$25 Million Dollar Hoax

NBC (ended 2004)


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$25 Million Dollar Hoax

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NBC's reality show put viewers in the life of someone who just won $5 million.... well, sort of. The premise of the show is that Chrissy Sanford, a small-town girl living with her family, must trick them into believing that she actually won $5 million from a website called thebigwin.net. What her family does not know is that the entire thing is a hoax, and Chrissy is in on it. She must "spend" the entire $5 million on herself. However, what she spends her money on has already been arranged, and the actors portraying the salespeople are there to make sure she spends an outrageous amount of money everywhere she goes. If Chrissy is able to spend all $5 million on herself, without breaking down or telling her family the truth, then she wins a big prize for her and her family. On the season finale, Chrissy will spin the "thebigwin.net wheel" where she can end up winning even more than $5 million. It is after she spins the wheel that she must announce to her family (all of whom must be in attendance while she spins the wheel for her to win her real prize) that the entire thing was a hoax.


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