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    5- What more can I say about season 5? Shocking, thrilling and damnably amazing. Nearly perfect all the way through. Logan could never be topped as the best villain in the show's run.

    2- The most underrated day by far! It shocks me how often people overlook this season. Yes, Kim's scenes were painfully bad all the way through but the main story was among the most complex and brilliant of all. From Jack and Nina to NSA's covert plot to the fabrication of the audio file to Sherry Palmer's return to Mason taking control of the plane... I can't say enough about how brilliant this season was imo. Plus Palmer was a tour de force and Jack didn't bounce around from place to place/story to story as much as he did in later seasons, kind of like a cross between day 1 and the later seasons, it had a more realistic feel to it.

    1- I'll never forget how blown away I was by this season. It gained an advantage by being the first because I like many others had never seen anything like it. I was captivated from hour one. Plus imo it still has the best finale.

    8- Personally I liked the slow start. The fact that they took their time to set up the main threat was a wise choice imo. The Hassan arc was just incredibly well done all the way to the end. Chloe was ace as was Jack, Renee,Taylorand Logan. All else I can say is that the fact that 24 after 8 years, could still shock, thrill and captivate me as well as ever proves just how special season 8 truly is.

    7- The season of the Almeida! I'm still amazed 24 was able to recover so well after season 6. This day is special because of the great villains and the fact that they came in such great numbers. From Almeida to Dubaku to Hodges to Wilson. Just when we thought we knew the mastermind someone else was revealed... I was loving it! Also the addition of great characters like Renee, Moss and Taylor.

    3- The reason I think most overlook this one is because of 3 reasons: 1: others were just simply better and more original and 2: because many of the twists just didn't land well (namely Kyle Singer) and 3: CTU had gotten a bit stale, Kim was there for hell's sake!!! Still great stuff though.

    4- Not one of my favorites for one reason: instead of Tony, Michelle and Palmer we got Driscoll, Heller and Keeler. Chloe was excellent but even she was cast out in the first few eps. Plus the villains were lackluster imo... just onerandom plot after another made it feel like an incoherent year rather than just one day... Still a great season though.

    6- I have nothing to say here. I have literally blocked this day from my memory.

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    I think I'd have to go:

    7 - Just had so much history behind it with everything that happened and the whole Jack/Tony feud.

    5 - Yeah basically great all the way through,ignoring the whole slave girl episode, even Wayne Palmer shot someone, amazing season. I keep switching between this and 7 for the best.

    1 - started it all and had the most shocking finish of all of them I'd say. 4 - Love Tony coming to save Jack and Mandy showing up again, as well as Marwan always having a back up plan, a bit ridiculous but he never let Jack kill him, unlike most other villians.

    8 - It was good and great to see Logan back, only grip is there really wasn't many surprises in the last two episodes, if any. Everything you could see coming, but with a movie coming I guess that's all you can do.

    2 - A great Season also, the whole cougar/mountain man thing was the stupidest thing ever though, but besides that a really good season and made me like Mason.

    3 - First little bit was so-so, but after that it became another really good season, Saunders was a great villain. But stupid Jack wannabe Chase, the whole crying ending and and the whole aan milikin thing was kinda annoying. But had one of the best scenes in the entire series with Chappelle's death.

    6 - Great Tv, but for 24 no so much. Soap Opera rip-off as well as ripping off other seasons. Plus they ruined the whole who was behind Wayne thing by not having it be Sherry, plus Morris was so whiny I wish someone shot the idiot. And Kim got replaced by another friggin kid, who was just plain stupid.
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    I used to think that season 5 was the best but now i think 7 is. 7 is very balanced throughout with a plot similar to 5 with amuch more interesting cabal (unlike season 5's cabal headed by Graem which they sort screwed up in season 6 and never quite fully uncovered all the conspirators or whether or not Graem was in fact working for someone above him). 7 fixed that having Alan Wilson be revealed to be behind not only 7 but 5 too. This explained Tony's role in the day perfectly and was an excellent way to cap off the season. Everything about the day was fresh, which was much needed after tiresome CTU LA from season 6. The FBI was totally different from CTU right down to the office like atmosphere with cubicles and ceiling tiles. The FBI had a different environment that lived within the law and presented new challenges to Jack. Tony as a villain, though, was by far the best move of the season and the writers were good at convincing us that hewas good until he killed Larry. Who can forget the scene where Jack is just beating Tonyrepeatedly and asks "Why did you betray me? I've got nothing left to lose." Tony then says "You think I've got anything left to lose, Jack?"Earlier Tony steals themedical kit that is keeping Jack going after his diagnosis.

    Villains like Henderson and Logan are what make 5 so great. Also, we had a split within CTU with Homeland Security running it against Bill, Audrey, Chloe, and Jack. Anytime you have a split like that the season is usually good. Same with FBI vs. "CTU underground" in 7 or Pillar vs. Chloe, Arlo, and Cole in 8. Lately I've been thinking that 3 is great with highlights such as the fake Kyle Singer contamination, Tony working against CTU with Saunders, and Chase hand getting chopped off. 1 is definetely great because of its pace and the fact that it is more personal and like a background story to Jack and Palmer. It was also cool to see Jack as the boss in Season 1. 7 tome is terrific because it combines the pace and personal aspects of 1 with the huge cabal conspiracy plot that was similar to 5. 8 was worse than 6 in the first half of the season but was just as good as 5 and 7 in the second half.

    My favorites in order are 7,5,1,3,8,4,2,6

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    Interesting that any season involving nuclear warheads tends to be low on the list of favorites. There are some exceptions of course. It's hard for me to slot these all at once.


    It really looks like this: 5, 284317, 6. That group in the middle could show up in any order for me depending on my mood.

    3 started a bit like 6 in that it was slow moving and I'm wondering why I should care. Then it probably had the best second half out of any of the other seasons except for 8. I'm tempted to put 1 higher for nostalgic value, but I also think the show got better with time.

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    So many of mine come in so close to each other i have to make a list from favorite to least... 7,5,3,8,1,2,4,6 (even though i hate to put 5 up so high because they killed the three best characters.... and yes i know tony's not dead)

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    Saiyans91 wrote:

    This is my list from favourite to least:

    Season 5 - Pure Utter Brilliance from start to finish. Best season of any show. Highlights: Palmer's, Michelle's, Edgar's,Tony's "death". Charles Logan twist and his arrest for treason. Sentox Nerve gas conspiracy.

    Season 4 - Highly Underated in my opinion. Action Packed from start to finish! Loved it! Highlights: Paul raines death and Jack faking his death are some of the best moments on television ever.

    Season 8 - After the second half of this season it just shot up to number 3 spot, f***ing amazing! Too bad the first half wasn't that good. Highlights: CTU attack, Jack's killing Spree, Hassan and Renee's death, the ending.

    Season 7 - A season filled with Twists and Turns, some amazing performances and alot of emotional scenes. Highlights: Tony as a villain, White House attack, Renee Walker, Final episodes with Jack exposed to the virus

    Season 1 - The one where it all began, very suspensful yet simple. Had amazing twists and the best ending of any tv show. Highlights: Nina myers is revealed to be the mole, Teri's death.

    Season 3 - Very good season, especially the second half. Highlights: Prison Break, Death of Ryan Chapelle, Tony and Michelle storylines.

    Season 2 - An ok season with goodmain storyline but Kim's crap really detracted from the greatness of the season. Highlights: George Mason's sacrifice, Palmers attempted assasination attempt, Jack "dieing".

    Season 6 - Pretty crappy season with too much familydrama and some lame sub circuit story. Highlights: Curtis's death and the Nuke going off.

    I am quite sad 24 ended today. But it ended with a Bang so 3 cheers!!

    Great list! I agree that 4 is very, very underrated, and yet I'd have to underrate it even when making my lists!

    5, 1, 8, 2, 4, 7, 3, 6.

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    24 is one of the greatest television shows ever, and every season was shocking, suspenseful, emotional, action packed and full of twists. But in my opinion, from most to least favorite, the Days go:

    Day 1: Jack Bauer's first long day; it introduced us to all the characters and really let us get to know 24. But what made this season so great was its simplicity, it gave us time to get to know everything and everyone, while having an intriguing and interesting storyline. Also, most importantly, this day introduced a lot of themes and ideas that we would continue to see in 24. Bauer's ruthlessness to keep his country and family safe, Palmer's leadership and his ability to make hard decisions, Sherry's power plays and deceptiveness, Tony's loyalty to Jack, and Nina's deceptiveness and one of 24's first/greatest moles; also the first use of the silent clock! This season paved the road for which the rest of the series would drive along.

    Day 5: Suspense, action, emotion, twists turns and shocks at 100 mph, every episode was mind blowing and left you wanting more. A very close tie for first, Day 5 started a new era in 24, killing off most of the major characters and leaving our jaws dropped with some of the greatest 24 twists ever, including its final twist. An amazing season!!

    Day 8: The last and final Day in the life of Jack Bauer sees Jack happy, living a life we haven't seen him living in a while. Bitter irony, for we know Jack is going to get involved in those days events .... and he does. Although the first half moves quite slowly, and may seem redundant, the second half truly makes up for it. We get to see Jack finally be affected by all the things that have happened to him in his life, and truly summarizes 24's ending as a whole, as well as the ending of Jack Bauer on his final day. Great Season! Great Ending! Great Day!

    Day 7: Jack's day of redemption finds him in D.C., but quickly pulled into action to stop an old friend. This season was not only Jacks day of redemption, but the writers attempt at redeeming themselves after a bad day. (6) Day 7 utilizes the D.C. setting very well and creates a whole new atmosphere for 24, while recurring characters from 24's past return allow it to feel like classic 24. This season has thrills and action pieces you won't wanna miss!

    Day 4: Day 4 finds Jack happy, with a new woman, a new job, and a new boss, but old habits die hard, and Jack is quickly brought back into action. This season is great, introducing many storylines and consequences to be dealt with in the future, many going into Day 5 & 6. But Day 4 is most powerful with its action, with almost every episode blowing us away with some sort of crazy shoot out, or exploding vehicles, Day 4 is a roller-coaster ride that never ends. Also, the ending is one of 24's best.

    Day 2: Jack Bauer's second day, Day 2 introduces a much larger plot compared to Day 1 and creates an atmosphere in which no one can be trusted. Deception, lies, murder, and a threat of a nuclear bomb.... this season has it all from great action pieces to suspenseful story telling. Day 2 again covers most of the themes of Day 1, building on most of them. But Day 2 is most strong when on Jack, as is the series as a whole, but some may find this season quite boring when not revolving around Jack.

    Day 3: Jack's again working at CTU, and with some new additions like Chloe O'Brien, Chase Edmunds and his daughter, Kim Bauer, this Day finds Jack in chaotic situations almost at every turn... not to mention his addiction. This season has Jack against all odds, and really shines when Jack is defying someone or by himself doing his own thing. Day 3 also introduces a new threat, and really showed how far most characters were willing to go to save loved ones, or to stop terrorists.

    Day 6: Not much to say, Day 6 comes after the mind blowing Day 5, which is hard to follow. The first four episodes will leave you breathless and were truly magnificent, classic 24, emotion, suspense at new levels. And its not that the rest of the season was not good TV, it was amazing television that deserved an Emmy. Just it wasn't good 24, which is a completely different thing on its own. Day 6 is important to 24 as a whole, it continues the story and progresses Jack's character for 24:Redemption and Day 7, but it couldn't live up to the hype it created in the first 4 episodes.

    24 is a truly Epic and Classic television show. Every season, and every episode affected us in some emotional, psychological, or even physical way. It always left me wanting more and as sad as its end was, it was inevitable and came at the right time. 24's morales literally had us questioning our own, and therefore was more than just television or entertainment. 24 was a major part of my life, it still is. I have watched each season multiple times, and still watch it whenever I have the chance. Its an amazing experience and no matter which Day you watch, you won't regret it. And this all goes without describing Jack Bauer, one of the greatest characters ever created.

    In order from most favorite to least favorite:Day 1, Day 5, Day 8, Day 7, Day 4, Day 2, Day 3, Day 6

    Everything above is solely my opinion and does not express the views of the millions of viewers of the show. Please don't criticize.

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    But I think it should be mentioned, every season of 24 is mind-blowing and just flat out amazing, so I really see no need to put them in any particular order, although if I must, it would be the above order.
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    Season 5 or 1.Cant decide...

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    season 2 and 5 because they both showed ALOT of "the real Jack" and lots of President. Palmer

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    linusiuppsala wrote:

    season 2 and 5 because they both showed ALOT of "the real Jack" and lots of President. Palmer

    Season 5 hardly showed Palmer at all what do u mean?

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    Well he was mentioned every five minutes...haha
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    day 5 was my favorite, and day 1 was my second favorite

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    season 5 has a promising start but it became very BORING!!! You have to be an masochist to watch that piece of S**t and I hate that day because they decide to kill David Palmer and Edgar, why Edgar and not Chloe??. Same to second season.

    Season 4 is my favorite one.

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    I think the first 5 seasons were fantastic, it's really hard to say which one is my favorite, i do know however, that the reason it went down hill was because of season 5. As much as i love season 5, killing off 3 or technically 2 of the main characters (Palmer, tony and michelle) was a bad idea, personally 24 should have ended after season 5. It was so hard to like season 6 and 7 because aside from the fact that most of the story lines were rehashed from the previous seasons, there was no one else to root for aside from jack and chloe, I couldn't care less about the other characters. The 3 characters that were written off, for me was integral to the success of the show. Having said that,the final stretch of season 8 leading to the series finale redeemed the show back to its former glory and i am glad i didn't give up on it. In the end i still think 24 is one of the best television series ever produced. Thank you Jack and the gang; you will surely be missed!!

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    Day 4 by far the best they packed so much into that season.

    In day 4 they crashed Air Force One,Melted down a nuclear power plant,Kidnapped the Secretery of Defense,Attcked the Chinise Embassy,Brought back David Palmer, Just to name a few.
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    day 3

    day 4

    day 5/7

    day 2

    Day 1 Day 8

    Day 8

    See my discussion in the other thread for details, but Tony's major involvement and saving Michelle, jack's complete darkness and weakness to the heroin, Chappele's death were the best combination of elements imo in any 24 season...any nina's death was like icing on the cake

    day 4 had the best finale ever, i would have been happy with a series finale like that...cant get better
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    I've re-watched all the seasons over again and formed a more informative decision on the best season of 24.

    Season 1: First viewing this was a good season, but on second viewing, it is a very slow season. There is not as much tension at the end of each episode as there is on later 24 seasons. The two major twists (Nina and Teri's death) are within the last couple of episodes. It takes a long while to build up. Kim is very annoying. Teri is even more annoying. The revenge plot wasn't the best imo. This season would go towards the bottom of my list.

    Season 2: Unlike other seasons which are very close to the quality of each other, I think season 2 is probably the only season in 24 which stands out from the rest. It is the BEST season of 24 without a doubt imo. The political plot is probably the most realistic, plausible and interesting out of the rest. I remember also critiquing this season because Kim was being chased by a cougar, but after re-watching it, the negative elements in this season are very MINIMAL. It is the first season to introduce a nuclear terrorist threat against America. Unlike the first season which was focused on revenge on Jack and Palmer, this season has a threat against all citizens and American's ultimately behind it with ulterior motives. Almost every episode ends under extremely high tension. But I think the stand out is easily episode 15 (I think). It is the episode where Jack and Kim supposedly have their last talk while Jack is flying the aircraft with the bomb. As if the emotion of this scene wasn't enough, George Mason's "hero" speech to Jack is easily my favourite scene within the whole of the 24 series. Jack's discussion with Kim had me on the verge of tears, but when Mason delivered the hero speech, I was in waterfall tears. It's the only episode of 24 I actually cried in (s 7 finale I came very close). After this episode, the season only got better. Not to mention it Tony, Michelle and Mason all play solid roles in this season. Therefore, I know without a doubt that season 2 is my favourite.

    Season 3: It had some classic moments, such as Nina's death, Chappelle's execution, Jack's drug addiction and Tony's near death experience. However, overall, it didn't really stand out as a season. It was merely good with some shocking moments, but is wasn't extraordinary imo.

    Season 4: I will come straight out and say season 4 had the best ending. 24 could have finished like that and I would have been happy with an ending like that, it's as "happy" as a 24 ending could plausibly get. There was no Kim, which was definitely a good thing for me. She was so annoying acting like a childish girl in every season, except in s 7 I must say she did make up for it. But anyway, Kim did not detract anything from this season. It is the only season where we see David Palmer and Charles Logan, and even Mike Novik interact with each other. Palmer and Logan are easily classical characters in 24 for different reasons. Watching them work together, even though they had their fair share of debates, was very enjoyable to watch. This season would rank high.

    Season 5: Probably the best opening episode of any season, shocking death of Palmer and Michelle, and attempts on Chloe and Tony. It's always exciting to watch even if you know what's going to happen. Logan was perfect in this season as the villain behind supplying the nerve gas to the terrorists. Aaron Pierce gets some action for the first time. It really is a very solid season. Also I forgot to mention, it's the only season where the terrorists actually want to initially blow Moscow up. They have no beef with America until they are betrayed. This was an original element and definitely added to the show.

    Season 6: Logan's involvement is extended to Jack's family which is ridiculous. A lot is expended on the first few episodes only to have the rest die down. There's no Tony. There's no awesome character to give Jack assistance. Very disappointing season.

    Season 7: I have to say 24 really came back in with a kick with s 7. Tony is back. The addition of Renee was probably the best decision in this season though. What I really liked about s 7 was the discussions Jack and Renee had about "necessary", "right" and "wrong." Watching Renee's transformation was beautiful and the final speech Jack gives to Renee in the finale before he is taken to hospital was amazing. The one about saving the kids on the bus and the law etc. That really made me think. Jack calling the Imam was also a fantastic scene to watch. In addition, the teamwork between Chloe, Bill, Tony and Jack is to die for. I absolutely loved them getting back together and working together. I think this may be my second favourite season. The new president was a great addition too, a different kind of moral perspective.

    Season 8: I can't say much about this season, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't very special either. I didn't particularly like the ending. Logan was easily the stand out in this season. Using his skills in communication to persuade President Taylor was amazing. It was so enjoyable. Jack's attack on Logan using the medieval armour was also fantastic, but I feel it didn't offer much more than that.


    Season 2 - like I said, this is without a doubt the best

    Season 7 - I didn't like the terrorists in this season, but I think Jack and Renee's relationship is enough to push this above and over all the remaining seasons. The relationship also shows how Jack has evolved over the years and the kind of fate he is willing to accept. He tries to come to terms with his past in this season which is excellent to witness.

    Season 5 - Logan pushes this season very high himself. His acting is amazing. Like I said the terrorist plot was also fairly original, considering there have been 5 seasons.

    Season 4: Like I said, the Logan and Palmer combination is fantastic and there is no Kim. What more can be said! Oh the President gets taken down in his plane. Another WOW moment.

    Season 8: I had a fight over s 8 and s 3, but I think s 8 betters it simply because of Logan trying to convincing Taylor to take this action and that action etc. Watching his sinister mind at work is an amazement.

    Season 3: A good season overall, but not as special as the above.

    Season 1: Too slow. Not enough twists and tension. Teri's death and Nina's betrayal are almost effectively the only reasons to watch this season, and they happen in the last couple of episodes.

    Season 6: I don't what they were thinking, but thank God they redemmed themseleves.

    In conclusion, I will say, however, even s 6 of 24 will defeat the best season of any other show. 24 is the greatest show to ever live and no other show will ever come close to even competing, let alone beating it. Bravo to the writers, Kiefer and all else involved and I hope the movie is released soon to cover some gaps. THANK YOU!!!

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    Season 5

    Season 5 is just amazing all the way through. Starts out with huge shockers and deaths of main characters, introduces a very interesting terrorist plot, and it was very exciting because 24 proved to us that any character (well, except Jack) might be killed off at any second. No episode was filler, and something important happened in every single one. But what made this season my favorite was the final 8 episodes. Jack vs. The President of the United States. How f'n amazing is that? Easily the best season of 24.

    Season 7

    This is the show's comeback after a dissapointing Season 6. Starts out with a huge twist, and like season 5 it moves at a fast rate with something important happening in every episode. The return of Tony, addition of Renne, and how Bill and Chloe's plot was handled is very good. Loses a little bit of steam towards the end, but the finale more than makes up for it. Great season.

    Season 8

    This season sucked in the first half, I'll admit it. Same old storylines, slow paced, boring subplots, pretty much whatever you can imagine. But after Dana Walsh is revealed as a mole in Episode 13 things pick up completely and get so exciting that it puts this season as #3 on my favorite list. The final 4 episodes are some of the most exciting television I have ever seen, and everything else before that is also very well done. It was also nice to see New York, even if most of the events take place in the United Nations and we don't get to see Jack in Central Park or on the NYC Subway . If the first half of this season was as good as the second half, this season would be my #1.

    Season 2

    When I saw Season 2 for the first time, I couldn't stop watching. "One more episode" I told myself. It was that good. Everything was gold in this season, well except for Kim. The political storyline was very interesting and exciting, Palmer got to show us how good a person he is (and because of this season I really became attatched to him) and everything else was also great. Looking for the bomb, the Warner storyline, the rogue special forces group storyline, and the final act where Jack went crazy looking for evidence that a certain recording is forged. This is my favorite season out of the first four.

    Season 4

    This season starts out very well, but slows down a bit after that. It's only during the second half, with the attack on Air Force One, the China storyline, the introduction of Logan and the return of Palmer does this season really get good. Plus it has a great ending that sets up for the awesome Season 5. Other than that, pretty mediocre season.

    Season 1

    Season 1 is awesome, just not as awesome as some of the others. It's the introduction to all of the important people. Palmer and Jack are the stars here, and Nina, Tony, and Mason also get good chances to shine. The Nina twist was shocking, and Season 1 still has the best finale IMO. (Although Season 4, 5, 7, and 8 also have great finales). Season 1 is about character development, and the death of Teri at the end is probably the most important moment in the series for Jack's character. Great introduction to amazing show.

    Season 3

    Don't get me wrong, Season 3 has some great moments. Deaths of main characters, loose ends from Seasons 1-3 tied up, introduction to other main characters that become much more important later on (Wayne Palmer). It's just that the big plot holes make this season a bit annoying, plus the fact that when I was watching this I didn't feel the NEED to watch the next one, like I did with Seasons 1 and 2. I could easily take a break after every episode, which is not what 24 is about to me. Of course it's good if you are stuck with one episode a week, but when you have all 24 in front of you I should want to watch the next one. It's hard to explain, but I'm sure when I rewatch Season 3 I'll like it better.

    Season 6

    Yes, another rant about Season 6 from a fan of 24. What can I say? It's sad that this season got so bad. The first 4 were ****ing amazing, and so was Episode 17. But everything else was mediocre. Still good television, but not good for 24's standards. This season lost 5 million viewers over the course of it. That, combined with the writers strike, is ultimately what led to the cancellation of this beloved show. It's too bad really. What's even worse is that major characters (Curtis, Audrey, Wayne Palmer) make their final appearences in this horrible, horrible season. They are such great characters they deserve better than that. Oh well, at least Season 7 made up for it.

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