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  • 24 HOUR fan review

    24 hour series good & great acting but Story line is at Best average. Some xhapters are really good & others are too far fetched. Caracters in stories sometimes too melodramatic. I HATED the characterof Bauers daughter unbelievably stupid !! The character of the 1st episodes the President of the United States to me seems unreal eventhough the acting part is great!
  • It was wonderful!

    It was wonderful!

    Only "Prison Break" was better than this !!

    Otherwise there is no competition!

  • La serie action per eccellenza.

    Di tutte le serie action presenti in circolazione,24 quella che merita pi di come pochi altri capolavoro Sutherland uno dei miei attori preferiti in assoluto e Jack Bauer uno dei personaggi pi carismatici dell'intero mondo dei telefilm.
  • Action

    Pretty good series a C, but Cloe's makeup is the worst, someone please change it.... cheesh.
  • Addictive, Unnerving, as usual...

    This show moves non-stop; edited like someone on amphetamines, which makes it as intensely engaging as unnerving. For action junkies, this is Nirvana. Like all of the episodes this season, this one doesn't lag ANYWHERE. You get exactly what you expect.

    On a more specific note, the arch-villain Al-Harazi, and her twisted clan are as despicable as one might expect from homicidal psychopaths hell-bent on revenge. The woman herself is pure evil. Hatred bleeds out of her. This is where the unnerving part of the equation comes in, because while I am happy people know Jack's true motives, Al-Harazi continues to elude detection and capture -- all while torturing her daughter, killing her husband and making fools of the American and British governments. So she's obviously doing her job well. I look forward to her clan being wiped off the face of the earth. Obviously, I'm hooked as i have been since the first episode aired. Thankfully, Jack agreed to make a second stand. It was so worth it. Thanks! But my suggestion is to take a chill pill before watching, or you'll find yourself fast-forwarding through the more intense moments.
  • As good as it ever was!!!

    i thought it's gonna end after the 8th season, and when i heared about 9th i thought they won't make it as good because they just did everything already. well

    i was WAY wrong! the 9th season is just as intense and fun to watch as the last ones! i LOVE IT.

    after every episode you just can't wait for the next one, they couldn't do it better! makes me want to see more of keifer, hes as awesome as ever!!

    So here we go again-we watch 24-and its a good thing we record it at the same time. Why? F***ing MUSIC-overriding what the "H" they are saying!! How many times we had to replay the scene just to try to get what's being said due to the "whoop-te-do"--"MUSIC" being played that INTERFERES with hearing what's being said.

    WHY do the producers think it's so "effing" important to drown out the words? Is the plot actually that lame? Can't stand up to what's going on? I've been told there's some sort of hardware (dare we hope?) that can lessen the "background" (yeah right) music so one can HEAR the words and BTW -we are NOT deaf!! This isn't just "24"-seen it a lot on other dramas-usually the ones that can't really hold up as one worth watching anyway..

    The programs really worth watching dont NEED to have all that effing noise. . I'd really---we'd really-like to just sit back and hopefully enjoy the scenes and the dialogue-. Thank god -we can hear the commercials a LOT better- (one part true-but really-we hate commercials) . That's my 7 and 1/2 cents worth. Bleaghh!

    BTW-we like Chloe-but she looks like sh**. . fix 'er up!!
  • Move over , 24 Is Back

    I have watched every show and Bought every season . This TV Series is the best I have ever seen. I sure hope they keep it going , I know their has to be other Fan's like me , everywhere that want you to keep it on the air.
  • Jack we missed you

    best series those low scores,please watch from season 1 like we have all done and then is one of the best series out there.

  • Being read too is annoying.

    The latest episode (May 19), I had to change channels, I found the "reading" too annoying. I'm not sure what the purpose of that is, but being told "so and so looked here, or looked there", is beyond dumb. As if when watching the show one can't see who looked where at what. I swear, this is the worst episode ever, if there's another second by second narration, I'll simply not bother to watch any more.
  • I Miss You

    Great to have Jack back in the new mini series, kickin' ass and taking names. The London setting is a fresh change, but it's still the 24 we all know and love. This is where it all started though with it's tense political story lines and bone crunching action. The real-time added a real sense of urgency. Loved it.
  • why the hype?

    i have watched many series. i have tried to get into this but just dpnt follow the hype around it. i just do not like it to the point where i cannot watch it. pure violence for the sake of it is just boring. this is boring.
  • Unique Action Series

    The real time format really piles on the tension and keeps you on the edge of your seat for the whole episode. Now, giving the show six and a half out of ten is freaking unhelpful, shallow and kinda dumb.
  • I wish all of you giving this show (or any other for that matter) a "10"..

    would just getting eaten by a freaking bear or something for being so freaking unhelpful, shallow and kinda dumb.

    The show was 'okay - good' and generally quite watchable but don't get carried away -the plot lines were always quite fantastic (as in like a fantasy) and more so in the earlier seasons -suspension of disbelief could not hold back the waves of internal inconsistency.
  • A Must see

    I'm so happy and excited that this show is coming back. Highly rated tv show -just look at the high ratings on here. My husband and I would watch this together and never missed an episode. Which is why I was wondering what time it will be on ? Is it on THIS Monday?
  • Clearly a highly action packed show

    Gotta admit, if there is any show that is good at making adrenalin go trough your body it must be this show. It certainly feels like there is not a dull second as you watch and you can just feel the suspense and action like you are in the show itself at certain points. The characters are easy to understand and the plot is easy to understand 95% of the time. I also heard that this show is getting itself renewed for a season. All I can say is that we can excitedly sit back an get a huge kick for the upcoming episodes and for what is soon to come in the new season.
  • 24 continue

    can't wait for season 9 in may
  • Can't stop watching 24!

    I cannot stop watching 24 until the last episode of season 8! I have all seasons plus the prequel of each and I am addicted to this series! I love the character of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian! In the final episode of season 8, I terribly cried and touched with Chloe and Jack! I am hoping there will be another season of this. I am an avid fan of Jack and Chloe! Please!!! Have a new season!
  • Sherry-bomb

    So far I've only gotten past season 1 (7 to go) and it was quite amazing! My only complain would be the Palmer side of it all because Sherry Palmer is the most annoying character to appear on my screen recently (and I'm watching Game of Thrones with Joffrey)! Hope she dies by cockroaches eating her face slowly, yeah that's how annoyed I am by her nagging.
  • Only seen season 1

    AND ITS AMAZING!! I Cannot believe I looked over this show for so long! What a dumbass! I cannot wait to see more! Really intelligent scripting!
  • A show like no other

    24 is a unique tv show for two reasons. First, it has the most original idea of the last few decades (at least when it comes to TV): real-time episodes. Second, it came in a time when a real life hero was in order. That's what makes Jack Bauer such an iconic character, he fought the battle that everyone thought it had to be fought. And he did it without any moral reservation, a necessity of that time. 24 gave us exactly what we needed to see, I hope that in this return the producers keep that in mind.
  • Bestest

    Can't wait for the new season of Jack Bauer de action man!

    Ma fav tv show!
  • chasing down the $ yr. degree

    What are my transfer credits? What can I test out
  • About this series

    It had great written episodes in season five, casting in season and acting for Kiefer Sutherland in season five & Cherry Jones in season seven.

    Its so great to see the status is back to between seasons :D!!!!!!

    DAMN IT so cool!

    cant wat for jack's new torture methods

    best news in tv history!

    but only 12 episodes i wonder why,fox knows that this is the best show,so 24 episodes would most def be a sucses,but hey its better than a short movie ,and damn it i hope they do more seasons with this

    a big plus would be that the budget would be up with 12 episodes

    damn it this is gonne be epic

    hello jack old friend

    Its so great to see the status is back to between seasons :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Best Show Ever Inspired Me

    Loved this show when it was on!! I am a filmmaker. I have developed a series called . It stars Blindside Actress Sharon Conley. It is a wonderful show, that I am sure you will enjoy. I am looking for your thoughts. Here is the link:

    Every view helps a vet. June is PTSD Awareness Month and we are committed to helping our heroes. Enjoy the film, and thanks for helping.
  • Batman with blood

    As a 69 year old widower watching all eight seasons of "24" helped me get through a lot of lonely days. That being said after just watching the season eight finale I have a few comments.

    When "24" first came on my logical self didn't watch it because I couldn't handle the impossible notion that everything happened within 24 hours. However having watched entire series I'd missed like "Alais" and "The Shield" there were none left except "24". I was hooked after the second episode and came to accept that all the action could occur with Jack within ten minutes of the next location he had to get to.

    There are some blogs where viewers debate who the most villainess villain was. I have to say hands down it was Charles Logan. I found his "maybe he'll survive his poorly aimed suicide gunshot, and maybe in season nine he'll turn up alive" a satisfying end for him. I liked how Jack proved what we always knew: he was a wet your pants sniveling narcissistic coward, unlike most of the other sociopaths Jack had to dispatch who at least had a cause they believed in.

    The lasted episode: The only thing I'd wished was that when Jack had Logan in his sights he demanded that he hold up a glass object from the desk so Jack could shatter it with a bullet from his Third-Generation FN SCAR-L, 5.56x45mm. We could have actually seen him loose bladder control. Of course to be logical, then the Russian guards would have been tipped off if he'd done this.

    I liked that Keifer Sutherland at 5' 8 1/2" is exactly as tall as me. He isn't some kind of muscle bound Rambo (Stalone is 5' 9") or over six foot Schwarzenegger.

    Now to Chloe. She has my vote for the most evolving character, which is probably why the writers and Sutherland himself decided to keep her through the entire series. It was satisfying to watch as a deep platonic loved developed between Jack and Chloe and the only thing clear but not verbalized at the very end was that Jack reciprocated the same platonic love it was obvious Chloe had for him. I do think she "got it" though, and knowing that Jack being Jack, this was the closest he'd come to saying he loved her.

    Of course Chloe is the ultimate brainiac, and not counting Jack's street smarts, she was the smartest person on the series. I think it was great that she got to kill someone (season four) and thought her reaction was totally in character: "Edgar, I appreciate your concern. I really do. It's just that when I shot that guy I thought I'd go all fetal position, but the truth is I didn't feel anything, at all. I hope I'm not some kind of a psychopath.

    Like all of you I am looking forward to season nine and wish they'd do 24 episodes instead of just 12 as is currently being considered. No movie for "24" please, it is meant to be a marathon viewing experience.

    The only gripe I have with the show is in the "shameless commerce" department. Almost all of the time when it fits the plot (and sometimes when it doesn't) and characters are watching the news or it is on the TV in the background, it is tuned to Fox News. NCIS (and JAG before it) used the fictional ZNN. They could have used their own network news channels.

    I hope they do right by Chloe!!! She always sacrifices for Jack and I want her to have good things going for her. And please, bring a more mature and less stupid Kim. So excited!!!
  • 24 should be up for most innovative series of the decade

    I mean which show has the most nominations in TV history = 24, transcended all racial, gender, and social balances = 24, won 7 emmys on one night = 24, the most complex twists in tv history CHARLES LOGAN = 24, the first tv show to win a golden globe for the first sixteen episodes season 1 = 24, The only TV show solely responsible for President Barrack Obama being possible = 24, invented the split screens, and obviously the only radical concept in tv history: events occur in real time and one day,,, sick isn't it if there is any other radical concept badder than this currently someone mention it.... ha ha ha and now it's back JACK BAUER IS FINALLY BACK....... DAMN IT. tv is gonna change once again in may 2014.... monday nights are back to fox. the following and 24 both on fox should give for positive viewing...
  • Jack is back!!!

    Can't wait until May 2014 for this! One of the best shows there is.
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