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What is your favorite season?

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    I'd do a poll, but there are too many seasons. Today, I just finished season 8 for the first time. I originally started watching 24 in early 2011, I think, going through several episodes, and then taking weeks off at a time. Because of the large number of episodes and length of them, I forgot the premise of a lot of the seasons.

    After going through Wikipedia and getting a refresher, I'd have to say season 3 is probably my favorite, just because I liked the most characters in that season. David Palmer was my favorite president in the series, and I really liked Michelle and Tony as well. I feel like after season 4ish, the show got less interesting, mostly due to its predictability.

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    I complety disagree. I think after season 4 the show got wayyyy better. IMO every season in the 2nd half of the series is better then the 1st half seasons. Also, while Season 3 is your favorite, its my least favorite. Season 5 is my all time favorite. Here are my rankings that I posted on a different site.

    1.Season 5-I think 90% of the 24 population agree that this season is 24 at its best. The premiere was excellent with the way they handled Palmer and Michelle. The airport plot was awesome as it was Jack trying to figure out how to get CTU in the building. IMO the best episode in the series is when everybody is trapped inside CTU when the gas gets out. Lynn mcgill is awesome! Also Edgars death, IMO is one of the saddest deaths in the series. Also the episode where Jacks on the submarine kicked ass! Also IMO Logan is the best villian in the series. Great finale too. Nothing I dident like about this season.

    2.Season 7-This season was also awesome. But I have to say the first half was not that good. It wasent bad though and it did have some good moments but I could have done without it. But that was qucikly fixed with the 2nd half,when Juma and his men assulted the white house. Bills death was the most heroic and saddest death in the series. Hodges was a great villian played by a great actor. When you find out that Tony is REALLY bad,it was awesome. Best twist since Nina Myers. I really like the Arab storyline, and really like the guy who had to deliver the canister. But when Kim was with the terriosts I was like...really? Been there,done that. The finale could have better. They should have put the 2nd half as the first half. Also they should have handled Tony better then the was he was handled.

    3.Season 8- The first 8 episodes of this season are really boring and ridiculous IMO. So,why is it so high up on my list? Because the last 8 episodes are some of the best episodes in the series that even rivial season 5. Hassans death really took me by suprise. But I think the writers made a bad choice by letting Renee die 1 episode after him. Overshadowed his death too much. The worst part of the season was Dana. Not only her stupid plot but also her character. Cole is one of my favorite characters of the series and I only wish he was introduced earlier. Also the finale was great and was just like season 4's finale. Bringing back Logan was awesome IMO too. A fantastic conclusion that could turn into a movie!

    4.Season 4-This season was great! I liked how they put numerous threats in instead of just one or two. Also when they re-introduced Tony,Michelle and Palmer, I thought that helped the season alot. But what the hell happend to Behrooz? Lol. Also I thought that they should have put Marwan later in the season. It was unrealalistic when he would get away 50 times. But the finale was the best finale this show has ever done. It could have made a great series finale.

    5.Season 6-Why in the world does everybody hate this season? I thought it was awesome. The premiere was good. The episode where the nuke goes off was spectacular. But after that, when introduced Jacks family it kinda went downhill. Episodes 5-9 werent the best but still wasent bad. When Logan was re-introduced that was pretty cool. When Aaron came back that was cool to. When it said Wayne was doing the strike on the middle east again that was suspeneful. After that the season got awesome again. The epsidoes where Jack faught Fyad and where the chinesse invaded CTU were some of the best episodes in the series. The finale was also good

    6.Season 2- This season is really underrated IMO. Ya ok I could have done without Kims storyline and how they ended the season was stupid. They settled it in a video game!?!? But this season really was awesome. The best episodes were when CTU blew up,Nina held Jack hostage and when George flew the plane. Also I thought the bomb plot would dominate this season but when they threw in the cyprus recording, I was hyped! Also a great finale. But this was forgettable at times so thats why its so low.

    7.Season 1-I made a though desicion on weither this season is better then season 3 and it is. This season was good for how it introduced the series and for great memories. But they could have handeled alot of things better. Kim and Teri are and will be forever the worst characters on the show. Palmers rape plot was boring and pointless. Also while they handeled it good, The plot could have been better. But the last 2 episodes were awesome IMO. Ninas cliffhanger was the best twist in TV history. Also good finale.

    8.Season 3-Why people would put this as there favorite season I will never know. This season was just ridiculous and boring. The only people I liked were Jack,Tony and Michelle. They decided to bring Plamer back but with a stupid plot like in season 1. I dident like how Chase was up Jacks butt all the time. And Kim is just aweful IMO. Could have down without Wayne Palmer too. But when Nina was on the show that was pretty good. But IMO the finale was the worst in the series.

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