, hands down.

    Biggest Shock: When they actually killed Ryan Chappelle. It took me days to get that shock out of my head.

    Best Death: Ryan Chappelle. The most shocking death on the show (other than Teri) and it was done in the most beautiful, dramatic, artistic way. That entire scene with him and Jack is one of the most powerful things ever put to film.

    Worst Storyline: The Dana Walsh exboyfriend fiasco. Everything about it was just terrible.

    Character that should have been around longer: Milo Pressman. He should have been kept from season 1 into season 2. It would have been a good carry over into the second season and would have given the character more depth and meaning, instead of just being forgotten about for 4 seasons. Most importantly it would have meant that the season 6 Milo would never have happened. He probably would have been killed at some point but he would not have been pointlessly brought back in season 6 just to be wasted.

    Character that should have never been around: Sandra Palmer. No other character on the show was so completely pointless.

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer. Anyone that would choose someone else should have their head examined.

    Jack's best sidekick: Tony Almeida. The real Tony Almeida, before they ruined him. Season 4 Tony was Jack's best friend and "the only person I can trust". They knew how each other worked and they needed each other. Best CTU Director: Bill Buchanan simply because he was smart enough to just let Jack do whatever the hell he wanted. In my opinion this kind of made the character a little boring but given the category, he was the best at his job.

    Jack's best love interest: Teri. She was his wife. They had a life together. She gave Jack something to live for. She was the light in his dark life and made him a better person. It was all downhill in his life after her.
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    generalbrent wrote:

    Copy and past to fill out this survey about 24! Feel free to give an hounorable mention or two for some categories!

    Favourite Season: Season 3. The best combination of shock events, Chappele Death, concluding storyline, Jack's dark character, Tony's involvement saving Michelle and also getting shot in the neck, Nina's death...Too many good moments in one season

    Favourite Actor: Gregory Itzin/Charles Logan. I agree with this one. Obviously I would say jack bauer, but I'm answering favourtie actor "other than jack". Honourable mention to Tony...great bad guy and the best attitude in CTU

    Favourite Actress: Annie Wersching/Renee Walker. I can't explain how much sympathy I felt for this poor lady, mainly due to her acting. She should get more roles. Honorable mention Chloe.

    Favourite Storyline: Jack blowing up CTU (s 2) OR Tony going against the law to save Michelle (s 3). Honourable Mention to the whole s 5 plot including Logan

    Best Shoot-out: To be honest, Jack in the kevlar armour and mask in s 8 grabbing Logan out of his vehicle was simply amazing. I loved seeing Jack in that suit loaded with heavy weapons. Honourable mention to the Drazen shoot out in s 1 was amazing. e 24 of s 1 was by far my fav episode of the season and I think the shoot out played a major part.

    Best Explosion: I love CTU being blown up in season 2.Agrred.

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Doesn't get better than Logan, but honourable mention to Will Patton (Alan Wilson s 7), probably also because I like his acting >

    Best Mole/Betrayal: Nina was the best - didn't see it coming. From then on, I suspected everyone was a mole. Agreed.

    Biggest Shock: All the assassinations in s 5, incluuding Tony's subsequent "death"...Honourable mentuion to Cahepelle execution.

    Best Death: Nina = most satisfying. I didn't care much for Teri, and I think the Michelle and Palmer executions go better in "Biggest Shock" rather than "Best death".

    Worst Storyline: Dana Walsh and Kim being chased by a cougar

    Character that should have been around longer: Mason without a doubt

    Character that should have never been around: Dana Walhs with honourable mention to Janis Gold

    President you'd want in real life: David Palmer was the bes...anyone disagree with this is a fool

    Jack's best sidekick: Renee without a doubt

    Best CTU Director: Without a doubt, Xander Berkely / Mason...easily the best

    Jack's best love interest: Renee. Audrey was okay at best. Teri was close tot the biggest loser on TV. Renee I had the most sympathy for. Plus, she acts just like Jack except with more sympathy and regret.

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    Favourite Season: Very tough to answer, since theyre all so good in there own ways. And I feel like everytime you rewatch them you get a different feeling about the best one. But, Season 5 has got to be the best. It was perfect, begining middle and end. So many great twists, and amazing acting it was like none other. The first ten minutes alone probly makes it the best, with the incredible deaths of Daivd Palmer and Michelle. I will say there were parts of Season 8 though that could make S8 the best. The ending, when Jack is in absolute destruction mode, sure was amazing though.

    Favourite Actor: Well the obvious choice is Kiefer as Jack. But, besides him, there are 2 that stick out more then others for me...Dennis Haysbert as President Palmer, and James Morrison as Bill Buchanan.

    Favourite Actress: Mary Lynn Rajskub as Chloe. She was so great on this show.

    Favourite Storyline: There are obviously many choices for this. But there are three that stick out the most for me....S5 Jack hunting for Logans head, it was so entertaining and dramatic; and S8s ending, where Jack went crazy and hunted everyone down, it was incredible; and S7 when Juma attacked the White House, that was very suspensful and Bill died

    Best Shoot-out: S2s finale in the LA Coliseum. It was a great way to close out that season.

    Best Explosion: I think S6 when the nuke went off has to be the one..it was suprising, and created shock and it was very emotional.

    Best 'Bad-Guy': Charles Logan. Would be Nina, but she'll be in the next question. Logan's storyline was quite a shock to me. He always was such a whimp as prez, and then we find out he isa terrorist. It was a very well done storyline.

    Best Mole/Betrayal: While Logan was just as suprising, you have to say Nina for this. She was the original, and most shocking mole ever in the shows history. I never saw this coming I will be honest. Every season after this happened, you kinda had a feeling someone would be a mole, so Nina being the original deserves this spot.

    Biggest Shock: As previously stated, Nina being the mole and Logan too were too very shocking moments. As well as Terry's death. But, when David Palmer got shot at the beginging of S5, it made me cry. He was one of the best, and it was so shocking what happened. I also have to add in the S2 twist with Marie Warner, I never saw that one coming.

    Best Death: David Palmer and Michelle are two that come to mind, but so does Edgar. He was such a good guy and it was so sad to see him crumble to the floor and watch Chloe's reaction. Too too sad.

    Worst Storyline: I will have to agree with what most people say, Kim in S2. Just blown way out of control.

    Character that should have been around longer: Well, President Palmer for sure..however it made the storyline perfect for S5 to kill him. I would have loved to see Chase for atleast another year..I always liked him.

    Character that should have never been around: I would have said Erin Driscoll, but after her daughter died i felt real bad for her. Same with Lynn McGill, I hated him. But again, he helped everyone out when the nerve gas hit CTU. So, I will say Kim Bauer. She was around wayyy too much.

    President you'd want in real life: Not even close, Daivd Palmer. He would make a great president. I do want to add that I did like Keeler, but he wasnt on long enough to really know.

    Jack's best sidekick: I loved Chase. He seemed to challenge Jack to be better, I wish he was around for more seasons.

    Best CTU Director: Again, easy choice for me, Bill Buchanan.He was strict but yet caring at the same time, and he was a fantastic leader who got along with most. He was one of my favorite characters on the show ever.

    Jack's best love interest: This is tough. I can narrow down to 3 of them and make a case for all, but I will ultimetly pick one. First Audrey; she seemed to be the best for Jack. Unfortunetly Pauls death dindt help the two of them. Secondly, Renee. It started with S7, they just seemed to click, I really liked them together. But, I think the last was the best...Teri. She was his wife, and though she was annoying at times, she was also such a nice person, and it was a shame to see her go out the way she did.

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