3-2-1 Contact - Season 3

PBS (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Electricity: You Are Electric
    During his check-up, Paco learns that the cells of all living things generate small electric charges. Miguel learns the ins and outs of a myoelectric arm.
  • Electricity Runs in a Circuit
    A blackout grips the entire city at a critical time for Miguel, Robin, and Kathy. The Bloodhound Gang makes quick work in "The Case of Mr. Quickfingers."
  • Electricity: Where Do We Get It?
    Not all ways of generating electricity are "conventional." Kathy goes to a dairy farm that produces its electricity from cow manure. The Bloodhound Gang is confounded with "The Case of Mr. Quickfingers." (Concludes in next episode.)
  • Electricity and Magnetism
    Robin, Kathy, and Miguel go to a junkyard in search of a car. When they see a crane use an electromagnet to pick up and move a used car, they speak directly with the crane operator. The Bloodhound Gang cracks "The Case of the Dark Night."
  • Electricity: What is It?
    Coming out of a thunderstorm, the kids huddle in the basement to talk about lightning. In the field, Miguel finds out what makes neon lights work. The Bloodhound Gang confronts "The Case of the Dark Night." (Concludes in next episode.)
  • Earth: Building Models
    Paco convinces Miguel and Robin to try and protect their sand castle from the rising tide. The Bloodhound Gang unravels The Case of the Haunted House.
  • Earth: Flora and Fauna
    Robin and Kathy have several plants in their basement as part of a "Flora and Fauna" shop. It attracts some interest, until Paco shows up with some unusual fauna. The Bloodhound Gang learns more about Sally Starfire in Part Two of "The Case of the Haunted House."
  • Earth: Climate
    Earth: Climate
    Episode 13
    Robin finds a lot of varying climates in Hawaii. Miguel steps into a Costa Rican rain forest. The Bloodhound Gang begins their work in "The Case of the Haunted House."
  • Earth: Maps
    Earth: Maps
    Episode 12
    Among the highlights of this episode: Mapping techniques are put to work at Grant's Pass, Oregon and in the orienteering expedition in Peekskill, New York.
  • Earth is Change
    Earth is Change
    Episode 11
    Miguel has set up something in his basement that works like a seismograph. But it's not as sensitive as the real thing.
  • Measurement: How Fast? How Slow?
    Paco and the others stage a race between a snail, a turtle, a worm, and a millipede. Robin sees a biologist studying animal locomotion. Astronaut Charlie Bolden shows Miguel a computerized shuttle simulator. Kathy gets an elementary physics lesson riding a free-fall ride at Six Flags Over Texas. In the last installment of Paco's Bureau of Standards, Paco measures the speed of speech with fast-talker John Moschitta.

    Film inserts: The speeds of various animals, people, and other devices; gestation periods of selected animals.

    THE BLOODHOUND GANG: "The Case of the Human Whale, Part Three." Vikki determines that the Human Whale always centers around one parking garage. It's the key to catching both the Human Whale and Flash Jordan.moreless

  • Measurement: How Many? How Much?
    Miguel, Robin, and Kathy are in the midst of conducting a survey on how people try to cure their hiccups. The Bloodhound Gang discovers the identities of their client and the man he seeks in Part Two of "The Case of the Human Whale."
  • Measurement: How Heavy? How Dense?
    Miguel helps Paco weigh his dog. Kathy gets a pointer on how to pan for gold. In "The Bloodhound Gang," a mann claiming to be an ex-tennis player hires the Gang to search for a man with a shaved head.
  • Measurement: What's the Area? What's the Volume?
    Miguel, Robin and Kathy begin by discussing how much paint would be needed to cover the walls in a room. Headlining the field reports is the expanding Great Salt Lake. The Bloodhound Gang cracks "The Case of the Funny Money."
  • Measurement: How Long? How Far?
    Paco enlists Miguel and the others to determine the length of string wound into a worn baseball. Mount Rushmore heads the set of field reports. The Bloodhound Gang is confronted with "The Case of the Funny Money." (Concludes in next episode.)
  • Space: Anybody Out There?
    How would you communicate with extra-terrestrials? It's being tried out at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.
  • Space: Working There
    Main Concept: Astronauts get special training to function in the weightlessness of space. Preview: Astronaut Sally Ride explains to Robin the function of the remote manipulator arm and the use of a special helium balloon to simulate a satellite in space. As the first female American in space, she also describes how it felt to live in a weighless condition. SPACE CAMP, DAY FOUR: Paco goes on a simulated shuttle mission. BIOGRAPHY: Black astronaut Charles F. Bolden Jr.moreless
  • Space: Living There
    Paco entices Kathy into a pretend space mission launching from the basement. The Bloodhound Gang solves "The Case of the Missing Memory."
  • Space: Getting There
    Projected into this episode: Miguel launches a model rocket in Allentown. The Bloodhound Gang begins to pick up clues in "The Case of the Missing Memory." (Concludes in next episode.)
  • Space: Weightless
    Space: Weightless
    Episode 1
    Almost all the kids use their own ways to change the force of gravity. Paco rides a fast-rising elevator. Kathy takes a G-force scale with her on a roller coaster. Robin works a few toys while riding in the KC-135 jet. Also, Paco begins his training at Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. The Bloodhound Gang is perplexed with "The Case of the Missing Memory."moreless