Season 1 Episode 9

Double Trouble

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 1979 on ABC



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    • Meanwhile...
      Trap on radio calls in... "Applegate is 10-8 and Thibideax is 902H."
      Trap in Bronco backing up notices a small blonde hair boy sitting on guard rail in front of the Bronco. Trap stops and gets out. He meets Mikey who was accidentally left behind by his parents.
      Trap: "Hi."
      Mikie: "I'm not suppose to talk to strangers."
      Trap: I'm not really a stranger. I'm a Deputy Sheriff.
      Mikie: "Do I know you?"
      Trap: "No."
      Mikie: "Then you're a stwaanger."
      Trap puts Mikie in the front of the Bronco and walks around the back. Trap sees who he thinks is Mikie. Trap puts Mikie in the back of the Bronco and gets in. Trap sees Mikie in the front and a twin in the back!
      Trap: "Who is that?"
      Mikie: "That's Casey."
      Trap: "You never told me that you had a twin brother."
      Mikie: "You never asked."

    • RADIO CALL: "901 T canyon. Victim is a hemophiliac."

    • RADIO CALL: "901 T car over Pacific Coast Highway at Gull's Way." (240-R-2 responds with the twins in the back of the Bronco)

    • RADIO CALL: "Possible 902 Bather trapped on rocks."

    • Van Nuys Tower: "Cleared to land 16 Right."

    • Van Nuys Tower is contacted at Van Nuys Airport
      Morgan to tower: "Insta-Foam runway for running landing."
      Van Nuys Tower: "Wind from the south at 15mph. Visibility unlimited."

  • Notes

    • Original Air Date (in US): 29th October 1979

    • Later...
      The twins and the parents stop by 240-R HQ to say hello. The kids run upstairs to see Trap, Thib & Morgan. When they look down the parents are gone...they left the kids again! The end.

    • Morgan takes it out a half mile so she won't have to come in too steep. Morgan tries to land but she miscalculates and pulls up. She needed more runway. She tries again. The helicopter lands like a plane on the foam and all are safe.

    • 240-R-Air circles for 18 minutes to burn off the fuel.
      The twins parents are notified at HQ and they go to the airport. All traffic is diverted from the airport.

    • RADIO CALL: "901 T canyon. Victim is a hemophiliac."
      (a two car crash)

    • 2 guys in a big green car go to help the victim. The first guy claims to be a doctor with a stethoscope (who steals victims watch & wallet) while the second guy (with a mustache) tells the crowd to stand back and let the doctor work. Doctor tells the crowd that the victim will be fine. Doctor leaves quietly.

    • 240-Robert-Air goes to West Lake Hospital for an emergency blood pick-up, while Trap & Thib stabilize the victim awaiting the blood. Morgan shows up with the blood just in time to save the victim. Then 240-Robert-Air flies victim to U.C.L.A. Medical Center. Thib rides in chopper.

    • Trap takes the twins back to the station HQ where they meet the other deputies. Applegate gets a call on "line 2" regarding the missing children. Trap speaks to the parents and they are on the way to the 240-Robert HQ station.

    • When Trap & Thib return with thieves Morgan tells them that the twins' parents missed the Sheriff Station in Malibu. Lt. Coleman has the parents at HQ. Morgan is instructed to fly the twins back to HQ immediately. Trap goes to. (Morgan is unaware of the damaged tail rotor!).

    • Morgan watches the twins while Trap & Thib respond to parachute call on the north end of Zuma Beach.
      Parachute guy (Steve Tag) has his leg caught in between the rocks. He is making a statement against "Proposition N" in next week's ballot. "Proposition N" is the legislation of nude California beaches. Three naked girls talk to Trap & Thib over the rocks while they rescue Steve.
      "Goodhue" ambulance takes Steve away on a stretcher.

    • Meanwhile...
      Trap & Thib learn that the wife of the earlier accident claims that Trap & Thib stole her husbands watch & wallet. The wife is going above Lt. Coleman and is going to the Sheriff.

    • Meanwhile...
      Nude male parachuter, headed for a nude beach, blows off course into rocks on the beach.

    • Later at the 240-R Station HQ...
      Morgan lets the twins play in the helicopter.
      The twins play-shoot Trap when he arrives in the Bronco. They also shot Lt. Coleman earlier (spoken of, but not seen on camera). Coleman wants the twins returned to the parents. Morgan tells Trap & Thib that the twins' parents went to the LAPD station in Venice. Coleman wants Trap & Thib to take the twins to the Malibu station and meet the parents halfway.

    • Later in the Bronco...
      Trap, Thib, Mikie and Casey (twins) -
      What's this? the twins ask...
      "Caribiners" for climbing down rope.
      What's this?...
      "Diaper Harness"...not that kind of diaper says Thib as the twins laugh.

    • Meanwhile...

      Fake Doctor & pal steal victims watch & wallet again then leave when 240-R-Air shows up.
      240-R-2 tie bumper of overturned car that is hanging over a cliff to the guard rail. Thib climbs into car to rescue the driver who is unconscious and trapped by his seat belt.
      Overturned car license plate: TYH421 California Plate.
      Thib frees driver and escapes car just as the bumper cut through the rope. The car falls down cliff.

    • Other victim notices his watch and wallet are gone. The deputies see the green car that Morgan spotted from the air pulling away while she was landing. The car is stuck in traffic.
      Trap & Thib in foot pursuit. Two surfers standing by 240-R-Air. One of the surfers accidentally bumps the tail rotor of 240-R-Air with his surf board while Trap & Thib run by.
      The doctor jumps over a fence into the yard of a growling Great Dane Dog. Trap catches thief.
      The doctor's pal gets tackled off a pier by Thib. Thib catches thief.

    • 240-R-Air takes off and a minute or so into the flight the gauges start to blink and beep.
      Tail rotor failure in mid air! They can't maintain a hover. Morgan says as long as they maintain forward air speed they are ok. They have to land the helicopter like a plane. Morgan requests to "foam the runway."

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