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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Present Tense
      Present Tense
      Episode 13
      The end of the term, has finally come. Bethan finds out tally isn't going to L.A. after all, she's staying at the Oaks for Christmas, and Bethan might too. Drew has been expelled for the fireworks, and Staggsy doesn't remember what happened to him on the tower. Drew can't say the words, He'll have to find out another way to tell Staggsy. Meanwhile the roads are closed and everyone is stuck, leaving time for the last goodbyes.moreless
    • Bad Behaviour
      Bad Behaviour
      Episode 12
      Christmas is around the corner, and the school's Karaoke contest is coming up. If the Darwin House does a good performance it might be enough to make Jan Roberts let them off probation, but can they pick a song without getting in a fight? Meanwhile, Staggsy is worried that He and Drew will get caught for letting off the fireworks. Drew could care less about school, and he'll prove it, but his actions could be fatal.moreless
    • Days Of Our Lives
      Days Of Our Lives
      Episode 11
      Jan Roberts announced that the Founders day fireworks were going to be cancelled. After the announcement Drew and Staggsy are going to make sure those fireworks will go on-no matter what. Meanwhile, Beans has fallen for a lovely girl named Beatrice. The only question is will she get in the way of Beans and Jax's friendship. Anya finds out a way to reasign Chris to Magazine editor, the only thing is, if it doesn't work out the way she planed, she'll have to date Marcus!!!moreless
    • To Your Own Self Be True
      The Oak's school poll results come in, Tally was awarded dumbest blonde, and Beans was awarded most eligible bachelor. Tally, convinced that image is everything is determained to change her look, Beans on the other hand is to full of himself, so he decides he needs a girlfriend. Chris decides he must do something to solve his problems with Anya, Will he leave the Darwin family?moreless
    • Crime & Punishment
      The punishment given to the Darwin family in the last episode put a strain on everyone, grounding them all for the weekend. It becomes way too much for Chris to bear, and ignoring the grounding, goes into town and gets drunk. Drew, extremely upset with something, goes to talk to Chris, but Chris, still drunk, says things to upset him, and then leaves. Drew gets mad and messes up his room. Chris finally realizes he was drunk, finds Drew in a church (?!?!) and apologizes. Then Drew tells him what bothered him so much: His father found a new girlfriend, and was moving to America.moreless
    • The Usual Suspects
      Pranks start up again in the house, and everyone gets one, with the exception of Anya. This makes her feel left out, and with the help of Jax, decides to TP the canteen. But she accidentally smashes a statue of the Oaks founder which was also in the canteen, on her way out. Of course the punishment for this is EXPULSION, something that Anya doesn't want to experience. But yet she didn't want to tell. Rumors are spread all around about the culprit, and no one even tried to suspect Anya. But as Jan Roberts demanded to know who it was, Anya immediately confessed. Then, Jax confessed. Soon afterwards, Chris, Drew, Staggsy, Bethan, and Tally also confessed, showing their support for Anya, in a traditional "if-you-take-her-down-you-have-to-take-us-all" way. Jan Roberts had no choice but to put the entire house on probation.moreless
    • True Lies
      True Lies
      Episode 7
      Anya talks to Beans and confesses that after being dumped by both of the Silverstone brothers, she's created an imaginary boyfriend by the name of Felix Van Shellbeck. Her parents love him. No, we're not kidding. And when prize-giving evening comes around, Anya wants Beans to pose as her dear Felix. But of course, Beans's uniqueness causes the entire fiasco to be given away. Meanwhile, Staggsy enters one of Drew's paintings in the Oaks' art competition. The only problem is that he entered it under HIS name.moreless
    • Suspicion
      Episode 6
      Everyone in Darwin Family has been victim of vicious pranks!! A culprit comes and leaves cereals in beds, fruit salad in Bethan's shoes and ‘loser' written on Chris's head in permanent marker. Of course Drew and Staggsy are automatically blamed for this. But it is up to them to figure out the whodunit. They decide to have a stakeout to figure out who did it. They set nets to capture him and turn on a video camera. However it turns out that the person who had done it was acutally...gasp...Drew. He was sleepwalking--a thing that happens to young people when their parents decided to split. Meanwhile, Tally is failing Design class. She decides to keep the secret from Bethan and instead tells her than she and Daniel the design teacher are dating. Bethan finds this repulsive and tells Eddie, who then tells Daniel. Daniel tells Tally that she almost ruined his career. Bethan also tells Tally that if Tally weren't so jealous of her none of that would have happened.moreless
    • Secrets & Lies
      Secrets & Lies
      Episode 5
      It's parent's evening at the Oaks, and Drew's mum and dad have come over for a visit. Drew and Staggsy were serving hors d'oeuvres in two shirts they took from their new reluctant roommate Beans. It was then that Staggsy, while hiding behind Drew's mum and Jan Roberts, found out the unthinkable: Drew's parents were getting a divorce. Of course, Staggsy did not want to tell Drew, but in a pact they had signed that they would never withhold a secret from each other. Meanwhile, Drew finds out that Chris has been spending time with a woman named Simone. As the two go into town for pizza and pool, Chris leaves without Drew, and drops (i think) his wallet (or some kind of jewelry.) Drew jets off after him, and that's where he figures it out. Staggsy, caught between all of this confusion, decides not to tell Drew and just let his parents tell him when they take Drew to lunch. But then Drew asks Staggsy to come also.moreless
    • Swing Kids
      Swing Kids
      Episode 4
      The new history teacher, Jason, has arrived to the Oaks, and Beans is less than happy. It seems as if Jason is always on his case. And as Jason assigns a report, Beans has other plans, in this case, by not doing the report at all. Instead he offers a full jazz performance (hence the title "Swing Kids.") But even with all of this, Jason gives Beans a failing grade. And even worse he holds his guitar hostage.

      Meanwhile Drew and Staggsy, up to their old pranking selves again, decide to move an old car they find parked in the lot. However, their sweet joke turns very sour when it crashes. And guess who owns this car? None other than Jason. Drew and Staggsy immediately fled the scene after this happened, and Jason blamed Beans for it. He also threatened to break Beans' guitar.

      Beans tried to be a bit nicer and redid his report (actually typed this time.) Yet Jason still failed him. Beans couldn't even believe it and still Jason messed with Beans and his guitar. This angered Beans and he punched Jason.

      A Student Council meeting was held to decide the fates of Beans and Drew and Staggsy, who fessed up to the crime they committed. Marcus's ruling was that the school trip to Paris would be cancelled so the money would go to fix Jason's car (and of course no one was too thrilled.) Beans also lost his attic privileges. Overall this was a real downer for the Darwin Family.moreless
    • Stupid Cupid
      Stupid Cupid
      Episode 3
      Cupid goes on a rampage at the Oaks on this episode. Staggsy's absolutely smitten with Bethan, and keeps trying to get her attention with strange things, like a tee shirt with his picture on it. Poor Tally, still quite jealous of Bethan, keeps going around trying to kiss people. On Anya's front, she keeps trying to avoid Chris, considering nearly all of their conversations end up in fights. But after practicing archery and putting their things away in the games shed, they accidentally lock themselves in. Chris can't get his cell phone to work and the only choice the two have is to talk everything out. That is, until Bethan finds them.moreless
    • Home Truths
      Home Truths
      Episode 2
      It's election time at the Oaks and Anya is ready to win. But everyone else isn't too ready for her. It seems as if every time someone mentions Miles they always bring up her and laugh. Her opponent is a kid name Marcus who wowes the ladies with his charm and gets the guys green with envy. Then Drew and Staggsy decide to nominated a very reluctant Chris, which gets Anya in an even more sad predicament. She becomes extremely determined to win, even if it means cheating. Which may be her only way to win, thanks to her campaign manager Jax, whom after returning from Beans' house in Transylvania, becomes an absolute nuisance, and claims that Beans is so rich he has servants to do everything for him. In fact, she gets so out of hand that she tells everyone that Anya is trying to get rid of the cleaners and that kids will have to clean their own things. With this said, Anya fired Jax. Afterwards she went to talk to Chris, who automatically believed that she was trying to copy his essay. But she did worse than that, and deleted it when he left the room. Not only that, but as Marcus practiced his great dance number in place of his campaign speech, Anya went to the fuse box and cut his lights out, literally. When election time came, Natasha, who had been filming many of the sights and sounds, showed the tape, which included many humorous thoughts from Drew, Staggsy, and Beans, and which also showed Anya firing Jax, and the others talking about how bad Anya treated them during the campaign. Then Jan Roberts announced that Chris came in third place and there was a tie between Marcus and Anya, which meant they would have to start the process all over again. But Anya dropped out of the race, making Marcus the winner. She ran back to the common room and cried her eyes out until Chris came and talked to her about how much she's changed, and how hard it will be for them to become friends again.moreless
    • Love Hurts
      Love Hurts
      Episode 1
      Half term is over already, but what a difference a week makes for the residents of Darwin House. Staggsy has recovered from his homesickness and is back as a boarder, and Bethan is sporting a trendy new image. Anya has decided to dump love-rat Miles in favour of his brother Chris, but a tabloid story reveals that Miles has already made other plans, in this case, joining some famous actress in New York. Have Chris's dreams of romance finally come true, you ask? Nope. As Chris and Anya begin to date, Chris notices that Anya goes to visit Miles before he leaves. He ends up believing she went there to get back together with him, and dumps her. Meanwhile, Tally becomes overly jealous of Bethan's new image and poses as her when a person comes to interview her. Bethan finds out and chaos begins.moreless
  • Season 1