2point4 Children - Season 3

BBC (ended 1999)


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Episode Guide

  • Whoopee, We're All Going to Die
    The Porters find themselves alone in the U.S. and in the path of Hurricane Bill. Rona is forced to trickery to persuade Tony to help her become pregnant.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty
    Beam Me Up, Scotty
    Episode 5
    Jake the Klingon, Ben's archenemy in plumbing, dies after their latest argument and has made Ben the executor of his estate. Ben is forced to organise a Star Trek funeral. Bill and Rona suffer a visit from the health inspector who tells them the kitchen will have to be expensively refitted. After another disappointing meeting with Dawn at the bank, they return home downcast. Meanwhile, after the humiliations of the funeral, Jake is revealed to be alive, having planned the whole scam to get even with Ben. Ben muses upon this and decides to put up the Chevy as collateral. They all set off for a holiday in Florida. The destination code for Miami Airport is revealed to be MIA.moreless
  • Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown
    Rona has decided to have a baby and is looking for the ideal father. Jenny has argued with her latest boyfriend, and Christine is just her usual self when Bill attempts to cater for a wedding. A further shock is the appearance of Tina, who has suspicions that Brian is cheating on her. During the course of the chaotic events in the kitchen, Rona spots a likely candidate, Tony the DJ, Jenny makes up with Jason and Tina's suspicions are proved to be founded. Ben, meantime has difficulty breaking into the house having forgotten his key.moreless
  • Badger's Bend
    Badger's Bend
    Episode 3
    Ben is addicted to the video game Ninja Badger and resolves to go cold turkey. Meanwhile, Rona visits her old school to drum up catering business. A prissy schoolmate forces her to lie to get a job, but this seems to set off a strange sequence of circumstances. Bill meets a sinister figure in a subway that whispers "Don't Go, Mia." Back at the house Ben has discovered that watching a goldfish recently brought home by David calms his nerves and enables him to cope with his addiction. Unfortunately, he has placed it in the liquidizer.moreless
  • When the Children are Asleep
    Staying up late with Ben in the house at night, Bill sees what she believes is a burglary next door at the Grimes's. This triggers a series of events culminating with the revelation that the unfortunate neighbours have been tied up in the house all the time.
  • The Secret Diary of David Porter
    Bill is faced with the problem of luring her cantankerous Aunt Belle from her locked flat, due to an ongoing feud the old lady has with Bette. At the same time, Adam, Rona's brother is left alone with Ben, the fact that he has a weakness for larger man unknown to him. Belle and Bette are persuaded to make up, and Rona decides in the light of this to build bridges with Adam, who stole her boyfriend many years earlier.moreless
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