Season 1 Episode 8

Time Bomb

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 22, 1979 on ABC
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Time Bomb
Trap wants to transfer because Morgan is about to become the unit's first woman sergeant, but Trap and Thib must first cope with a lion running wild in the streets, and then face underwater death when given just seconds to disarm a time-bomb set to blow up an oil tanker.moreless

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    Joanna Cassidy

    Joanna Cassidy

    Deputy Morgan Wainwright

    Thomas Babson

    Thomas Babson

    Deputy Terry Caster

    Mark Harmon

    Mark Harmon

    Deputy Dwayne Thibideaux or "Thib"

    Brant van Hoffman

    Brant van Hoffman

    Deputy Bottendott

    Michael Toland

    Michael Toland

    Deputy "Phone Number" Fedderson

    Tori Lysdahl

    Tori Lysdahl

    Deputy Michelle

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      • Original Air Date (in US): 22nd October 1979

      • RADIO CALL HQ SPEAKER: "Two calls. 902 R movie crane operator stranded. 905 lion cited. Both at Sunrise Point."

        240-R-5 and
        240-R-Air all respond. Bronco winches secure the camera boom crane.
        Trap walks on crane to secure cameraman (Tony) with a safety line who is hanging upside-down by his feet.
        240-R-Air brings in a harness to airlift Trap & victim out to top of cliff.

      • Meanwhile...
        At a deli shop...Erving the employee empties trash out back and sees a lion. Erving jumps over a fence into a dumpster, but he leaves the back door to the deli shop open. The lion walks in. The 4 women customers panic and break the front windows glass by throwing cans of food in order to get out.

      • Then the lion then sees a poodle and begins to chase it down the street. A woman driving sees the lion walking and gets into a car crash. 240-R team springs in to action. The woman is trapped in her car and is pregnant. She also speaks Spanish. Trap asks for "survive air" and give her a face mask of air. They use the Bronco's winch to pull off the crushed car door to free the pregnant woman. The woman is very thankful. 240-R-Air airlifts the pregnant woman to the hospital.

      • Morgan wants to speak to Trap alone at "Maloney's at 9:00pm after work."

      • Later...
        Maloney's bar with the 240-Robert teams. Trap says that for 15 years the 240-Robert was an all male unit. Trap wants to transfer out of unit. Morgan wants Trap to stay. Morgan decides that she will transfer out of the unit. She doesn't want to be the cause to break up the team.

      • Later...
        Maloney's bar
        240-Robert team has all gone home except for Trap & Morgan.
        Trap tells Morgan that he wants her to stay and that he will stay to. He will find a way to work it out.

      • Meanwhile...
        At the pier...
        2 bad guys return in wet suits to plant explosives on the "Arco Prudoe Bay" ship.

      • Meanwhile...
        At the pier...
        2 bad guys are caught climbing up the pier in wet suits by 2 other sheriff deputies.

      • Next day...
        Thib and Trap parked and eating lunch in the Bronco,
        RADIO CALL TO 240-R-2: "1021 Coleman's office immediately."
        Thib calls the station from a nearby payphone and asks for "Extension 395" (Lt. Coleman).
        Lt. Coleman says that Pier 9 is set to blow at noon today.

      • 240-R-Air transports Trap & Thib to Pier 9 where there is already a Sheriff Explosives Team standing by.
        Sheriff Explosive leader tells Trap & Thib that the explosive is 30 feet below the bow on the starboard side below the water line and there is 27 minutes left before it explodes.
        Trap & Thib in scuba suits dive in while the other deputies clear all of the nearby buildings just in case that bomb explodes.

      • Diving helmets with air hoses and voice communication are given to Trap & Thib who go in to the sea to try to disarm the bomb. The explosive expert leader talks Trap & Thib to remove the 4 screws, remove the cover. The explosive is encased in epoxy. They have to disengage it from the ship hull. There is about 2 pounds of C-4 explosives which is too much for the portable car trailer to withstand. With 4 minutes left they cut the white wire and deactivate the electromagnet. The bomb is still ticking. They put the bomb in a "game bag" and attach the bag to 240-R-Air hook line. 240-R-Air flies the bomb out to sea, clear of the other nearby ships.

      • Trap & Thib resurface and verify that the bomb is real. It is rectangular shaped 8" x 12" and held on by electromagnets.

      • Meanwhile...
        2 guys (Lenny & ?) at the dock by the pier call someone from a payphone to ask for more money for the job. They want another $25 grand ($50 grand total) to blow up a ship.

      • TV film crew is shooting a commercial on a cliff by some rocky mountains.
        Carmen - model.
        Ronald - lion on a car.
        Tony - cameraman.

      • 240-R-2 arrives at the deli shop. The crowd tells Trap & Thib that Mrs. Needleman is still inside and Erving is missing. Kestenbaum shows up and pulls his gun on the lion. Thib slowly lowers the gun with his hand. Trap tries to lasso the lion. Thib gets some meat out of the deli counter and tries to coach the lion out. The trainer shows up and yells at the lion..."Bad Ronald, bad pussycat. Look what you've done." The trainer walks right up to the lion and puts the leash on him and walks him out of the deli store.

      • Later on the docks...
        A Sheriff Explosives Team guy congratulates Morgan on her work. Morgan sees his nametag is "M. Wainwright." She soon learns that Marvin Wainwright is the one who placed 4th in the sergeants exam. He shows Morgan the complete results that he pulls out from his pocket.
        Trap placed #32,
        Morgan placed #34.

      • Tony tells Sam to put a kicker light in place. Sam knocks over some lights and the lion gets scared and escapes. The film crew flees the set. The boom cameraman (Tony) hangs over the cliff.

      • Later...
        In Bronco over radio, Thib speaks to Kestenbaum who said that the highway patrol and the reserves are looking for the escaped lion. Thib tells Trap about the Sergeants Exam results that Morgan came in 4th. Trap thinks that it was a computer mistake. Trap is upset. Trap considers leaving 240-Robert.

      • Meanwhile...
        At the 240-R HQ,
        the listings for Sergeant are posted. #4 is "M. Wainwright." Applegate is not in the first 25 posted. Other deputies congratulate Morgan. Trap doesn't know yet.

      • Morgan says that she wants to introduce Marvin to Trap. A VERY happy Trap shakes Marvin's hand in a wideshot.

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