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  • good!

    A brilliant Sketch show with very funny characters
    This is a very funny show that makes politics fun ! Just some of the sketches aren't particulary good such as some of the Bush ones. The Henman sketches are generally quite good along with the Arnold Sworchniger ( is that how you spell his name ! ? ) I will hope that it comes back to our television boxes some day. It never even got explained why it got took off properly, i think the writers must have just got sick of it after a few years of doing the show .
  • The best thing since MR bean

    I used to love watching this show on ITV. It was so funny and yet I happen to see no new series of 2DTV,has it ended? I haven't seen this show for a few years now and I hope they're planning a new series for this year. My favourite characters or should I say chraratures(however its spelt) are George bush, Sadam Hussain, Coranation street and eastenders cast, Bruce 4side(who presented price is right) and cylar black.
  • 2DTV

    This is the greatest show that ITV1 ever made. I wish they make new ones because they are so funny especially the time that Michael Jacksons face come off. I couldn't stop laughing. This is a good quickie show and will always be the best and it is very entertaining too.
  • A brilent Sketch show with very funny characters

    A brilent Sketch show with very funny characters
    This is a very funny show that makes politics fun! Bush is kinda stupid, Tim Henman desprete for a trophy and Arnie Swerz... something always acting very funny. I don't know what more to say in this review so good bye.
    -Foster Fan
  • Very entertaining!

    2DTV is is one of my favourite animated television shows in the UK. It was probably the first UK animated television show that i've watched and is deffinetly recommended to those who have not watched yet.

    There are impressions of royal members, and other familiar faces from television or the public limelight. The cartoon strips also have a good and striking design that is near like to the person being impressed.

    My favourite however is of George W Bush, the voice for this character is very funny and the impression is second to none. Others included Osama Bin Laden and many more.

    Very funny!
  • 2DTV is a show with little clips of animated charicters of famous people...very funny!

    2DTV is a very funny series, where nobody is safe, in some ways I guess it is an animated verion of the classic "Spitting Image". Some of the best sketches feature President Bush and the sock Puppet Professor Liebstrom! The show has gone from strength to strength each series and long may it continue!
  • A great sketch show, never losing it\'s charm.

    This is a show you just have to watch if you haven't already. What this show does is takes recent news stories or things like that, and makes something funny out of them. With so many characters to poke fun at, this is just hilarious.
    This is animation gone wrong! It's funny, it's rude, it's...2D!!!!!!! 2DTV, watch it!!!
  • A funny animated masterpiece.

    2DTV is one of the funniest cartoons i have ever experienced, it takes the mik out of millions of celebs from David Beckham to Elton John with all voices that sound like that celeb, and all these voices are done by 2 people.
    The only problem with this show is that too many of the gags are repeated by the same celeb and sometimes some of the jokes that are made happened like ages ago,which is really annoying. But apart from that it is still an ace show and deserves more than 9/10

    You will laugh your head off!!!!!!!!
  • 2DTV is a short animated satirical show that keeps up to date with the latest stories. Using a special kind of animation, it is able to make characters and places quite easily and finished on the date in which it's supposed to be aired.

    I dont see it as much but it is a good show. Jhon Culshaw dose a good Bush. I think its a link to Dead Ringers only its a cartoon and thats not to bad either. I have to say that it can\'t really beat Futurama but its level but its close to it.
  • Started out absolutely brilliantly, but now it's kinda lame...

    This show started out as incredibly funny, witty and quite bizarre, 15-minute episodes. It was so successful and good, that from series 3 onwards, the episodes became full, 1/2 hour ones. But then something bad happenned. Almost all of the main writers and original cast member left (including the fantastic John Culshaw and Jan Ravens) which left a rather unfunny, poorly written and blatantly stupid show with a much lower quality of impressionism. It's such a shame when a show as fantastic as this jumps the shark, but unless people are willing to let them be cancelled, then it's inevitable.
  • Cool sketch show!

    2DTV is an excellent sketch show. Some times it\'s not exactly laugh out loud funny but still brilliantly clever. One of my favour characters has to be Arnold Schwarzenegger \'Just a bit of harmless fun!\'. The voice acting is spot on, however its not as good as the first series when Jon Culshaw was in it (His George Bush is unbelievable!). I was very pleased to here that it was returning for a new series. ITV don\'t ever seem to give this a good time slot, I mean late on a sunday night is hardly comedy show material. I hope the new series will have a better one!
  • A brilliant piece of animated comedy!

    2DTV consists of loads of sketches from the latests news and going-ons, from Victoria Beckham to President Bush. This show keeps popping out hilariously funny versions of everything imaginable. I laugh nearly all the way through everytime i watch it.
    So if your looking for a great animated comedy with a great difference then look no further!