3-2-1 Contact

PBS (ended 1988)


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  • Lively show made education exciting and fun.

    This show was something of a cousin to trailblazing programs like 'Zoom' and 'The Electric Company.' Picture that material for a slightly older audience, with more music, free-roaming locations, a sub-set plot with recurring characters, and other innovations, and you've got something like the model for '3-2-1.'

    Episodes taught lessons about science, geography, the forces of nature, social studies and other topics. They often compared different principles, such as 'hot-cold' and 'big-small.' There was plenty of humor and problem-solving. 'Contact' really brought home the idea that learning was something important and relevant to kids' everyday lives.

    This is also the birthplace of The Bloodhound Gang, not the music group but the show-within-a-show that closed every episode. They were school-age detectives who solved mysteries in their neighborhood, using deductive reasoning and persistance. The kids learned not only how to solve a crime, but to never give up in the face of their problems-- a valuable lesson to take with you whether you want to be a detective or not.

    '3-2-1 Contact' was funny and instructive, fast-moving without skimping on intelligence. We could use more shows with this spirit today.
  • I loved this show when I was little

    I just remembered this when I saw on one of those video website had the starting of the show on it. I remember the frog and the drop of water. I forgot it was an informative show, I do remember that it was pretty interesting. PBS needs to bring back or make up more shows like this one. They can\'t just coast on Sesame Street, just like Fox stopped coasting on the Simpson\'s after it stopped being good. Show like this and the Bloodhound Gang and Mr. Rogers, which obviously can\'t be brought back educated alot of us as kids.
  • The first season was definately the best, but even later seasons managed to educate AND entertain. Also, one of the best theme songs in TV history.

    For starters, this show had one of the greatest theme songs in TV history. Even as an adult, if you hear the opening theme, you will be blown away by how good it still is.

    The show itself is very hard to track down, but the show succeeded by blending together a 3 basic elements.

    First there were the hosts of the show who hung out in a cool activity room chatting with each other and doing various science related activities related to the episode's theme. There were usually mild soap opera concepts thrown into these segments and sometimes there was an ongoing plotline that would continue from one day to the next. The primary purpose of these clubhouse scenes was to introduce short documentary clips of the various hosts out in the world learning a scientific principle.

    Lastly, there was the Bloodhound Gang, which was a short 5 minute mystery show featuring a gang of kids who solved small crimes. The mysteries would usually be extended over a few episodes.

    The format stayed the same for the entire run of the show, however, there were two versions of the clubhouse. The first and best clubhouse contained 3 high school/college age teenagers, two girls and a guy. The banter and chemistry between them was quite fun as they often mildly teased each other in a semi-flirtatious manner.

    After the first season, the clubhouse gang and clubhouse changed completely. Suddenly there were more people in the gang, and they were in a basement in New York. Also there was a kid, who was mainly there for Scrappy-Doo style comic relief. This team remained in place for the remainder of the show's run. While they are perfectly fine, the first season was really the best, and would be the better shows to try and track down.
  • Personal Favorite when I was a kid.

    This was my favorite show as a child. I would run to the television upon the start of the theme song just to be able to sing 3-2-1 contact.

    I was fascinated by the experiments and information they provided on the world. It made me want to be a scientist when I grew up...now am I a scientist? No, it seems I don't really like science that much but I do enjoy learning interesting tid-bits and how things work and this show had tons of that.

    So if they ever bring it back on, I recommend watching a few of the episodes just for the fun of it.