Season 2 Episode 2

First Loss

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 1981 on ABC
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First Loss
Cueva is stranded on a mountainside with a heart attack patient after the chopper he's riding in crashes; while the 240 Robert teams search for them before it's too late.

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    Joanna Cassidy

    Joanna Cassidy

    Deputy Morgan Wainwright

    Thomas Babson

    Thomas Babson

    Deputy Terry Caster

    Mark Harmon

    Mark Harmon

    Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux or "Thib"

    Brant van Hoffman

    Brant van Hoffman

    Deputy Bottendott

    Michael Toland

    Michael Toland

    Deputy "Phone Number" Fedderson

    Tori Lysdahl

    Tori Lysdahl

    Deputy Michelle

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      • Original Air Date (in US): 14th March 1981

      • Later...
        At hospital...
        Trap & Sandy visit Cueva.
        Cueva lying in bed with his leg broken in traction. Cueva has a "spiral fracture."
        Cueva considers quitting because he lost Mike.
        Trap brings in Mr. & Mrs. Poindexter with their new baby.
        Cueva holds the baby as it cries.
        They named the baby after him (for delivering it at the hockey game) but they only knew his last name.
        "Cueva Poindexter" is the baby's name. Cueva smiles.

      • Mike dies in the Sikorsky chopper en route to the hospital.

      • The Sikorsky chopper lifts the other helicopter cockpit to safety. the forward strap comes loose, but Trap riding the cockpit stabilizes it.
        "N87717" (number on side of Sikorsky chopper).

      • Meanwhile...
        During the transport Mike gives Cueva his good luck charm coin. Mike said that he had it for 35 years and that his father gave it to Mike. Mike passes out.

      • A Sikorsky heavy duty helicopter is brought in. A cargo sled is sent down.
        "Air 52" (Coast Guard style helicopter).

      • Mike is feeling lousy. Mike's heart begins to hurt real bad. Cueva gives Mike morphine for the pain.

      • 240-R-5
        California license plate -
        E 2016

      • Bottendott sends down a winch cable and tow cable.

      • Cueva informed Trap of Mike's condition...
        "Heart seizure, Head laceration, possible skull fracture."
        I.V. kit is given to Cueva to put on Mike.

      • 240-R-Air with Trap sees the crashed helicopter cockpit on a ledge about 200 feet from the top.
        Kestenbaum and Trap rappel down.

      • Later...
        Deputy Bottendott spots a piece of the crashed helicopter. The main rotor blade is spotted with binoculars.

      • Meanwhile...
        Trap reviews the radio show tape and times the last know location at about 70mph, airspeed and altitude to calculate where the helicopter crashed.
        They think it's about 3 miles of Clear Creek Canyon.

      • Cueva tells Mike about Kam Francis (ESD Secretary) and his "Clear Creek Picnic" and how she insisted going for a swim in the buff.

      • Meanwhile...
        Mike tells Cueva that this week was suppose to be his last week of flying. He was going to retire and be with his lady friend.
        Cueva tells Mike about himself...
        Cueva from Sarisota, Florida.
        At age 8 Cueva was on the high wire trapeze.
        He worked without a net and he lost someone really close to him.

      • Later...
        240-R-Air refuels back at HQ.
        Trap listens to Deputy Bottendott's audio tape of the radio show for clues.

      • Later...
        The hikers tell 240-R-5 that "Clear Creek Canyon" was hiked all day and they saw nothing. They missed the crashed chopper!

      • Cueva won't let Mike sleep due to his head injury.

      • Meanwhile...
        2 hikers listen to music below the crashed chopper.
        Jan (girl) and ??? (guy).
        Cueva throws down the choppers blue first aid kit box, but the hikers don't hear it because of the loud music. Hikers leave.

      • Meanwhile...
        Trap feels guilty because he was suppose to announce in the crashed chopper instead of Cueva.

      • Mike tells Cueva that the E.L.T. (Emergency Locating Transponder) is out for repairs.

      • Fuel leak in cockpit. Cueva turned off main battery power or a spark could blow them up. They can't check to see if the radio works.

      • Later...
        Cueva and Mike in the helicopter cockpit are crashed halfway down a ledge in a canyon.
        Cueva's leg is cut up.

      • 240-R-Air - (Trap and Sandy);
        Air 61 - ?;
        Air 33 - flies East to search;
        Air 42 - Bernhard Saddle area to search.;
        Air 52 - Strawberry Peak area to search.

      • Meanwhile...
        Kam (ESD secretary) calls the Aero Bureau and speaks to Crawford. He says that they heard the whole thing on the radio station and "We have every piece of equipment moving."
        Massive search and rescue begins.

      • Meanwhile...
        In the "Morning Mike" helicopter...Mike has a heart attack while flying. Cueva announces over the air that he can't fly this thing. Helicopter crashes.

      • Kam Francis, ESD secretary. Cueva went on a picnic with her at "San Gabriel." Cueva tried to turn the water polo into clothing optional.

      • Meanwhile...
        Trap wakes up for work and drives in his 280-ZX (maroon color)
        Trap comes to work at HQ.

      • Later...
        Cueva and Mike in the air. Cueva discusses the 240-Robert unit.
        "240-Robert has 15 deputies at present"
        Sheriff department has "6000 officers"
        "Responsible for over 4000 square miles"
        "Largest Sheriff department in the world"

      • Later...
        Deputy Bottendott records the radio report with Cueva on a portable tape recorder.
        Radio station - "Radio 96"

      • Next Morning...
        At airport...
        "Morning Mike" show in a yellow Hughes 500 helicopter. Pilot is named Mike.
        Cueva shows up late and apologizes. Funny that Cueva is late to do a traffic show because of traffic.

      • Later...walking out of ice arena. Trap's ribs hurt from playing hockey. Trap is suppose to do a morning traffic radio show the next day at 6:30am. Cueva reluctantly gets stuck doing the show to help his partner.

      • Then a black man (Mr. Poindexter) with his pregnant black wife (Mrs. Poindexter) in the stands. She collapses from pains. She is about to give birth.
        Cueva delivered an 8lb. boy.

      • Sandy in bleachers with fans cheering.
        Trap and Cueva on ice. Cueva punches a referee accidentally during a fight.
        Cueva sent to the penalty box.

      • Hockey game - 240-R vs. L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department).

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