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  • Addictive, Unnerving, as usual...

    This show moves non-stop; edited like someone on amphetamines, which makes it as intensely engaging as unnerving. For action junkies, this is Nirvana. Like all of the episodes this season, this one doesn't lag ANYWHERE. You get exactly what you expect.

    On a more specific note, the arch-villain Al-Harazi, and her twisted clan are as despicable as one might expect from homicidal psychopaths hell-bent on revenge. The woman herself is pure evil. Hatred bleeds out of her. This is where the unnerving part of the equation comes in, because while I am happy people know Jack's true motives, Al-Harazi continues to elude detection and capture -- all while torturing her daughter, killing her husband and making fools of the American and British governments. So she's obviously doing her job well. I look forward to her clan being wiped off the face of the earth. Obviously, I'm hooked as i have been since the first episode aired. Thankfully, Jack agreed to make a second stand. It was so worth it. Thanks! But my suggestion is to take a chill pill before watching, or you'll find yourself fast-forwarding through the more intense moments.