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The most uncharacterisitc unmatched criminal/traitor

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    [1]Apr 19, 2010
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    In adition to Nina I think Dina was a close second. Her character was definately not a terrorist. The reason is because all her acts made her look like she wasnt but the acts she was doing she knew where part of her ordinaryh life (career) rather then people spying on her. For example she took so long to finally kill of the parole officer. Why did she wait so long untill she was finally cold blooded enough to take him out. Why help outg and let your former bf boss you around rather then ice him. Why let Cole help you out in a way that looks like street crime rather then a terrorist. Why look like your crying when taking on the phone when actually nobody is looking at yhou. Basicallyh her character completlyh didnt match her terrorist status.

    Im hoping theres a huck for her character other then money like Jack mentioned at one point. Maybe her daughter was a hostige or something like that. (but she would still be a cold blooded killer then)

    any thoughts on this or does nobody care since most tv.com forum posters seemed to have hated her and wanted her gone at any cost.

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    don't compare Nina to Dana.. Nina was believable. Not only is Dana NOT believable but she drags the show down shes that bad.
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