Season 1 Episode 1

2GE+HER (A.K.A. 2gether)

Aired Tuesday 10:30 PM Feb 21, 2000 on MTV - Music Television



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  • Quotes

    • Mickey: Look at you, you ain't no gangster! You're all Mr. 2% Milk, Mr. Khaki Pants, Mr. Touched By An Angel. Get out my face!

    • Chad: I really don't think it was right for the joke about the Darth Vader costumes like that. It's offensive to all the families of all the people who been killed by Darth Vader. The people who, human rights he's been violating for so many years, That's all.

    • Erin: I did get his collage thingy. Pure Corn.
      Jerry: Yeah, I worked a long time on that.
      Erin: Like that Gwyneth Paltrow picture he cut out, Ick. I don't look like her. Maybe in Emma, Maybe.

    • Chad: I guess now Q.T. is kind of like Michael, and the rest of us were like Jermaine and Tito. You know, I have this theory that Jermaine was way more important to the Jackson 5 than Michael. I mean cause, who invented the moon walk? Jermaine. Who sang thriller? Jermaine. I mean who even married Lisa Marie Presley? Jermaine.

    • Mickey: Back up bitch! Robin's egg blue... yo that's my color, hoe.

    • Chad: You guys, I'm not sleeping with Mickey, that guy drools.
      Mickey: What? Don't make me get up, I don't drool.
      Chad: I saw it, man.

    • Moderator: The word is Bulemic.
      Skinny Women: Very funny.

    • Chad: One time I fit five dollars up my butt, and not to brag or nothing, but I could fit way more up there. Way more, Way More, Easy!

  • Notes

    • This is the second time, Ryan Taylor (Christopher "Chris" Boone), and Michael Curtola (Danny Keating), both of "Whoa!" crossed paths. Both crossed paths in another TV Movie called "Our Guys: Outrage in Glen Ridge" which starred stars like Ally Sheedy (The Breakfast Club), Heather Matarazzo (The Princess Diaries), and Brendan Fehr (TV's "Roswell")

    • This was the first TV movie made to air on MTV. It premiered without commercial interruption.

    • DVD Features include:

      The Full Music Videos of:

      "U + Me = Us (Calculus)"
      The Hardest Part Of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)

      "Working with acclaimed director Nigel Dick"
      "Appearing on TRL"
      "Getting cast for the movie"
      "Shoot their music video with Nigel Dick"

      "Heart Throb Profiles"
      Compatibiltiy Quiz
      TRL Apperance (3/28/00) Which is like 3 minutes long

      There is no different Camera angels/audio features, and it has a subtitle thing but It doesn't seem to work.

    • It was said that all 2gether members had to sing songs when audtioning and they had to audtion more than 4 to 6 times.

    • In later aired versions of the movie, the full music video of "U + Me = Us (Calculus)" is replaced with the pre/post show when it first premired on MTV.

    • The official MTV website of 2gether featured the following:

      The full music videos include "U + Me = Us (Calculus)" , and a short video clip of "Hardest Part Of Breaking Up (Is Getting your stuff back.)"

      Full video of "Rub One Out" by Whoa.

      Trailers for the TV Movie, and TV Series.

      "The Making the Video: "U + ME = US (Calculus)"", and a few tibits from behind the scenes.

      But that's before when MTV decided to clean out their website, deleting past shows like 2gether, and Beavis and Butthead that are no longer on their schedule.

    • In the song "U + Me = Us (Calculus)", QT (Michael) sang one line while they came up with the song but Chad (Noah) filled his line instead while singing the song. The same with Doug's (Kevin) line when coming up with the song, Jerry (Evan) sang it.

    • Music:
      "Candy" by Mandy Moore,
      "If Only" by Trinty Hi-Fi,
      "Beeskeeper's Blues" Susannah Hoffs,
      "Freakin' You" by The Jungle Brothers,
      "I Like It" by Gerry & The Pacemakers,
      "Flying Hooves Of Steel" by Pegasus,
      "Do You Know How Much I Love You" by Noah Bastian,
      "Under The Influence" by Citizen Kane,
      "Eat The Rich" by Motorhead,
      Push It" by Static-X,
      "Bounce With The Massive" by Tzant,
      "Rosanna" by Nigel Dick,
      "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" by Michael Cuccione,
      "Bucks Won't Buy You Love" by Nigel Dick.

    • Kevin Farley is Chris Farley's younger brother.

    • The Soundtrack started to be a demand on Amazon.com resulting in the TV Series, and their new cd, called "2gether Again". Fans complained that the Soundtrack was too short.

    • The soundtrack of the movie, 2gether was released on February 15, 2000.

    • It was said in the special, that Michael Cuccione audtioned with the song he wrote "Visualize" which could be heard on 2gether Soundtrack.

    • The main actors of 2gether really sing the songs. I'm not really sure if the actors of the group, "Whoa!" sang the songs (I think they did), but most likely they didn't because seeing that they were so called "extras".

    • The end credits features QT signing books. In real life he has a book out which he wrote with Jane MacSporran and Ronald Anderson entitled There Are Survivors: The Michael Cuccione Story. In the movie it is the same cover as his book, which is most likely his. It was released in December 1998, and is out-of-print. Check Amazon.com or your local book stores.

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