Season 1 Episode 7

Out of Sight

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 1979 on ABC



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    • Original Air Date (in US): 15th October 1979

    • Meanwhile, 240-R softball practice was cancelled and then Thib tells Trap to have it without him. Just as softball practice is about to begin, a guy gets help from the 240-R team for a girl who passes out in the park. She choked on her food and could not breathe. Trap turns girl on side and taps her back to dislodge the food from her throat. She starts to breathe. Practice is cancelled.

    • Terry rides with Trap while Thib is in the hospital. Terry removed Thib's gear from Bronco. Trap gets upset.

    • Trap calls on the radio for a "Special 924" (softball practice). When Morgan asks what a 924 is, Trap tells her that it's "for Ground Units only." Morgan shows up for practice anyway and Trap said that the team needs a good cheerleader. Morgan asks, "Who's the cheerleader?" Trap says, "You are."

    • Thib falls while directing 240-R-Air out of parking lot with Morey as a transport victim. Thib loses sight due to car accident earlier in episode when avoiding dog.

    • Softball game
      East L.A. beat 240-R last year at the softball championship.

    • Thib's car number: 23.
      Thib rolls car 23 to avoid hitting a stray dog in the track.

    • Softball shirt numbers & positions
      Trap - 1 (Pitcher/Manger).
      Thib - 7 (shortstop).
      Morgan - 13 (she ends up pitching fast ball at end of episode).

    • later a Yellow '71 Chevelle with 2 pot smoking youths driving is spotted by 240-Robert-Air.
      Morgan calls in "240-Robert-Air is Southbound on Woodhill passing Fulton with 2 deuces."
      Car crashes into a gas station at Hudson & Hickerbocker and hits guy on pay phone inside station.

    • Morey Allen, Comedian, is the guy on phone.

    • Thib at hospital.
      Doctor said that it could be neric damage or pressure. A post traumatic concussion might clear itself up...if not then surgery, which has a 50%-50% chance if it doesn't clear itself up.

    • Thib is checked into hospital room with Morey the comedian. Morey entertains a little girl Amy with jokes in his room at the hospital.

    • Morey climbs out onto ledge of hospital to jump and end his life (his wife is dead, his kids are grown up with kids of their own). Thib gets his sight back and climbs out onto ledge to talk down Morey. Then 240-R-2 arrives and Trap speaks to Thib and Morey out of window near ledge, but from inside hospital. Thib loses his sight again while on the ledge. 240-Robert-Air makes an aerial pickup with a sling and saves both Thib & Morey.

    • While driving to the softball game, Thib explains his blindness to Trap. It was "the pressure of the optic nerve caused by the swelling," said Thib. Trap & Thib arrive late to the game and are amazed at the scoreboard.

    • Morgan calls in, "240-Robert-Air is 10-7 for Driver Training."
      Trap & Thib are testing the tires at just under 70 mph.
      Sergeant tells them to "push it" and test them at 80 mph.

      ELA 0 0 0 0 0 0...
      240R 1 0 2 2 3 1.

      According to a spectator, Morgan pitched a "no-hit no-run game!"

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