Season 1 Episode 10

Poison Air

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 1979 on ABC



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    • Original Air Date (in US): 5th November 1979

    • Later...

      Ford pick-up - Thib's truck which is Silver with Black, red, yellow stripes.

      Arrive to see Carmine and Angie renew vows in a field. Michael (son) apologizes for Brad. They all look up to see a skydiving ceremony begin!

    • Meanwhile...Morgan underwater manually inflates Traps broken floatation vest. Thib reaches a drowsy blurry Trap to save him.

    • Thib shows up at the "Westerly" but Trap and Morgan have already dived off at Starboard Dive Reef.

    • 22nd Street Landing is where the "Westerly" left from and Thib shows up and borrows a speedboat from a guy on the dock. Speedboat name: "Scarab"

    • Lt. Coleman cannot reach the boat "Westerly" on the radio due to loud music on the boat playing.

    • Meanwhile...
      At the Dive N' Surf shop Brad brags to Michael about putting fumes in Traps SCUBA tank. Michael tells Carmine (his dad) to get a hold of his Sheriff friends fast.

    • Meanwhile...
      Kestenbaum reading a book "EST and You" while Thib drives in 240-R-2. They are headed to Marina Station to drop off a 459 report from last night.

    • Later...
      Trap and Morgan on diving boat tour.
      Jack Baurd??? captain of boat "Westerly"

    • Later...

      240-R-2 to Malibu Canyon,

      RADIO CALL: "459 silent. 21203 Pacific Coast Highway."
      A house is being robbed while the Sheriffs show up. Broken window on house.
      Thib - big silver gun
      Trap - small black gun (.38 special?).
      Room by room search.
      Thib sees a knight armor and falls. Crooks hide behind drapes and surprise cops. Fist fight begins and Trap & Thib win. Trap & Thib recognize the 2 crooks from earlier joggers on the beach who were probably casing houses.

    • Brad refills Traps SCUBA tank with Carbon Monoxide from running motorcycle fumes.

    • Trap driving his red Corvette Stingray picks up Morgan for diving lessons.
      Brad (works at dive shop) is pot smoking out back of dive shop. Trap tells Brad to watch it or he's busted! Different "LEHIGH UNIVERSITY" t-shirt on Trap. They pick up equipment and travel to indoor pool. Safety check 3 times and emergency procedure training for Morgan by Trap.

    • Thankful Carmine gives Morgan his business card. Carmine owns a SCUBA shop ("Dive N' Surf"). He said to come by and his son Michael will take care of them.

    • Trap hooks steel cable to helicopter. Thib gets cable and connects to basket and lowers it to ground.

    • Thib makes and aerial rappel rescue drop from 240-R-A (Trap in helicopter).

    • Meanwhile...
      SW 18mph winds
      Balloon headed towards Sicamore Canyon. Will not clear "Saddle Peak" unless bride releases sand from bags in basket. Balloon just clears Saddle Peak. Angie turns flame off accidentally. Deflated balloon lands on wires.

    • Morgan wants SCUBA lessons and Trap reluctantly offers to help out because everyone else is busy.

    • Balloon on beach. Wedding party with Angie and Carmine (married for 20 years). Suppose to renew their wedding vows at 200 feet in the air.
      Bride and groom in balloon basket. Groom steps out to help photographer (Vic) who is having trouble with the still camera. Balloon with bride takes off.

    • Trap and Thib jogging on beach and discuss $70,000 worth of jewels ripped off of beach house.
      "LEHIGH" are the letters on Traps shirt. LEHIGH is a college university in Pennsylvania.

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