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  • Can't stop watching 24!

    I cannot stop watching 24 until the last episode of season 8! I have all seasons plus the prequel of each and I am addicted to this series! I love the character of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian! In the final episode of season 8, I terribly cried and touched with Chloe and Jack! I am hoping there will be another season of this. I am an avid fan of Jack and Chloe! Please!!! Have a new season!
  • Sherry-bomb

    So far I've only gotten past season 1 (7 to go) and it was quite amazing! My only complain would be the Palmer side of it all because Sherry Palmer is the most annoying character to appear on my screen recently (and I'm watching Game of Thrones with Joffrey)! Hope she dies by cockroaches eating her face slowly, yeah that's how annoyed I am by her nagging.
  • Only seen season 1

    AND ITS AMAZING!! I Cannot believe I looked over this show for so long! What a dumbass! I cannot wait to see more! Really intelligent scripting!
  • A show like no other

    24 is a unique tv show for two reasons. First, it has the most original idea of the last few decades (at least when it comes to TV): real-time episodes. Second, it came in a time when a real life hero was in order. That's what makes Jack Bauer such an iconic character, he fought the battle that everyone thought it had to be fought. And he did it without any moral reservation, a necessity of that time. 24 gave us exactly what we needed to see, I hope that in this return the producers keep that in mind.
  • Bestest

    Can't wait for the new season of Jack Bauer de action man!

    Ma fav tv show!
  • chasing down the $ yr. degree

    What are my transfer credits? What can I test out
  • About this series

    It had great written episodes in season five, casting in season and acting for Kiefer Sutherland in season five & Cherry Jones in season seven.

    Its so great to see the status is back to between seasons :D!!!!!!

    DAMN IT so cool!

    cant wat for jack's new torture methods

    best news in tv history!

    but only 12 episodes i wonder why,fox knows that this is the best show,so 24 episodes would most def be a sucses,but hey its better than a short movie ,and damn it i hope they do more seasons with this

    a big plus would be that the budget would be up with 12 episodes

    damn it this is gonne be epic

    hello jack old friend

    Its so great to see the status is back to between seasons :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best Show Ever Inspired Me

    Loved this show when it was on!! I am a filmmaker. I have developed a series called . It stars Blindside Actress Sharon Conley. It is a wonderful show, that I am sure you will enjoy. I am looking for your thoughts. Here is the link:

    Every view helps a vet. June is PTSD Awareness Month and we are committed to helping our heroes. Enjoy the film, and thanks for helping.
  • Batman with blood

    As a 69 year old widower watching all eight seasons of "24" helped me get through a lot of lonely days. That being said after just watching the season eight finale I have a few comments.

    When "24" first came on my logical self didn't watch it because I couldn't handle the impossible notion that everything happened within 24 hours. However having watched entire series I'd missed like "Alais" and "The Shield" there were none left except "24". I was hooked after the second episode and came to accept that all the action could occur with Jack within ten minutes of the next location he had to get to.

    There are some blogs where viewers debate who the most villainess villain was. I have to say hands down it was Charles Logan. I found his "maybe he'll survive his poorly aimed suicide gunshot, and maybe in season nine he'll turn up alive" a satisfying end for him. I liked how Jack proved what we always knew: he was a wet your pants sniveling narcissistic coward, unlike most of the other sociopaths Jack had to dispatch who at least had a cause they believed in.

    The lasted episode: The only thing I'd wished was that when Jack had Logan in his sights he demanded that he hold up a glass object from the desk so Jack could shatter it with a bullet from his Third-Generation FN SCAR-L, 5.56x45mm. We could have actually seen him loose bladder control. Of course to be logical, then the Russian guards would have been tipped off if he'd done this.

    I liked that Keifer Sutherland at 5' 8 1/2" is exactly as tall as me. He isn't some kind of muscle bound Rambo (Stalone is 5' 9") or over six foot Schwarzenegger.

    Now to Chloe. She has my vote for the most evolving character, which is probably why the writers and Sutherland himself decided to keep her through the entire series. It was satisfying to watch as a deep platonic loved developed between Jack and Chloe and the only thing clear but not verbalized at the very end was that Jack reciprocated the same platonic love it was obvious Chloe had for him. I do think she "got it" though, and knowing that Jack being Jack, this was the closest he'd come to saying he loved her.

    Of course Chloe is the ultimate brainiac, and not counting Jack's street smarts, she was the smartest person on the series. I think it was great that she got to kill someone (season four) and thought her reaction was totally in character: "Edgar, I appreciate your concern. I really do. It's just that when I shot that guy I thought I'd go all fetal position, but the truth is I didn't feel anything, at all. I hope I'm not some kind of a psychopath.

    Like all of you I am looking forward to season nine and wish they'd do 24 episodes instead of just 12 as is currently being considered. No movie for "24" please, it is meant to be a marathon viewing experience.

    The only gripe I have with the show is in the "shameless commerce" department. Almost all of the time when it fits the plot (and sometimes when it doesn't) and characters are watching the news or it is on the TV in the background, it is tuned to Fox News. NCIS (and JAG before it) used the fictional ZNN. They could have used their own network news channels.

    I hope they do right by Chloe!!! She always sacrifices for Jack and I want her to have good things going for her. And please, bring a more mature and less stupid Kim. So excited!!!
  • 24 should be up for most innovative series of the decade

    I mean which show has the most nominations in TV history = 24, transcended all racial, gender, and social balances = 24, won 7 emmys on one night = 24, the most complex twists in tv history CHARLES LOGAN = 24, the first tv show to win a golden globe for the first sixteen episodes season 1 = 24, The only TV show solely responsible for President Barrack Obama being possible = 24, invented the split screens, and obviously the only radical concept in tv history: events occur in real time and one day,,, sick isn't it if there is any other radical concept badder than this currently someone mention it.... ha ha ha and now it's back JACK BAUER IS FINALLY BACK....... DAMN IT. tv is gonna change once again in may 2014.... monday nights are back to fox. the following and 24 both on fox should give for positive viewing...
  • Jack is back!!!

    Can't wait until May 2014 for this! One of the best shows there is.
  • 24 renewed wooooot

    24 has been renewed for 12 episodes it will have a different format then the first 8 seasons but im sure it will get huge ratings and will be renewed beyond im really hoping it does anyways...
  • Equally as good as Lost and Prison Break

    I was a fan of LOST and PRISON BREAK, and I was looking for a show close to these two. 24 turned out to be exceptionally great show, and it is equally as good as LOST and PRISON break. I enjoyed all 8 seasons of it.
  • Amazing

    Addicting, engrossing, and intriguing. 24 has set a lot of records and trend of show trying to imitate what it gave for 8 seasons without matching it. One of the series that hooked me to with spellbinding action, amazing performances (especially Kiefer Sutherland) and jaw dropping drama.

    It details the journey of special agent Jack Bauer and CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) with its fight against global terrorism post 911. though it is a bit more on the fiction side and a bit impossible in reality, it still borrows from real life issues.
  • An instant classic

    Engaging, addictive and superbly produced show. The cast and writing is stellar, having the right amount of suspension of disbelief, while still being adequately realistic.

    Jack Bauer is a ruthless protector in a technology driven war, and a very human superhero. Jaw dropping moments abound as Bauer solves an endless string of seemingly impossible dilemmas, in his fight against global terrorism. Try to watch just one episode at a time, I dare you!
  • Definitely a love/hate thing!

    I'm only in the second season and at times I like this show (usually all the parts with Bauer or the president) and then there are times I hate this show (like pretty much every time the daughter character is on because she has no logic or when highly intelligent bad guys hire utter morons to guard the hostage). I'm still deciding whether the awesomeness of Jack Bauer is worth the stupidity of the rest of the stories.
  • Best show ever. A show you just cant stop watching.

    This show has everything. Edge of your seat action, character development, unexpected plot twists.

    Kiefer Sutherland leads an amazing cast, and he does the role as Jack bauer with perfection.

    The plots are taken out of todays headlines, and it could almost be a reality show, as most of the things in this show happen on a daily basis in the world of today.

    Never became static, changing of characters worked almost all the time with few exceptions.

    Other great characters in the shows history were Tony Almeida, Chloe, Palmer and maybe surprisingly Aaron Pierce. He was the only one except for Jack that was in all seasons but the last. It was a shame in my opinion.
    Lets hope he will be in the movie due out in 2012.
  • The show it's the best action series because the main character is Kiefer Sutherland, an actor who have a lot experience in acting. He give to the series the missing links like: action, professional and his experience in a true action series.

    Kiefer Sutherland rules!!!
    The all action of the series takes time in the real time and this is a quite original.
    The plot an the characters it is well place in the real life and the action will keep you stoned in front of your TV until the episode it's finish.
    Personal I watch all the series till now and in my opinion the series can be improve by bringing more actors with experience in action series like actress from ALIAS or NIKITA, etc.
    Anyway, the series worth to be seen and I think you can find in this new series VI more action, thrill, and suspance.
    In my opinion = Don't miss it.

  • Viewer

    WoW, this is a great series, watch SO many episodes each night, it's hard to quit and go to bed. Love Jack and Chloe , they are so good in their parts. Only have about 4 episodes to go and will have watched all seasons. I am affraid we will have withdrawal symptoms after watching over 193 episodes of this series. It was worth all the late nights !
  • This is Jack Bauer dammit.

    My favorite show of all time.I don't think any show would come close to this in action genre.Its brilliant to keep the momentum all the seasons for a show of action genre.Split cameras,the maintenance of suspicious characters made it one of the greatest of all time in tv history.


    i truly love this show....please bring it back! Jack can conquer any world and i would still watch it
  • Bauer = Boss

    One of my favorites of all time, both character and show. Can't beat a bit o' Bauer! Thoroughly entertaining from day 1 - day 8. Always a favorite :)
  • jack come back

    Hope keither sutherland has financial troubles only to see jack bauer come back to the rescue. The most addicted show ever. You could stay watching it the hole night eventhough you had to work in the morning.
  • this is a good movie

    this is a good movie
  • 24 [2001-2010]

    Check out my review on www.himanishashar.blogspot.com

    "Events occur in Real Time" : I've always considered 24 to be one of the most consistent Television series made by man. Born in 2001, covering 8 brilliant seasons and enough to last over life time on frequent playback, this show has truly deserved a place in my heart.

    From the ticking of the clock at every interval, to a heroics of Jack Bauer, this show brought to me phenomenon results and satisfaction every time I looked forward to it. There are a few seasons that I simply cannot forget. After a heavy thought and an impossible decision to make, I personally loved season 3 the best over the rest. It had all the characteristics of balance in acting, production, storyline and twists. The 'Salazars' the name that I will never forget and how well the season played its way out was my perfect season if you ask me.

    David Palmer, a strong name isn't it? Well, a strong personality of being the 1st and the best President this series had to offer. His presence and word always made my hair behind my neck stand up. Gosh, writing and thinking about him is doing the same! I truly missed him after season 4 and it was great of the writers to remember his legacy even after the later seasons. It always brought a gentle thought to my head whenever Jack's eyes lit up after taking his name.

    The 'mole' in CTU: There's always a mole in CTU isn't it! After Nina Myers, and what she had do to Terry Bauer and Jack's life, there's always a doubt that there was somebody undercover working with the terrorist it was only a matter of time that I'd be guessing which one it was during the last 3 seasons! Surprisingly I did get Dana Walsh correct just before her true identity was disclosed! Hurrah for me, I guess!

    Charles Logan, a shadow of Sherry Palmer is the most manipulative person I know after Benjamin Linus [LOST]. That 'Son of a Bitch' [Jack's words] was one tough survivor. After destroying his counsel and escaping death by his psycho ex-wife, Martha, he manages to play his dirty game, once again in the finale. Why do I even bother to mention him in this review, I hear you ask? It's only because he's truly going to be remembered, just as well as I'd remember every other great character that this show gave life to. He's a great actor, Gregory Itzin, and as badly as I wished Jack pulled the trigger in the final season when he went rampage on him, he couldn't have had played a more memorable role in the series for the way he left off.

    A few more memorable moments that I can let go off today would be the tears spent on death of Bill Buchanan and Renee Walker and the horror that happened to Audrey Raines. Bill was a spectacular leader, no doubt, the best that CTU ever had, but his sacrifice would never stay unforgotten. Audrey was Jack's 1st love after Terry died and that hit him hard, it certainly did, since the Chinese left no mercy on the poor woman and tormented her mind. Renee, who I personally disliked in season 7 came out exceptionally strong in the final season! It was expected, to be fair, since its jinxed, as we all know whoever gets close to Jack ends up losing their minds, getting in danger or killed.

    Now let's talk about the character of Jack 'the immortal' Bauer. Yep, some may debate how he never dies and always saves the day. My girlfriend always tells me how ridiculously unacceptable the show really is and I'm always there to defend my dear Jack Bauer! Alright, there honestly isn't a justification to his heroics, if at all you were expecting any, lol.. Apart from that, his greatest trait was his strength of the mind. The man, over the years taught me how to be wise at doing what I did best no I'm not of the secret service or mafia group, but on a serious note, the man taught me to stay confident and strong and going head on with whatever it is that I wanted to pursue. He was a man of principles, except for season 8 of course that's when he went Call of Duty mode on every one that was responsible for the death of Renee. But I guess that's how he was all along right? I don't think I remember anybody surviving and getting away with murders that directly linked to Jack's closest. There was Nina Myers, Christopher Henderson and of course everybody in season 8. I'm pretty certain that Jack's kill counts beat mine in any FPS game that I've ever played in my 10 years of gaming, but oh well! I love the guy! He's such a balanced individual, who always makes the right decision. If there was ever a season 9, I would appoint Jack as leader in command at CTU, or wait, the president of the United States, since he oversees everyone's power, anyways. Ha! There would be times when I'd be extremely disheartened with the way his character went on, season after season, with loses to bear and no family to keep up to. I was relieved when Kim made peace to the poor man. When that happened, all I could think about was the season 3 finale when Jack sits in his car and ends up crying. The grief somehow wipes away when Kim makes peace with him in season 7. It's hard to ever imagine a man going through the trauma, the way he did, you know. I feel his pain sometimes, when he has nobody to go to, of how he's running away mid-series and how he lost all the ones that he loved in frequent intervals. Maybe that's one of the reasons of why I connect well with the show, I don't know, but whatever it is.. He's truly my Hero!

    Chloe O'Brian, didn't I always like the character from the time she stepped into CTU. I don't understand why, but it always frightened me most when Chloe got herself into danger. I guess it's the probable fear of her getting herself killed or deported out of CTU [out of the show]. But it didn't happen, gladly. She stuck by Bauer, as a friend and as a partner, throughout the show. It was always the highlight of the show when Chloe bagged her bosses with her corny remarks and sarcasm. She nearly did the same with President Allison Taylor in the final season as well! Haha! And lastly, I'd never forget what Jack said to her at the end of the show. It was a perfect goodbye, the most perfect one ever! Sometimes, even an immortal, such as Bauer, needs a little help right!?

    So, what does this show really revolve around, after watching 8 seasons? Is it the central character of Jack Bauer, the twists and turns in the plot or is the nail biting action that always kept the viewers on their seat? For me, it's something bigger than that. Not most of you would agree though, but I truly believe that this show revolves around ethical and moral codes, impossible decisions, tackling difficult scenarios and sacrifice for the greater good. This is what truly makes 24 the great show that it is. Think about it, and you'd probably agree eventually. Do you remember Paul Raines? I'd never forget that day, when I sat for a while, took a deep breath and started thinking about what I would have done, having been in Jack's place. Is there much any of us could have done any differently?

    Then there's the Ryan Cheppelle kill. One of the strongest scenes of this show perhaps, is it? Was there any other way out for Jack or Chappelle? It's a million people's lives worth more than one man, right? Jack had the strongest mind and most of the times he was probably the only one thinking straight. The lives he lost impacted the show entirely and that's what makes this show worth watching.

    I personally loved the 1st half of the series. Season 7 and 8 were least captivating in my honest opinion compared to the likes of the 1st 4. My least favourite lead character was President Allison Taylor [season 7 and 8] and Tony Almeida [season 7]. I believe Tony's character should have been buried during mid-series, but the 7th season got exceptionally draggy according to me. President Allison Taylor, was of course no match for David Palmer. I don't think anybody did justice to his power and authority, to be frank. Too many repetitive ideas came along the final seasons, if you ask me. The writers could have done a much better job, because the series was at its best when it struck a heavy unanticipated blow, when it was least expected. That failed to deliver towards the end if you ask me. However, the only thing that got me going was Jack's character, the production/direction and the remarkable cast.

    After watching 24, people's favourite shows such as 'Castle', 'White Collar' etc don't appeal to me one bit. It is a shame that people don't give this show another chance. Maybe, most of them are simply unaware because it doesn't air anymore, but it is their loss and a disappointment.

    Thank you 24 for sharing light with me and giving us all the chance and opportunity to pass this name to others forward. I've tried my best to write myself a good review today and I'm sure it isn't good enough. Nothing is quite good enough for such a major Television series! And finally thank you Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran for creating 24!

    Check our my review on www.himanishashar.blogspot.com if you like.. Seeya! and thank you for reading ;))
  • Okay, Not top 25 though

    I didn't jump in until season 4 so maybe there's a lot to this I've missed although based on watching the last several seasons it seemed pretty predictable how the first 3 went. America gets in a bind, Jack saves America but, in between saving America he estranges his wife, daughter etc.. goes rouge, uses the term Protocol more than any human has ever used that term saves the President's live, stabs co-workers in the back, finds internal spies identities.

    To me all seasons could have been combined into one big movie and saved us all a lot of time. 24 was entertaining, not extremely well directed or acted for that matter, see the woman who played Chloe, more often than not the entire story was beyond unbelievable but one thing is for certain..... Chuck Norris hasn't got anything on Jack Bauer
  • Must-see TV.

    I could write paragraphs and paragraphs of a review, but I'll try to keep it brief. When I first started watching this show, I was addicted. It was very hard to finish an episode and be okay with not watching the next one. I feel like a LOT of 24 watchers felt the same way. After about the fourth season, the show just gets old to a point, yet remains enjoyable. Jack asking "WHERE'S THIS AT?" "WHERE'S THAT AT?" and going from lead-to-lead until the season's over. It's still fun to watch, but the show becomes predictable before too long. Also, *POSSIBLE SPOILER COMING UP* after the introduction of President Logan, I lost considerable interest just because I didn't like him as a character. *POSSIBLE SPOILER OVER*

    If you're going to watch 24, start with season one. It's slower paced than the rest of the seasons, but very compelling. Season two is great until the final third of the episodes. Season three is great beginning to end. Etc...

    Despite its flaws, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable show of this genre anywhere. Now, where's that movie...
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