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3 Friends and Jerry

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Three Friends and Jerry is a hilarious series about four ten-year-old boys who are trying really hard to grow up. Jerry is the new guy in town. He is very innovative in his attempts to be accepted by the local gang, "The Three Friends"; Frank, Thomas, and Eric. Jerry's dad is the new PE teacher at the big school. He crushes children' heads with medicine balls, at least that's what everyone has heard. The teenage years may be beckoning, but life for these guys is still really about dares, wild exaggerations, showing off, and how many gears your bike has got. It's tough being ten!

Created by Mangus Carlsson, 3 Friends and Jerry is a Happy Life and TV Loonland production.

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  • One of the worst show I've ever seen Sweden did!

    I remember watching this show and I thought it wasn't bad but after looking back to it, its horrible!

    This show was originally made in Sweden, Then FOX Family picked it up and that was the time I watched it, I read that this show use to air on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons in the UK, also it aired on Jetix in Czech.

    Now when I watched this show. This show is a disgrace!

    The character's are unlikeable.

    Jerry is the new kid in town, he always come up with weird ideas. He tries to become friends with the 3 friends but they hate him, but he gets to have great stuff while the 3 friends are to themselves.

    Frank is the kid that almost looks like a Neanderthal, he falls in love with his cousin I don't think its gonna last that long.

    The girls are also a b*** don't believe me watch some episodes on Youtube.

    They have a mean teacher, one of the girls have a mean brother, A weird old man that is poor.

    Man the character's aren't nice to each other.

    Also the animation is so BAD.

    The animation for the characters look so ugly they look exactly like the animation for "The Problem Solverz". And when I see the character design I feel discusted.

    The voice acting is the thing i cannot stand! When I watched an episode of this show in English the voice actors sounded like they weren't even trying hard to put effort into the voice acting.

    Also the plots are so boring and inappropriate. I watched an episode where the 3 friends were trying to make money so they make a machine to make money and they promised to do anything for the girls but then the old man stole it and ended up going to jail but the friends told the police the truth and the 3 friends and Jerry almost went to jail but instead they did stuff for the girls and at the end there creepy ugly looking teacher said that the money is going to the charity, then the friends beats the crap out of Jerry. That episode had counterfeiting money in it! Not to mention this show shows sexual themes!This should not be on Nick! Kids are probably going to do the same thing as the 3 friends and Jerry did.

    So this is my review of "The 3 Friends and Jerry. This show is a bad show don't watch it!, don't let your kids watch it!, and move on and watch the good shows like KaBlam!, Bobby's World, Eek! Cat, Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, etc.

    This review was just my opinion on this show if you agree press the like button you don't dislike it.

    I'm sorry if I ticked off fans of this show. This show is just not my cup of tea.moreless
  • A disgrace to animation and comedy.

    Now I have nothing against these trypes of shows were they try to have small things in life big adventures but this show is so abysmal and poor that it hurts. First off the animation is horrible! all the characters look extremely ugly and some of them resemble really offensive racial caricatures, people complain about Klasky Csupo looking bad well take a look here. At least Klasky had a style and loked good for the most part. Another thing I notice is the movement as the characters move like they have some sort of disability that makes them movie like characters in those horrible Zelda CD I games. Now I cn get past bad animation as long as the writing and actingis good (South Park, Beavis & Butthead and Digimon) sadly For Three Friends the writing and actingis horrible. I'llstart with acting as I swear NONE of these people can act! All of the actors especially for the boys and Linda are comepletely bland and bored with Linda being the worst as she also sometimes pauses in the middle of words or sentences. Some of these characters even change accents randomly like the character Tess who sometimes becomes British. Now for the writing which ohhh boyis bad. All of the characters are bland or are so stereotyped it hurts. However the humor in this show is the biggest gripe. The show is not funny at all. The jokes are told with such bland delivry that it makes them not funny or they are extremely forced such as one scene where a goat out of nowhere eats the boys clothes while naked in a river and while in those frames poops out of context while eating. The pacing is undesirably slow with many pointless scenes, slow delivry and slow animation that it makes a 10 minute episode feel like half an hour. Now after all of that are there any positives? Yes, the music is quite nice with a jazz, rock soundtrack that sounds nice and does not succumb to the cliche people beatboxing tunes through the microphone like with doug. Yes I know this is intended for kids but I always say the same point I have made with the Barbie cgi movies. Why bother when you have Pixar,disney, Dreamworks, Studio Ghibli and more? As for this why bother when you have shows like Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Azumanga Daioh and other shows that make little things in life BIG ADVENTURES! I also hear people compare this to South Park...no South Park is funny, witty, clever and has great writing and characters! This is the complete opposite!moreless
  • Probably the greatest shw in history!

    I love it! I remember Jerry\\\'s dad! He was huge and his son was skinny! I can\\\'t remember all the names since it\\\'s been so long since I saw an episode! But I do remember a hot girl named Linda! And also an episode where they saw a naked hot girl and froze! It was awesome! RIP 3 Friends and Jerry!
  • One of Nick's greatest hidden gems

    This show has to be one of the most underrated cartoons on Nickelodeon over the past ten years. I beggars belief that shows like this get passed up over damn Fairly Oddparents.. but I digress.

    This show features an excellent array of great characters who work well off of each other. The stories in the shows are very unique and clever, and the show shares many qualities with South Park: in many ways, it's a South Park for kids, right down to the mediocre animation.

    The show isn't shown all that much anymore, which is a crying shame, and I'm still hoping for an R1 or R2 DVD release (it's already out in Australia, R4).moreless
  • Is it really worth it?

    Three Friends And jerry is eally not a very good show... The animation is ropey and alot of the episodes are kind of pointless.

    It's kind of like South Park, Beavis and Butthead and Ed, Edd n' Eddy mixed with dog turds. it really isn't that good. They should stop shoing this show

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