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  • Season 2
    • Fat
      Episode 7
      2gether Teaser: MTV has a "PLAY MY PROM" High School where the fans send silly photos of themselves. The lucky person who wins get together to play at their prom high school. Incidently, the person who won is from Mickey's old high school, and he quickly objects on going there. [End Teaser] Jerry tells Doug and Chad that he has to break up with a girl, Caylie, whom he's been seeing because he is just not ready. Q.T. then shows up in a sanitation suit because he has a doner for a new liver in ten days, and needs to live in a sanitation room. Mickey bursts in the house, and they tell him the great news about Q.T.'s liver. Mickey being mad, tells him to eat the liver, and rushes to his room. They then explain that the person who won is from Mickey's old high school. But he then tells them that he can't do it because, his sanitation process. Doug talks to Mickey, and Mickey shows him an old tape when he was fat, and he reminisce all the horrible memories in school, how they treated him very bad. Jerry at the gym, meets a new girl, and he proceeds to make a date, but he remembers that he is still with Caylie. The towel boy who whacks him on his butt, tells Jerry that the girl he met, Roxy, is Caylie's sister. Back at the home Jerry tells his story to Chad, and Doug, and still proceeds to want to date Roxy, so he comes up with a plan where Caylie breaks up with him. It's time for dinner, and Chad tells him that he used to be fat, and Mickey starts to over eat because of the pressure in going back, when the other guys convince him to go their because he is a new person. Day after, Mickey really over eats and everything in the house. Meanwhile, Jerry's plan work and Caylie breaks up with him. He then quickly returns to the gym for another meeting with Roxy. They share a little kiss, and Caylie shows up after they broke out of it. Roxy gets upset after she finds out that Jerry is the guy that her sister was dating. They end it when the two sisters, push him into the pool. Jerry tries to explain to Chad, and Chad tries to give him advice using their offical dolls™ (Check on ebay.com for them!) Jerry then asks where's Mickey, and Chad explains that Doug is doing his own therapy for Mickey with 6 large grocery bags. They enter Mickey's room, to find both of them Pigging out. Durning the middle of the night, after eating all that food, Mickey is still hungry and sees a sandwich is Q.T.'s sanitation room. He breaks in and Q.T. traps him in. But some how they get him out, and it's time to perform. They return to Mickey's high school, and they look for Mickey to conquer his fears. But they find nowhere and sees a wrapper on the ground. They check the nearest locker and finds Mickey in it. They then help Mickey conquer his fears, and they perform at the prom. As the four of them performs "Sister", Q.T. shows up in his suit and in a plastic bubble. (The end)moreless
    • Kiss
      Episode 6
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    • Lyrics
      Episode 5
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    • Jillie
      Episode 4
      QT finds a fan in his closet and quickly falls for her. Only to find out that she is Doug's daughter and he gets crushed. Meanwhile, Mickey won a date with America's sweet heart, Pamela Anderson, but Chad suggested to Mickey that he should give his date to Jerry, because Jerry found a sweat shirt of Erin and went on a naked spree in their home. On his date with Pam, he blows it by talking about Erin. Chad then tells Jerry that he need to get over Erin. Jerry then goes out with his stylist, Lita. He goes on a date with her and feels that she isn't the one. But he takes a look at her once more and she puts her hair up, looking like Erin. He then does the whole Vertigo thing, on trying to make a person another person. Meanwhile Jillie, Doug's daughter is forced to go to Giggleland, but she insists that QT should come. QT agrees but doesn't show up, So she calls him and he gets over there. QT and Jillie makes out and Doug catches them, grounding Jillie, and befriending QT. During a rehersal Jillie shows up just for QT but he isn't there because Doug told him that their rehersal was at Anaheim. Doug then gets mad that she showed up and she explains that she was only here to see QT not him and she leaves. Doug is crushed, and sings all by himself. QT then shows up and says sorry to Doug. Meanwhile Jerry, who made Lita to Erin goes over board by taking pictures with her exactly like when they went to a prom. Lita then explains that she is leaving for college and Jerry screams no. QT then get women advice from Mickey, to break Jillie's heart. The advice work and Jillie returns home. Jerry then retries his date with Pamela Anderson.moreless
    • Lovechild
      Episode 3
      A fan sues 2gether for 50 million dollars because their song, "Before We Say Goodbye" made her and now her ex-boyfriend horny forcing them to have sexual intercourse, and now impregnating her. They freak and Liz promises to settle the case. Liz settle the case with a $48 settlement (She got $32 after lawyers fee) and the fan, Ann Shears shows up in the middle of the night throwing rocks at their home. They then calm her down and Mickey starts to fall for her. But Jerry and Chad tries to find the guy, a Richard Something, who impregnant her. They find the guy and confront him. Mickey then proposes to Ann and she accepts. While at their party, Richard then shows up and says he was just scared and want to raise the baby. Ann then goes into labor and Mickey then backs out of their relationship.moreless
    • Pirates (2)
      Pirates (2)
      Episode 2
      Where we left off, 2gether was kicked out of their home by 4Ev-ah. They took over the roof near by, and performed a melody. Where all of 4Ev-ah's fans ditched their concert and cheered for 2gether. Liz sent out the police squad which cornered them on the building, and the only way to get out was to jump....so they jumped.... ....Which brings us back to where we are. They jumped off the building landing on the hundreds of fans. They then ran to their van and are now pirates out on the run. They then broadcast (somehow) their songs on air. Which makes Tom and Liz determined to get them on their contracts. They then get a email from QT saying that they should sign back with them. They think it's peculiar and ignores the message. But Chad figured out that QT was trying to we stand by 5 as 1. Dirty themselves and the van they decided to try to sneak back out there home, to take stuff and to take a shower. But they only find the outlines of 4Ev-ah's bodies on the floor (yes, someone killed them) and Tom catches them. They then tell him to beat it and he leaves. They then take a shower and fall asleep in their beds (correct term, 4Ev-ah's bed). In the morning when they are about to leave, What-ev Records catches them and tries to persuade them on signing on back with them. They resist at first and What-ev Records gives QT to them. QT tells them to sing but they asks him what about the 5 as 1 thing. QT explains that the 5 as 1 thing is that he kissed 5 girls in 1 night. He then explains that they were all happy when they were with What-ev Records. They then decided to sign only under one condition, that they are pirates.moreless
    • 2Gether: Behind the Awesomeness
      This was a special, showed behind the scenes, out takes, and paying a Tribute to the recent deceased Michael Cuccione, who died on a Saturday, January 13, 2001. It showed that Michael Cuccione didn't do the table reading in person but on phone, in his home land, Canada due to his condition.moreless
  • Season 1