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2point4 Children

BBC (ended 1999)


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2point4 Children

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Bill and Ben seem at first sight to be a typical couple, married with children Jenny and David and unmarried man-loving family friend Rona. Further developments show, however, that they are prone to situations of an increasingly bizarre nature, belying the ironic implications of the show's title. Also involved periodically are Ben's assistant, the aggressive Christine, his sister Tina, a fluffy, fussy travesty of femininity, Bill's mother Bette and her sister Belle, Ben's father Frank, Rona's Auntie Pearl, Ben's arch enemy and plumber-trickster Jake the Klingon, snotty neighbours Dora and Leonard Grimes, and prospective in-laws Harry and Laura Carson. Clare Woodgate left the show after two seasons, changed her name to Georgina Cates and headed for Hollywood. She is currently married to Skeet Ulrich. Gary Olsen died Sept. 2000.
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  • Ben Porter (Gary Olsen) and his wife Bill (Belinda Lang) are, on the surface at least, a very average married couple with two children, Jenny (Claire Woodgate / Claire Buckfield) and David (John Pickard).moreless

    2.4 or 2point4 Children was a fabulous British comedy broadcast on BBC 1 between 1991 and 1999.

    The main focus was on Bill, the mother of the 2.4 children who was a bit chaotic to say the least. Initially she worked in a bakery with her best friend Rona, then she worked for an airline catering firm but ultimately they set up her own catering business, with all the humoristic scenes this entailed. She and Rona often reminded me of an updated version of Lucy and Viv (from I Love Lucy) and I mean that in a good way. The kind yet funny interaction between Bill and her husband and kids was part of the charm of this show.

    As the kids grew up, some of the show's focus moved to them as well as to Ben and his plumbing business (including the assistant from hell Christine.

    It was very much a situational comedy but they had several Christmas episodes that were completely surreal and much less based on the situational comedy. Some of these X-mas episodes were real treats and highlighted the comedic talents of all the actors involved.moreless

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