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Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 17, 1979 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The 240-Robert rescue team faces a harrowing experience when they try to rescue two window washers clinging from a broken scaffold 40 stories up on a skyscraper, while beautiful members of a modeling agency inside the building watch with astonishment.

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    Joanna Cassidy

    Joanna Cassidy

    Deputy Morgan Wainwright

    Thomas Babson

    Thomas Babson

    Deputy Terry Caster

    Mark Harmon

    Mark Harmon

    Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux or "Thib"

    Brant van Hoffman

    Brant van Hoffman

    Deputy Bottendott

    Michael Toland

    Michael Toland

    Deputy "Phone Number" Fedderson

    Tori Lysdahl

    Tori Lysdahl

    Deputy Michelle

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Trap is boarding the poacher's fishing boat in SCUBA gear, you can catch a glimpse of the boom microphone extending into the shot!

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    • NOTES (20)

      • Original Air Date (in US): 17th September 1979

      • Inside of window washing building, the receptionist (Penny) calls radio show to report the accident. KXYX giving away $100 for the news tip of the week.

      • Window washers dangle from the outside of building scaffolding. Morgan in 240-R-Air says over public address speaker of helicopter, "Help is on the way" to window washers. Trap and Thib in helicopter ride to roof and rappel down to window washers.

      • We learn that Thib is a vegetarian as he talks to Trap in the 240-R-2 Bronco.

      • A fishing boat at sea with 2 guys. 1 guy in a wet suit.

      • Valerie Barnes - owner of model agency "Barnes Agency." She asks Trap & Thib to be models for $250 an hour to start.

      • Trap & Thib outside, kick in giant glass window (without breaking it) to bring window washers inside to safety.

      • Gwen - female photographer.

      • Trap considers modeling while he talks to Thib in the 240-R-2 Bronco. Thib says that it's not for him.

      • 240-R-Air sees a boy on the beach and calls on the radio "Code 6 on Coral Beach." Helicopter lands on beach.

        Brian - boy.
        Danny - white and black shaggy dog.
        Brian's parents went SCUBA diving.
        Yellow dune buggy hit dog.

      • 240-R-2 arrives at beach. Thib thinks the dog has a possible fracture and he splints the dog's leg.
        SCUBA diving parents surface and the wife tells Trap and Thib that she almost drowned. Husband thought she was caught in Kelp or something, but wife claimed that is was not kelp. From the shoreline, Thib asks a fishing boat if he has any other lines over the side? Man on boat says no.

      • Then a yellow dune buggy speeds by. 240-R-2 in beach chase with 240-R-Air. Chase goes "Northbound on PCH Headder Cliff." Dune buggy causes car crash at intersection. Morgan in helicopter finds yellow dune buggy hiding under bridge. 2 other sheriff's cars block dune buggy and it flips over. Driver is fine.

      • A Motorcycle gang is causing trouble. 240-R-5 responds (CB and Terry). They request a 2 unit backup. "Mailbu 103" and "240-R-Air" respond. Tells group to move out and the cyclist thows a beer can at the Bronco. Another beer thrown and Terry falls when cyclist tries to run him down. Cyclist arrested.

      • Thib and Trap go to the "Barnes Modeling Agency" to check it out. Valerie meets them and offers Dom Perignon. Trap drinks it. Thib gets fresh squeezed orange juice from Victoria who is also a vegetarian. Valerie offers them $250 and hour plus a bonus of $1,000. "Deal," said Trap & Thib together.

      • At the station Trap and Thib filling out an off duty request form. Deputy C.B. asks them what are they doing with there time off. They say that they are not sure yet. Trap doesn't want the other Deputies to model also. It's all about supply and demand.

        Thib thinks of "Creative Artist Liaison" for the request form reason.
        Trap says, "Advisors for Mountain Apparel Company."
        Thib says, "Clothing Safety Consultants." They both agree that, "Clothing Safety Consultants," is the best and finish the forms. Morgan intercepts the forms and reads them.

      • Trap reads to Thib off a brief sheet..."Commercial fisherman report local catches are extremely low. Fish & Game have reason to believe that poachers are working the area with illegal gill nets."

      • Thib gets a phone call on line 2 at the 240-R Station. It's Vicky Henderson (Brian's mother who says that Danny the dog is doing fine). She said that she was caught in a net the other day.

      • At the model agency, Morgan and the other Deputies show up with personal film and still cameras.

        They all see Thib wearing a bathing suit in a fake beach scene with 5 girls in bikinis. Then they see Trap with a giant St. Bernard dog in a snow scene with fake snow falling.
        The deputies all laugh at Trap & Thib.

      • The boat returns to winch up the net. Thib gets caught in net. Trap cuts net to free Thib. Smoke flares released to surface to signal 240-R-Air. 240-R-Air picks up Thib while Trap caught the net in the boat's propeller to disable the boat. U.S. Coast Guard arrives.

      • 240-R-Air drop Trap & Thib in SCUBA gear who know that Gill Nets have to be attached to something. They head to Coral Beach. Gill nets catch everything and kill. They throw off the ecological balance. Thib spots a submerged buoy. Trap & Thib jump into ocean to explore buoy.

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