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  • Wonderful memory of my preteen adolescence

    I remember this as the movie first. I was hooked on 2gether instantly! I was that lil 13 year old girl who was buying those teenie bopper magazines with clippings of 2gether and cutting them out, downloading pictures off the internet of them.. This show shouldve lasted longer than it did! Not many people gave it a chance! It shouldve been given a chance, it was funny, and silly.. 2Gether, in my opinion was more entertaining then any other MTV show. It wasnt realistic, but it had five silly actors, three of which were very attractive in my opinion. It was shortlived but it will never be forgotten in my life. Rest In Peace Michael "qt" Cuccione.
  • Where are the DVDs?

    A spoof on the boy band craze of the 90s, 2gether was funny and still sweet in its satire. While the TV movie was more on the mark, it the show was still cute and worth watching. The death of Michael Cuccione at such a young age was heartbreaking and very sad, but while he was on the show, he was very funny and a good actor/singer.

    Despite launching a TV series and 2 albums, MTV has yet to even put out the original TV movie as a DVD. Old copies still exist on VHS, but they're hard to find. Plus, the TV series is nowhere to be found now and it was worth watching the first time around--it would be worth buying now if only MTV would actually release the show from its vault.

    This show was so funny! I loved it! This show had some good-looking guys on it. Such as Noah Bastian (Chad), Evan Farmer (Jerry), and Alex Solowitz (Mickey). They weren't a bad sounding band either, even though most of their songs had funny lyrics in them. I think that having this show make fun of boy bands was absolute genuis because of the high demand of them at the time. The guys of Nsync and the Back Street Boys have nothing to compare to the guys of 2Gether, especially Michael Cuccione. The sad part to the cancellation was the fact that Michael Cuccione (Q.T.) died at only 16 years old. MTV should show re-runs of 2Gether: The series and 2Gether the MTV Original movie because the show was never released on dvd, and the movie has stopped being printed and so many people loved this show/movie, not just me.
  • i love this show!

    i can wait

    till i get to see

    these shows again!

    i saw every single one then wham spack pow a strom hit micheal cucione passed away and then the story just went

    bye bye

    so i wish they would bring it back
    i love to see this show in reruns
    evban alex kevin noah and ther cucci i think mtv made the wrong desicion when they canclled it

    i was just likeing it!

    this was when on days the ausin carrie sami lucas thing was in eden !

    i miss this show
    bring it back to life to quote evanesence
  • love love love it!

    i love this show! does anyone know if it's on dvd or if it's going to? I taped them but unfortunately, from over watching, I don't have the movie or shows anymore... i want em so bad! This show was hilarious and they were so talented! Too bad MTV canceled it because they only kept shows for two seasons, regardless of success :(
  • Help! Does anyone know were i can get the dvd? or even if there is one? why does this need to be 50 words long? That\'s realy gay all i want is the dvd and i\'m forced to mumble on about it, it really sucks hardcore oh well.

    were i can get the dvd? or even if there is one? why does this need to be 50 words long? That\'s realy gay all i want is the dvd and i\'m forced to mumble on about it, it really sucks hardcore oh well. But I really love this show!
  • One of the funniest spoof shows I have ever seen!!

    This show started off as a movie on MTV in which they made fun of boy bands and sang crazy songs. It was soon picked up as a TV show and I am here to tell you that both were extremely funny!! This show didn't last to long but it set the bar pretty high for anyone wanting to do a spoof. On a sad note one of the main actors died in the middle of the show.
  • 2ge+her first started as a satire movie in MTV for the boyband mainstream. It was original in itself and a good mockery of many of those day’s bands like teen bop “NSYNC and BSB” who were selling millions of records and many bands that are not a band any

    2gether is a show that I will never forget it is one of my personal favorites. I still remember screaming “Chad marry me” being a teeny bopper myself. The show is funny because it makes fun of boybands and the episodes are quite entertaining to watch. It is funny the way they emphasize that each member needs a separate mix of personality and be the “cute one”, “funny one”, “hot stud”, “shy one”, and “bad boy” were these ingredients to make up a successful boyband. Many of the episodes are full of comedy and have special guests like Mandy Moore, Pamela Anderson, etc. It was due to the unfortunate event when Michael Cuccione A.K.A "QT" passed away, the show got cancelled and the band split up. Each are now trying to do their separate projects. Alex performing in Liquid Zu, Noah playing smaller roles, Evan doing his show and promoting his music, and Kevin doing comedy acts. This show overall is worth watching it's a fun way to look at boybands.
  • This was such a cool show back when I was such a "Boy Band Freak".

    This show came out when Backstreet boys, N'sync, and 98 degrees was cool. And trust me, I was such a boy band freak. Thank God I am so over that now. But the movie came out for this first and it was a cool and funny movie making fun of the boy bands. And most of the stuff they made fun of was pretty much true but it was funny even if you was a boy band freak. And the show was funny. I personily liked the movie better then the show but the show was still funny. These guys wasn't only funny but they was good actors and good singers. It was like the best thing for me because they had a movie, a show, and had there own music that was hillarious. Even if you were a boy band freak like me, you still thought this show was funny even if it was making fun of boy bands. So this show was made for everyone.
  • i really loved this show.

    when they first showed the movie i really loved it. when i found out they were coming out with a series i loved the idea even more. it was one of my favorite shows on mtv. since the show was cancelled i really wished they would come out with a DVD. i would sure buy it. although the characters were fictional i still loved it.