3 Friends and Jerry

ABC1 (ended 2000)


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  • Season 3
    • The Country Cousin
    • Head Lice
    • Cheat & Curse
      Cheat & Curse
      Episode 11
      Jerry Sold his Dad's blue vase to old lady & now he is going to look for it.
    • The Rodent Exhibition
    • Secret Mission
    • Jerry's Lucky Day
    • The Moose Hunt
    • Hackers
      Episode 6
      The three friends and Jerry come up with a plan to improve their marks at school. A simple matter of breaking into the computer and changing the marks. The only trouble is, the computer that Jerry breaks into isn't at the school, but the airport. The result is that a private jet en route to the Alps with a wealthy sheik, his family and entourage gets diverted and lands in the town, and the plane's flight information gets fed into the school computer. The three friends and Jerry quickly realize there's money to made off the naive sheik and his family and pretty soon the entire town is in on the action. They all rent out their houses to the sheik and his entourage and camp out on the football pitch, just when the town is hit by the worst thunderstorm in living memory. Finally realizing that they've been conned into thinking that they are in the Alps the sheik and his family fly off to Jamaica. When the three friends and Jerry get their marks on the last day of school, their mistake becomes apparent.moreless
    • Supermarket
      Episode 5
      The three friends and Jerry, along with Linda and the girls, meet up while they are all at the supermarket with their mums. Jerry and Frank start arguing about which of them is a better cross-country skier. They decide to have a race in the walk-in meat freezer. The race is a close one, but Frank seems about to win it when he slams into a frozen animal carcass and loses the race. As the others run off to find their mums, Frank stays behind in the freezer room, still dazed from his collision. When he comes to, someone has locked the freezer door. By the time he is finally released he is frozen through. It turns out his mother has bought him the pair of skis he had asked for. Too frozen to resist, he is helped on with his skis and pushed down a little hill. He picks up speed and shoots up a ramp and on into a freezer lorry that is being loaded. The doors close and the lorry drives off.moreless
    • Frightening Fifth Form
      Frank and Jerry are forced to fetch a consignment of text books for the class from the stockroom which is on the fifth form corridor. Scared that they might get beaten up if any fifth formers catch them wandering around their corridor they try to keep a low profile. While Jerry is inside the stockroom Frank hides behind a set lockers. He catches sight of a fifteen year old with blood on his hands who shouts threats at him. Frank is certain that the fifth former is after him and is so terrified that he doesn't dare go out, even refusing to go to Linda's long awaited party, which is guaranteed to be the event of the year. When the three friends and Jerry along with the rest of their class have to watch a play put on by the fifth form, Frank realizes that the threats he heard were actually just the fifth former practicing his lines. Frank becomes so enraged that he shouts out, interrupting the play, thus incurring the wrath of the fifth former.moreless
    • The Flea Market
      The Flea Market
      Episode 3
      Their class is trying to raise money for a school trip, and the three friends and Jerry come up with a plan to flog any old junk they can find in their basements to make some money. Jerry's contribution is an old vase that no one seemed to want that he took from his basement without asking. An old woman comes along and buys the vase. When Jerry's mother can't find an ugly old vase given to them by an aunt who is now coming to visit, Jerry realizes his mistake and promises Frank his new baseball glove if he'll help him get the vase back from the old lady. After numerous attempts they finally succeed and Jerry runs home with the vase. Once inside, he carelessly manages to break the vase after all, which turns out not to have been the ugly vase from his aunt but a precious gift from Jerry's dad to his mum. Meanwhile, Jerry's mum had given away Jerry's baseball glove to Linda and the girls for their flea market drive and with nothing to give Frank ends up getting a month of wedgies.moreless
    • The Old People's Party
      Examining the aftermath of a particularly raucous party in the school dining-hall, a moratorium on school parties is announced. In addition, the three friends and Jerry, along with the rest of the class, go on a school trip to the old people's home to learn how to behave. There the three friends and Jerry meet Grandpa Bertwhistle who with his extensive knowledge of explosives turns out to be far more interesting than they had expected. They decide that if they arrange a party for the old people then maybe they'll be allowed to have their own parties again, with the added bonus that the pensioners might be so pleased they'd write the three friends and Jerry into their wills. Meanwhile, Tony is planning a rave party across the street. There is a mix up with the buses and all the pensioners show up at Tony's party while the ravers turn up at the old people's party. The ravers end up having a great time playing bingo and engaging in other pensioner pursuits, as do the old people dancing away to pumping techno.moreless
    • The Delivery
      The Delivery
      Episode 1
      Jerry has gotten a job in the local shop as delivery boy. Trying to impress the three friends he makes it seem as if he does nothing but hang around at the shop all day chatting and eating as many sweets as he likes. This picture, of course, is far from the truth, but the three friends are taken in. Jealous of Jerry's cushy job the three friends decide to make sure he gets some work to do, so they call in an huge order of sweets and other goodies claiming to be Roy Johnson. Jerry struggles off on his bicycle with his heavy load, and arrives at the Johnson residence sweating profusely. The three friends are waiting there behind a bush to enjoy the show when Roy tells Jerry to take it all back. Just as Roy is starting to tell Jerry off, his daughter, Mimmi, comes up and assumes that the goodies are for her birthday, which Roy has actually forgotten. The three friends' plan backfires when Roy slips Jerry some extra money to keep quiet and invites him in for Mimmi's birthday party.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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