Season 7 Episode 0


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2008 on FOX

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  • It's an ok/average episode. Not really my favorite and I think it can be A LOT better. But this definitely got my hopes up for Season 7: this episode was exciting, pretty informative, and an 'ok' storyline.

    The Good: Just seeing Jack Bauer on my television screen again is good enough for me, but other than that were allot of things that made this movie great. The movie took place in "real time" just like 24 usual does with was good.The acting was good in this, Keefer Sutherland did great as usual and Robert Carlyle (Carl Benton) was good on screen. The story line and plot was great considering it was all within 2 hours. The action scenes in this were also very exciting. Another thing I enjoyed about this was how it was different from usual episodes of 24, by this I mean it did not involve CTU or another team backing up jack, this time jack was all on his own with nothing but his two backpacks and trusty side arm.

    The Bad: Hmm... not to much to say here. One of the only negative things I would have to say about this would be the sub story line in Washington was a little boring. There is something about The new president Allison Taylor that I just don't like, maybe its just me but something doesn't feel right about her. Also I was a little disappointed that other than Noah Daniels and brief appearance of Tom Lennox there were not any other characters from 24 in this movie though in a way that can also be a positive thing.