3 Friends and Jerry - Season 1

ABC1 (ended 2000)


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Episode Guide

  • Fashion
    Episode 13
    The three friends and Jerry decide they need to do something about their nerdy image if they're ever going to have any luck with girls. They quickly realize that getting cool clothes and haircuts is way beyond their means if they have to pay for them, but decide that they can do it themselves. So, with a fashion magazine as guide they create their own clothes and haircuts. The fashion editor of "Cool Guide" spots them on the street, and is so impressed she invites them to a photo shoot. They appear in the magazine's next edition portrayed as a hard inner-city youth gang. Despite having first made fun of their clothes, Linda and the girls melt at the sight of them in a magazine and they arrange to hang out with them after school. Before the end of the day, however, an irresistibly handsome man gives a talk against crime at the school, so when the three friends and Jerry come to hang out after class, the girls will have nothing more to do with them.moreless
  • South Seas
    South Seas
    Episode 12
    The three friends and Jerry are feeling particularly worn out by things in general. On the way home after a particularly grueling day at school they catch sight of Roy Johnson's advertising blimp. They climb up the rope to check it out. When they see how small the town looks form up there, and how insignificant their worries, they cut the ropes and drift off through the air. They end up on a small tropical island, where their every need is tended to by a group of girls who look a lot like Linda and the girls. They are made members of the family and the next morning everything changes. They are treated like slaves and just as it seems as if the natives are going to eat them for breakfast, Frank is woken from his dream by Jerry, shaking him from his nightmare. They are still up in the blimp, which is remains anchored to the ground. They clamber down the ropes and go home.moreless
  • The Snowball Fight
    The Snowball Fight
    Episode 11
    The town council gives orders that a new shed be built for Vicious Oscar to live in. Meanwhile, the three friends are having a snowball fight with Linda and the three girls, but they can't get near them in their impregnable snow fortress. Jerry comes along and offers to bring over his snowball catapult to do the job. They launch a great snowball at the fortress, but it overshoots and destroys Oscar's shed with him in it, though he emerges unscathed. Deciding they can't leave him to freeze in the snow they decide that Jerry should take him home to his house, while the three friends try to fix the shed. Oscar ends up emptying out all of Jerry's mother's bottles of perfume and gets thrown out of the house by Jerry's dad. The three friends work throughout the night to fix Oscar's shed only to see it bulldozed the next morning in preparation for the new one. As it turns out, Roy Johnson is also having a new garage built for himself and somehow the plans get exchanged by mistake, so Roy ends up with a shed in his yard and Oscar gets to move into a two car garage.moreless
  • Work Experience
    Work Experience
    Episode 10
    The entire class has an occupation chosen for them by the teacher that they have to try out for a few days. The three friends have to work with the PE teacher, while Jerry gets to work with the forest warden in the fire watch tower. The PE teacher is preparing for the orienteering championships and tells the three friends to go out into the forest with a map and a compass to put up the check points. They manage to take the wrong map and get hopelessly lost. The race begins and with no check points put up, all the participants get lost as well. The whole thing ends in a huge search for the lost children. The PE teacher comes out looking like a real hero for his daring helicopter rescue of the three friends.moreless
  • Tony's Party
    Tony's Party
    Episode 9
    Tony's parents are going out of town so he decides to have a big party at his house. His little sister, Tess, threatens to tell on him if he doesn't let her and her friends come, too. Meanwhile, the three friends and Jerry are desperately trying to think up a way they can get into the party, which is sure to be the bash of the year. They finally succeed by getting on each other's shoulders and disguising themselves as two big guys from the city and putting on a hat and a coat and using baseball bats as arms. A couple of nasty biker youths get wind of the party and decide to crash it. They bust in, and start threatening everyone. At that moment, the three friends and Jerry who have been dancing start to lose their balance on the dance floor. Flailing with their baseball bat arms in an attempt to keep their balance, they hit the biker youths who flee in terror. Impressed by this show of heroism, the girls' interest in them becomes so intrusive that they unmask the three friends and Jerry who are then promptly expelled from the party.moreless
  • Ice Hockey
    Ice Hockey
    Episode 8
    The three friends and Jerry are dreaming of becoming hockey players. When the local ice hockey trainer says they're too old to learn, Jerry's father, the PE teacher, decides to train them himself. He tells the trainer that he'll get them into form in one month when they'll have a test match to prove it. The three friends and Jerry are useless but get unexpected help with their training from the girls figure skating troupe. The big day finally arrives and the trainer comes to see the test match with the three friends and Jerry playing against Linda and the girls. The three friends and Jerry lose miserably as all they seem to manage to do is a series of well executed figure skating moves while the girls keep shooting the puck into the goal. The three friends and Jerry are given parts in the girl's ice skating show and the PE teacher has to eat up his skates as he had promised to do if his boys lost the game.moreless
  • UFO-spotting
    Episode 7
    The three friends and Jerry decide to go UFO-spotting, and manage to tempt the girls along with bags of crisps and other goodies. After a long wait one finally seems to have appeared. They are lit up by a beam of light which turns out only come from the torch that Jerry's father is carrying as he is out jogging. After this anticlimax the girls have had enough and go home. Just as the three friends are smacking Jerry about for making them look so silly in front of the girls a real UFO lands and kidnaps Frank, returning him reprogrammed to destroy the human race. A good smack from Roy Johnson snaps Frank out of it but he has no recollection of anything about the aliens. The next day Thomas, Eric and Jerry try to convince the girls and Frank of what happened, but no one believes them.moreless
  • Carol Singing
    Carol Singing
    Episode 6
    The three friends and Jerry decide to go door to door singing carols in the hopes of getting some money. With Jerry dressed as the virgin Mary they earn a fair amount of cash until they have a run-in with poor old Vicious Oscar who thinks they are a group of angels who have come to take him away. Oscar manages to hit the boys' lantern which sets Jerry's wig on fire forcing him to dive into the snow to put it out. Having lost their Virgin Mary, they let Linda and the girls join their choral group. Just as they're getting ready to divvy up the evening's proceeds, they are attacked by Vicious Oscar again and they all run off in a panic. Each of them thinks the other has the money, but it turns out it all fell on the ground when they ran away from Oscar and he picked it up. So the true spirit of Christmas won out in the end.moreless
  • Brake Slamming
    Brake Slamming
    Episode 5
    Jerry and Frank both have bikes with pedal brakes and decide to have a competition to see who can make the longest skid marks. Frank, determined to win, particularly as the prize is a kiss from Linda, gives it his best shot. He wins the competition but crashes through the door of the shop and ends up in a pile of damaged groceries, too dazed to collect his prize. While everyone is preoccupied with Frank, a lorry drives over Frank's bike transforming it into a pile of twisted metal. Frank is given a new bike by his parents, but this one has hand brakes. Jerry offers to give Frank his father's Sports trophy, which he claims is his championship trophy in "Brake Slamming" in return for a ride of Frank's fancy new bike. Frank agrees but when Jerry rides off on Frank's bike to go and pick up the trophy he runs full speed into a wall as he doesn't realize that it doesn't have pedal brakes.moreless
  • The Circus
    The Circus
    Episode 4
    The circus comes to town and the three friends and Jerry can't resist sneaking inside to have a peak at the animals. Two ostriches manage to escape when Jerry opens the door to their cage and go running around town scaring the inhabitants and generally creating chaos. Jerry manages to lasso one of them and is dragged off in a cloud of dust. Meanwhile the angry ring master forces the three friends to do all sorts of demeaning jobs in order to pay for the loss of the ostriches. In the end the ring master gets the ostriches back and is so pleased that he pays the boys for a job well done. Jerry, having been dragged way out of town by the ostrich, appears at that moment with an angry bus driver who takes the money from the three friends to pay for Jerry's ticket.moreless
  • The Ant Hill
    The Ant Hill
    Episode 3
    After a particularly aggravating day at school Frank rushes home to get ready for Linda who is supposed to be coming over. In his hurry to get home, Frank crashes his bike right into a huge anthill, and arrives home covered in angry ants. His mum rubs him down with vinegar to get rid of all the ants, ruining his chances with Linda and leaving him stinking of vinegar where ever he goes. Desperate for revenge against the ants he gets Thomas and Eric to help him. Their attempts fail and when Jerry appears and pleads for the ants' lives, the three friends follow him home to check out his ant collection. The ant jar falls and breaks and the ants run loose in Jerry's house. When Jerry's mum sees what has happened, she faints and is taken away in an ambulance.moreless
  • The Bank Robbery
    The Bank Robbery
    Episode 2
    The three friends and Jerry are hoping to raise more money than anyone else in the class for their annual charity drive. They decide to go and look for cans over at the industrial site. Meanwhile there has been a hold up at a bank in the area and the thieves, who were disguised as children, have made off with a considerable sum of money. When they see all the attention the "child gang" is getting on TV, they begin to regret having disguised themselves. The police spot the three friends and Jerry with their sack of cans and go after them thinking they must be the bank robbers. They finally arrest them in a TV studio where they are giving an interview to a reporter who also thinks they are the "child gang". This is too much for the real bank robbers, who show up at the studio demanding their rightful recognition. In the end, the three friends and Jerry are given some cheap piggy banks for having helped catch the robbers, while the bank manager runs off with the sack of cans, and Linda and the girls win the charity drive contest.moreless
  • Kissing Linda
    Kissing Linda
    Episode 1
    Frank overhears part of a conversation between Linda, Tess and Mimmi and gets the idea that Linda thinks he's the best looking boy around. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course - Linda and the girls were actually talking about a teen idol in a magazine. Frank's mother is Linda's aunt so when Linda' parents leave town they arrange for her to spend the night at Frank' house. Frank makes a bet with Jerry that he'll get to kiss Linda by the end of the evening. He fails miserably, of course, and pays off Jerry the next day at school. In the end, Jerry impresses everyone by going up to Linda and kissing her - but unbeknownst to the three friends it was all part of a deal between him and Linda. Jerry pays her off with the money he won from Frank.moreless