Season 1 Episode 6

Bank Job

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 1979 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Bank Job
A routine dive by Trap and Thib in a reservoir to recover stolen bank money takes a perilous turn when an attendant trips a valve, drawing Trap toward a huge drain that could crush him to death.

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    Joanna Cassidy

    Joanna Cassidy

    Deputy Morgan Wainwright

    Thomas Babson

    Thomas Babson

    Deputy Terry Caster

    Mark Harmon

    Mark Harmon

    Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux or "Thib"

    Brant van Hoffman

    Brant van Hoffman

    Deputy Bottendott

    Michael Toland

    Michael Toland

    Deputy "Phone Number" Fedderson

    Tori Lysdahl

    Tori Lysdahl

    Deputy Michelle

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    • QUOTES (3)

      • Trap to Morgan when she returns (lands helicopter), "What happened to the crooks? Lose 'em in traffic?"

      • Later...Trap, Thib and Morgan go to the reservoir to pick up the money bag...
        Trap to Morgan, "Are you sure you know where the bag went down?"
        Morgan, "I KNOW where the bag went down!"
        Trap, "You also knew where the robbers were."

      • RADIO CALL: "Armed 211 Central Fidelity at Little Rock. Yellow helicopter with black stripe."

    • NOTES (27)

      • Original Air Date (in US): 1st October 1979

      • Thib says that Barbara won't call Trap and they bet $20.00.

      • Crestridge Bank. 211 robbery. 2 men one with a shotgun.

      • Mr. Dimpler (Howard) fell down a cliff and is stuck on a ledge about 100 feet over the side.

      • Later...
        At Fox Canyon Morgan in 240-R-A helicopter spots a reflection. Alan is signaling using Traps borrowed compass. Thib rappels down cliff to save Howard.

      • Meanwhile...
        Trap and Thib bet double or nothing that Trap can't get a date with Barbara.

      • Kids on a field trip across the street from bank. Trap tells them to get behind the car.
        A kid falls and Trap helps him up.

      • Trap & Thib (in SCUBA gear) on 240-R-Air skids while in air. Morgan says she can't remember where the money is...maybe over here (moves helicopter over reservoir)...or maybe over her (moves helicopter again)...Trap apologizes to Morgan for giving her a hard time about losing the crooks. Morgan drops guys over where money went down.

      • Trap cleans up the boy's arm.
        Alan Rice - small boy.
        Barbara Rice - Mother, blonde divorced from Philadelphia.
        Trap says he's from "Cherry Hill, New Jersey" to get to know the mother better.

      • Later...
        U.S.C. Med Center...Trap & Thib help out at hospital.
        A patient at the hospital, "Gypsy Joe," reads Traps palm. He does tea leaves too. He says that a little man will play a part in Traps life with a girl. Trap assumes that Barbara is the girl and her son, Alan, must be the little man.

      • Meanwhile...
        Security guard at dam opens floodgates on schedule not knowing that Sheriff SCUBA divers are looking for bag of money. Trap finds money bag but gets caught in underwater current from open flood gates. Trap is caught in drain.

      • Later...
        Outside the bank, Thib helps an old lady back to her car with a toaster. However, she forgot to make her deposit and she heads back into the bank.

      • Meanwhile...
        1-19-Adam-Air lost 211 suspects in the mountain also.

      • Later...
        Barbara hugs Howard and go off hand in hand with Alan. Trap owes Thib $40.00 for losing bet. Trap asks if Thib takes credit cards?

      • 1-19-Adam-Air deputies handcuffs the suspects while Trap covers them with his revolver drawn.

      • Trap helps Alan's sprained ankle.

      • Morgan chases the yellow helicopter into a giant warehouse hanger bay. 240-R-Air blocks the entrance while 1-19-Adam-Air blocks the exit.

      • Helicopter engine starts. Morgan sees them and gives chase in 240-R-Air. Trap rides with Morgan as back up.
        Air pursuit Southwest of canyon. A backup helicopter is dispatched (1-19-Adam-Air) en route.

      • Robbers leave the bank from the roof in a yellow helicopter.
        "Yellow Bell 47 Chopper"

      • Morgan pursues chopper in the air.

      • Meanwhile...
        Yellow chopper dropped canvas bag into reservoir. Morgan goes to mark the spot for later retrieval.
        Morgan loses the yellow chopper which hides under tree cover on the ground.

      • Another 240-R Bronco arrives. CB & Terry show up and drop rope in. C.B. tells the Guard to shut off the overflow floodgates. Trap is rescued.

      • Howard, the kids group leader, comes over. Alan who is now bandaged due to Trap not paying attention to what he is doing and talking to Alan's mother Barbara. Trap tells Alan that Paramedic is from the Greek word Para which means "along side of." Trap and Thib will be helping out at U.S.C. Hospital tomorrow.
        Trap gives Alan a compass to borrow for his hiking trip in the mountains.

      • Helicopter lands at the hospital with a car-over victim. Morgan hurt her hand helping the car-over victim. She wants to get back out and find the yellow helicopter. Trap cleans up her hand and gives her a tetanus shot in the butt.

      • RADIO CALL: "Armed 211 Central Fidelity at Little Rock. Yellow helicopter with black stripe."
        Morgan wants to leave to pursue helicopter but Trap said to forget it because they need to rescue Howard.
        They harness Thib and Howard up cliff with the kids, Morgan and Trap all pulling the rope.

      • Later...
        "N74120" - yellow chopper registration that Morgan calls in for an identification request. Morgan doesn't see Thib signaling for help in the water.

      • Later...
        Barbara calls the hospital. Thib pays Trap $20.00 for losing the bet. Barbara says that Alan and the hikers are 4 hours overdue.

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