Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 10, 1979 on ABC



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    • While driving, Roger said to Joan, "there are only 5 in the whole country" (referring to the amphicar).

    • Radio Call; "Southbound on Pacific passing 22nd Street" (chasing the amphicar).

    • Leaving the pier...
      "Thib watch that door it will probably stick on you," Trap says to Thib as Thib opens Bronco door slowly. Door opens fine.
      "You gotta have the right touch Trap," said Thib to Trap.

    • Radio Call - "902R Prescott Fire Road 1/2 mile North of Burley Camp Ground."

    • Two guys thank Thib & Trap for rescuing their friend from the tree. Trap sees 6-packs of beer spotted in back of the guys pick-up truck. Trap tells the remaining two men, "If either of you step foot inside that vehicle you are booked for driving under the influence."

    • Radio Call - "Man Trapped in bathysphere...air lines cut...1 mile West of Marina Del Ray Breakwater."

    • Later Joan visits Thib at the 240-R Station for Thib to sign 3 copies for recording contract. Thib declines contract.
      Thib says to Joan, "I'm a songwriter. That's all I really ever wanted to be."

    • Thib about being a deputy sheriff..."I wouldn't trade it or the people I work with for 1000 contracts."

  • Notes

    • Original Air Date (in US): 10th September 1979

    • Three beer drinking guys decide to cut down a huge tree in the woods using chain saws. A guy falls and passes out, hanging from a safety harness, stuck in a tree. When 240-R-2 arrives Traps' drivers side door sticks (running joke throughout episode).

    • Vehicles provided by The Ford Motor Company.

    • Morgan lands and sees Thib and spots a little girl (Jenny) crying. Jenny lost her pet skunk. Morgan walks to the 240-R-2 Bronco, picks up skunk and tells Trap that it's defumed.

    • Thib sings at "Music Case" club. Joan Lorent turns away Morgan & Trap at Thib's dressing room who try to wish Thib good luck.

    • Thib sings "Saddle My Dreams." Thib is nervous and flubs the words, but then he begins again. After singing the song perfectly, the audience loves the song and record producers were "sort of impressed." Loud applause and smiles are seen as Thib is a hit!

    • Mountaineering equipment courtesy of the Liberty Organization.

    • A speedboats' propeller cuts the Bathysphere air line.

    • A damaged Bathysphere is now taking on water but occupants have nothing to block up holes. 240-R-Air drop Trap & Thib from chopper into boat where they learn the bathysphere is about 120 ft. down and has about 7 minutes of air left. Morgan drops airbags from chopper and Thib & Trap use their scuba air to inflate bags and lift bathysphere to surface.

    • 240-R-Air registry on top of helicopter near rotor is "N506."

    • Bathysphere is underwater with 2 guys inside and 1 guy in a boat monitoring from above.

    • Thib works on song writing in Bronco while Trap talks about a bad door on the Bronco (divers side).

    • Trap climbs tree to inspect victim. Trap about victim, "Dislocated shoulder, abrasions on forehead, possible concussion." Too many trees for a direct air rescue so they make a "traverse" between 2 trees. Thib brings litter to Trap from another treetop. Trap brings litter with guy to middle of trees. Then Morgan in 240-R-Air lifts victim in litter from above while Trap rides litter to the ground.

    • Then 240-R-Air directs amphicar back to shore where amphicars' tires get stuck in sand.

    • After Joan is rescued from falling in to the water, Thib beleives she has a possible sprained neck.

    • Traps drivers' door sticks when they leave the tree rescue area. Then Trap & Thib begin to eat their lunch in Bronco. Looking in the rear-view mirror, Trap spots a skunk inside the Bronco. Upon exiting the vehicle Thib leaves and rolls but Trap's driver door sticks again. Trap to skunk, "You can't blame a guy for trying." Then Trap feeds skunk his chicken sandwich lunch and "creme puffs" chocolate.

    • Thib practices singing "Saddle My Dreams" on beach near 240-R Station. Joan convinces Thib to perform at the "Music Case" club for amateur night with big-named record producers in audience. Joan explains that she was with the amphicar speed demon guy because she is the manager of his rock band "Silver Bullet." They got "3 gold records in a row." Thib contemplates leaving the department for a career in music.

    • "Norlan Boat Works No Tresspassing" sign is seen where three guys are testing a Bathysphere made from scratch.

    • "Boogie Man" words by Dick and Sandy St. John with music by Mark Gibbons.

    • "Saddle My Dreams" words and music by Gene and Paul Nelson.

    • Underwater sequences filmed at Silver Springs, Florida.

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