Season 1 Episode 12

The Applicant

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 26, 1979 on ABC
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The Applicant
In a spectacular rescue high atop a collapsing Ferris wheel, Trap and Thib receive some daring support from a stunning policewoman, but then they're confronted by terrifying jaws of death when they must save a brash new member of the unit who panics in shark-infested waters.

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    Joanna Cassidy

    Joanna Cassidy

    Deputy Morgan Wainwright

    Thomas Babson

    Thomas Babson

    Deputy Terry Caster

    Mark Harmon

    Mark Harmon

    Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux or "Thib"

    Brant van Hoffman

    Brant van Hoffman

    Deputy Bottendott

    Michael Toland

    Michael Toland

    Deputy "Phone Number" Fedderson

    Tori Lysdahl

    Tori Lysdahl

    Deputy Michelle

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      • Original Air Date (in US): 26th November 1979

      • Barry told Dinah that Morgan was a gourmet cook. Dinah has Morgan make "Morgan's Tuna Surprise" (a banner on a table).

      • Morgan was the: 1st female officer in Sheriff's Department, 1st female pilot to fly a helicopter and the 1st and only lady in the rescue detail.

      • Later...

        Dinah Shore Show again
        Morgan, Trap & Thib all in dress uniform.

      • Barry thanks Trap & Thib. Barry quits 240-Robert unit.

      • Barry trapped in steel cage 60 feet down for about 1/2 hour. Not much air left. Thib leaves Barry his air tank so Barry can breath for a while longer.
        Morgan in 240-R-Air lifts steel cage with cable onto boat.

      • Tomorrow...
        Barry in steel cage that fell on one side. Barry trapped underwater (cable line broke snapped). "Chum" dropped off boat to attract sharks.
        RADIO CALL: "SCUBA diver in trouble off Will Rogers State Beach."
        240-R-Air with Trap & Thib (in SCUBA gear) responds.

      • Outside the studios the producer asked Barry for underwater film footage of sharks. Barry agreed for tomorrow (his day off). Because Barry seems to know a lot about sharks. They rent scuba gear and Dinah Shore Show foots the bill. Barry is not a certified diver yet.

      • Later...

        Dinah Shore Show - Shark rescue off the coast of Los Angeles. Dinah wants to meet Morgan after Barry's shark story. Trap & Thib in regular uniform but Barry wears his dress uniform. Barry monopolized all the air time.
        Morgan shows up at the studio late and missed the show.

      • 240-R-2 and 240-R-5 to amusement park. Barry chases 3 gang members instead of rescuing ferris wheel. Thib climbs ferris wheel. Trap goes in helicopter ride on a rope to ferris wheel car.
        Morgan drops a "horse collar" strong enough to hold a horse. Not used because Rosie is afraid.
        Morgan clears for a 211 call assist.
        Michelle and Rosie are lowered to the ground by Trap & Thib.

      • "Malibu 101, possible 207 in progress at rural amusement park." female Sheriff calls in on radio.
        Female Sheriff and Rosie are trapped on a ferris wheel car that is about to fall.

      • Meanwhile...

        Malibu 211 (female Sheriff, Michelle) strongarm stops 2 punks from the Lobos gang.
        3 other gang punks (Carlos, Manny and Tommy) harass Rosie (girl carrying groceries) to ride ferris wheel at amusement park nearby.

      • Later...

        Dinah Shore Show sees news story and books Thib, Trap, Barry and Morgan.

      • Deputy Barry Rogers asks Morgan out on a date.

      • Barry is misquoted by the press as saying there is "a pack of sharks."

      • CPR - no heart beat for Charlie who is in V-Phib (or D-Phib?). Zapped with paddles and heartbeat is restored. 240-R-Air transports Charlie to hospital by air.

      • Thib swims to shore with Charlie on raft while Morgan tows raft to shore.

      • KNLA - news crew in white station wagon. Channel 3 news.

      • 240-R-2,
        240-R-5 and
        240-R-Air all go to beach to respond to shark attack call. Trap (with shotgun) and Thib in helicopter with Morgan all leave from station.

      • Barry Rogers - new over-enthusiastic 240-Robert deputy formerly from "East L.A. Sheriff." He is on probation for a month. Barry rides with Kestenbaum in 240-Robert-5.

      • Charlie (old man) has heart attack on raft at beach. Wife on shore.

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