Season 7 Episode 0


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2008 on FOX

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    I'm not sure why they thought "Redemption" would be anything more than a vaguely fitting title, but semantics is overrated anyway. As for the actual story, death and misery find Jack Bauer in the made-up Sangala, Africa, where he battles a tiny faction of the country's evil military uprising. And a bunch of characters in a different time zone have their own business to handle. A little torture here, a little political intrigue there. It all works just fine as a standalone venture, but it's even better as a prelude to S7, given the number of ends that are left loose and hanging.
    Say goodbye to Los Angeles, for this two-hour crazefest splits the action between Sangala and Washington, DC. In the latter, female President-elect Allison Taylor prepares to take the throne from Noah Daniels (Wayne Palmer's fate remains anyone's guess), as the creepy, shadowy, Voight-y Jonas Hodges takes measures to hide his secret transactions with General Benjamin Juma, the very guy who's behind the Sangalan coup. This sinister duo gets all of five minutes of screentime here; expect to see more of them in the eventful day to follow.
    Such is the case with many characters, but I suppose that's why they call this a prequel. Two hours (more like one and a half) isn't nearly enough to cover all of these people and stories sufficiently; the main purpose of "Redemption" is to whet our appetites for the season proper, so all whiny whiners should quit their whining. Who ever said this episode would be absolute perfection?
    Ironically, Jack's escapade probably has the least relevance to S7. His killing skills are in full display here, but in hindsight, one can only designate the whole thing as a fun lead-in for his return to the United States.
    One great prequel benefit is the sense of hopelessness in the final minutes. None of the major villains have gotten theirs, Sangala's about to become a dictatorship, and big trouble is brewing for the new occupants of the White House. Plus, we're left wondering about Hodges' motive for helping Juma, as well as Daniels' motive for refusing to assist Sangala. This episode efficiently does what it was meant to do: tease. We can only hope that the tease is building up to a most magnificent television spectacle, as opposed to receptacle (yay for wordplay!). In the meantime, enjoy the change of scenery.

    Bihourly Highlight:
    Taylor's inaugural address. Split screen makes anything better. Especially X-rated movies, but I digress.
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