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If the movie is successfull.....

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    [1]Sep 17, 2011
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    Just a thought. Since movies are open to a much wider audience than TV (or at least people follow movies more than they follow TV shows) and the 24 movie is a hit at the box office, do you think these new people introduced to the 24 universe will encourage the writing team and cast to produce a Season 9 as a proper end to the show?

    Use Season 9 to tie up all the loose ends from Seasons 1-8. All the unanswered character arcs and storylines. Give a final ending to Jack's adventures. Movies make much more money then they cost to produce, especially with a real time format, so I think a Season 9 is not yet out of the picture completely.

    Note: I've only seen Seasons 1-4 so no spoilers for 5-8 please.

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    No. That will never happen. If the movie is successful, they'll just make more movies. Unfortunately all of the unanswered character arcs will stay unanswered, unless they address them in the movies.

    Not saying I personally wouldn't love 24 to come some day, I just don't see it ever happening, at least not in its previous form.
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