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In the tradition of spoofing and fad boybands, 2gether gained popularity first as a television movie, then as a TV series. Here we meet the heartthrob, Jerry O'Keefe, who is found on a street by a old time veteran record producer, Bob Buss. Bob is sure Jerry will be able to make it big. However, the record labels aren't seeking out solo acts; they want boy bands. So Bob and Jerry set out to find other singers to create a band. On the road, they run into the Linus brothers: Chad, the shy one, and his much older brother Doug. Bob originally wants Chad, but with a little persuasion, he also gets Doug. So they got The Heartthrob, The Shy One, The Older Brother; What's left? They eventually meet The Poser/The Bad Boy (Mickey Parke) and The Cute One (Jason "Q.T." McKnight). Q.T. also has a terminal illness--another good thing for the girls to love. Bob is sure the group is complete, except for one thing: hey don't have a name. After rethinking "Matchbox 30", they settle with the name: 2GE+HER. So our story begins, as they try to make it big in the music business, as they run into sorts of crazy and fun mishaps like: "What if a band member lost control of his temper?" "What if one person decides to try a solo career?" "What if two of the band members were up for the same award?" "What if a band member is gay?" "What if the band starts to lose it's popularity?" And so on, and so on. MTV Broadcast History: 1 TV Movie, 3 Specials, 19 episodes (1 Unaired) February 21, 2000 (TV Movie) August 2000 - November 2000: Tuesdays, 10:30PM February 2001 - March 2001: Mondays, 10:30PM

Michael Cuccione

Michael Cuccione

Jason "Q.T." McKnight

Kevin Farley

Kevin Farley

Doug Linus

Evan Farmer

Evan Farmer

Jerry O'Keefe

Noah Bastian

Noah Bastian

Chadwin "Chad" Linus

Alex Solowitz

Alex Solowitz

Michael "Mickey" Parke

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  • Wonderful memory of my preteen adolescence

    I remember this as the movie first. I was hooked on 2gether instantly! I was that lil 13 year old girl who was buying those teenie bopper magazines with clippings of 2gether and cutting them out, downloading pictures off the internet of them.. This show shouldve lasted longer than it did! Not many people gave it a chance! It shouldve been given a chance, it was funny, and silly.. 2Gether, in my opinion was more entertaining then any other MTV show. It wasnt realistic, but it had five silly actors, three of which were very attractive in my opinion. It was shortlived but it will never be forgotten in my life. Rest In Peace Michael "qt" Cuccione.moreless
  • Where are the DVDs?

    A spoof on the boy band craze of the 90s, 2gether was funny and still sweet in its satire. While the TV movie was more on the mark, it the show was still cute and worth watching. The death of Michael Cuccione at such a young age was heartbreaking and very sad, but while he was on the show, he was very funny and a good actor/singer.

    Despite launching a TV series and 2 albums, MTV has yet to even put out the original TV movie as a DVD. Old copies still exist on VHS, but they're hard to find. Plus, the TV series is nowhere to be found now and it was worth watching the first time around--it would be worth buying now if only MTV would actually release the show from its vault.moreless

    This show was so funny! I loved it! This show had some good-looking guys on it. Such as Noah Bastian (Chad), Evan Farmer (Jerry), and Alex Solowitz (Mickey). They weren't a bad sounding band either, even though most of their songs had funny lyrics in them. I think that having this show make fun of boy bands was absolute genuis because of the high demand of them at the time. The guys of Nsync and the Back Street Boys have nothing to compare to the guys of 2Gether, especially Michael Cuccione. The sad part to the cancellation was the fact that Michael Cuccione (Q.T.) died at only 16 years old. MTV should show re-runs of 2Gether: The series and 2Gether the MTV Original movie because the show was never released on dvd, and the movie has stopped being printed and so many people loved this show/movie, not just me.moreless
  • i love this show!

    i can wait

    till i get to see

    these shows again!

    i saw every single one then wham spack pow a strom hit micheal cucione passed away and then the story just went

    bye bye

    so i wish they would bring it back

    i love to see this show in reruns

    evban alex kevin noah and ther cucci i think mtv made the wrong desicion when they canclled it

    i was just likeing it!

    this was when on days the ausin carrie sami lucas thing was in eden !

    i miss this show

    bring it back to life to quote evanesencemoreless
  • love love love it!

    i love this show! does anyone know if it's on dvd or if it's going to? I taped them but unfortunately, from over watching, I don't have the movie or shows anymore... i want em so bad! This show was hilarious and they were so talented! Too bad MTV canceled it because they only kept shows for two seasons, regardless of success :(

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