3-2-1 Contact - Season 4

PBS (ended 1988)


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  • Stuff: Using It
    Stuff: Using It
    Episode 20
    Schoolchildren design egg containers that prevent the egg from breaking when dropped. Miguel sees a plane that is lighter than its pilot go for a speed record. The Bloodhound Gang makes fast work in battling "The Case of the Funny Money."
  • Stuff: Feathers and Rubber
    In "Part 1," a makeup man gets Miguel in his chair to make a monster mask. For "Part 2," Kathy goes on a mission with a "feather detective" to see what bird made a serious impact with an Air Force jet. The Bloodhound Gang enters a greenhouse to start "The Case of the Funny Money." (Concludes in next episode.)moreless
  • Stuff: Shaping It
    Stuff: Shaping It
    Episode 18
    Heat It, Beat It is the music video that sums up this episode. We see the bending of glass and (in a scene recycled from "Tropics" week) the making of a Malaysian dagger. The Bloodhound Gang cracks "The Case of the Dark Night."
  • Stuff: Clay
    Stuff: Clay
    Episode 17
    Paco gets the low-down on making a coffee cup out of clay. Kathy discovers how clay is used to make toilets. The Bloodhound Gang is called to investigate mass car theft in Part One of "The Case of the Dark Night."
  • Stuff: Metals
    Stuff: Metals
    Episode 16
    Robin, Miguel, and Kathy observe different facets of the Statue of Liberty's restoration.
  • Farms: Chickens and Pigs – Animal Production
    Kathy talks with none other than Frank Perdue about his high-yield poultry farm. The Bloodhound Gang unmasks "The Case of Mr. Quickfingers."
  • Farms: Cows and Pigs – Animal Products
    Much of this show is set in a modern dairy. Cows give milk, and that milk is turned into other foods. The Bloodhound Gang investigates a well-disguised pickpocket in Part One of "The Case of Mr. Quickfingers." (Concludes in next episode.)
  • Farms: Hybrids
    Farms: Hybrids
    Episode 13
    A mutt is a hybrid, as Paco and Miguel discover. Much of this show is set in the Animal Emergency Room at a veterinarian hospital. But there is time to show another hybrid, this one from cattle.
  • Farms: Plants and Pigs – Plant Production
    Mass population puts heavy demands on growing and producing plans. This program looks at some advances in agriculture.
  • Farms: Sheep and Pigs – Selective Breeding
    MMiguel and Robin spend most of the day watchiing and learning from a sheep shearer. Paco and Mary anchor "Pig News," a gimmick that will run throughout the week.
  • Light: Bending and Bouncing
    Diego and Robin start the day on a ship off the California coast, observing the individual patterns of a lighthouse's beam. They find out how lenses concentrate the rays of light emanating from a lighthouse or a buoy. Robin illustrates the convex lens at the Exploratorium. Also at the Exploratorium, Miguel bounces light with a curved mirror. He goes to the University of Arizona to see the grinding of a glass lens for the telescope at nearby Kitt Peak.

    MUSIC VIDEO: Light energy from the sun.moreless

  • Light: How Animals See
    Mary gets her eyes examined. Technically, it's the second straight show on the eye, but not just the human eye. Visual effects simulate the world as other animals see it.
  • Light: Eyes
    Light: Eyes
    Episode 8
    Darlene Librero dissects a cow's eye before a class of intermediate-schoolers. Later we get to hear about Librero's scientific background. The Bloodhound Gang unmasks "The Case of the Missing Memory."
  • Light: Color
    Light: Color
    Episode 7
    Kathy learns that there is more color in a green leaf than meets the eye. At the Exploratorium, Robin discovers what drives a magnificent light sculpture (the sun and many mirrors). Paco and Mary create their own light sculpture in the studio demonstration. The Bloodhound Gang tries to piece together "The Case of the Missing Memory" with a cassette tape that includes a snowy tree cricket chirping. (Concludes in next episode.)moreless
  • Light: From the Sun; To Your Eyes
    Light is observed through lenses such a telescope and the eye. The Bloodhound Gang is confronted with "The Case of the Missing Memory."
  • Tropics: Endangered Animals
    Miguel takes a day-long observation of an orangutan rehabilitation center in Malaysia.
  • Tropics: Working Animals – Monkeys and Elephants
    Miguel learns firsthand how elephants and monkeys can help humans in their tasks. Paco gives a little monologue on domestication.
  • Tropics: Rice
    Tropics: Rice
    Episode 3
    Miguel sees Malaysian rice, from planting to harvesting.
  • Tropics: Metals
    Tropics: Metals
    Episode 2
    People use the word "tin" without really understanding it. Miguel goes to various sites in Malaysia see tin being extracted and used.
  • Tropics: Rubber
    Tropics: Rubber
    Episode 1
    Paco introduces the tropics and points out that Miguel is in Malaysia. Miguel and Anitha see how rubber is tapped from trees and processed.
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