3 Lbs.

Season 1 Episode 1

Lost For Words

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on CBS
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Lost For Words
After a teen collapses while playing violin in a concert and it's discovered that she has a tumor. Dr. Hanson want to operate on the young girl's brain but the girl's mother isn't sure that is best since she recently suffered a loss of another daughter during an operation. Meanwhile, Hanson's protégé, Dr. Jonathan Seger arrives.moreless

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  • After watching for 5 minutes I kept looking for Dr House, er I mean Dr. Hanson to look for his cane and start popping vicodin. Instead of a leg infarction we have a doc with brain infarction. Not a bad show but I have already watched 3 seasons.moreless

    Neurosurgery is a great concept for a show too bad most plot elements were lifted from House. Curmudgeon, grumpy doctor with a personality problem, attractive female sidekick with apparant sexual tension and a possible past. Young idealistic protege, and a the main doc who has an uncanny ability to look at a patient and diagnose complex problems and drop the bomb on the family and then walk away. He is the top in his field, he is the reason the hospital is there, people come to him as a last resort because he a mental magic 8 ball that allows him to find a problem a few million dollars worth of diagnostic equipment overlooked. Like I said we have seen this show before but the dialog and story were not bad, not original, but not bad.moreless
  • A great way to start a series, if you want to concentrate on guest stars. Madeline Zima (Cassie Mack) was great, she was emotional yet unbearing. One to watch.

    Not the best way to start, dont really care for Hensen, his new lackie, the british sexy(?) doctor and other not so exciting characters. I too saw the obvious copy of House crossed over with Greys Anatomy (the whole surgery angle), yet i\'ll still watch the next few episodes and hope for better continuation, and hopefully the writing will get bettter (lets hope they fired the staff after the pilot). Yet i enjoyed the first episode, solely for Madeline Zima\'s performance. Watch it. if nothing better is on.moreless
  • How unorignal canyou get?

    I really wanted to like this show, as I'm a big fan of Stanley Tucci and I think he deserves a front role, but this show is just too unoriginal and yes, boring.

    To put all the emphasis of an entire show on one department at a hospital could be an original idea, yet here it's just wasted completely on a very very clichéd plot. The visual effects are nothing new anymore - CSI and House are doing it a lot better and they have so much more to show then "wires in a box", so why not come with something comletely new and original? The "good" doctor vs. the "bad" one is really pathetic. And, of course, he's not really obnoxious, but rather, deep down inside, a very sensitive person, seeing sad and sensitive images of a little girl and what's more - he may be sick himself.... oh please...

    Despite it all, it could still work if there was any energy to it - but half way through it all I almost fell asleep: with the medical story, the characters and all. This is exactly what happens when the writers are trying to please everyone. It's just sad.moreless
  • As a pilot, it did what it needed to..

    I think that as a Pilot 3lbs certainly did what it needed to, and that was to draw me back in for another episode. I think Stanley Tucci is a great actor and it's good to see him get top billing on a new show..

    I think the premise is a tad unorginal, it's like the writers have watched House and CSI (surely that's just House), as we have a 'testy' doctor with issues and a compassionate doctor with people skills (actually this is House!).

    But on the whole, i will be coming back for more from 3lbs - i'm a sucker i guess!moreless
  • Pilot episode

    I thought that the show started off pretty nice. Im not really into medical dramas like HOuse and ER. I am more into shows like Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Law & Order SVU, CSI: Miami, Shark, Close to Home, Cold Case, Without a Trace, and Ghost Whisperer, shows like that so you can say Im more into cop and lawyer dramas and sci fi shows (only two sci fi shows)The only Medical show I watch is Greay's Anamtomy whic I watched a little but got bored a just start back watching it its third season but I think that this will be the seond and probably the last medical show I will end up adding to my favorites. I think I just have to see three or four more episodes to make up my mind I hope the second episode gets me to want to see three to four more episodes. With that said I give the show a 7.moreless

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    • Dr. Seger: Then I should go take polyps off colons, because I can't screw around in somebody's head not know whose soul I'm bumping up against.

    • Dr. Holland: That's the beauty of being human. There's not another species for a billion miles that can make itself scared. We think too much.

    • (Carrying his belongings in a box, Dr. Seger is led by Melania to Dr. Hanson's office)
      Melania: He's expecting you for a patient consult in his office; they're about to start.
      Dr. Seger: Right now? I haven't even unpacked my things!
      Melania: Why don't you leave them in the box? See how it goes?

    • Dr. Seger: Working here is all I've thought about since I became a surgeon.
      Melania: Mm-hmm.
      Dr. Seger: When I had my interview with Dr. Hanson, I had no idea the position would come up so soon.
      Melania: Yeah. The turnover here is fairly high.

    • (Dr.Seger arrives at the hospital in a cab)
      Melania: Dr. Seger?
      Dr. Seger: Yeah.
      Melania: I'm Melania Ortiz.
      Dr. Seger: Melania, in person! Jonathan. I can't thank you enough for all your help with the move.
      Melania: Mm-hmm. Dr. Hanson asked me to come meet you… You're late.

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    • Spock

      Adrienne: He is not Spock you know.

      Spock, or Mr. Spock, is a main character from the original "Star Trek" TV series. Mr. Spock is one of the most enduring characters from American 1960s television. He is part alien: half-Vulcan, half-Human. Although Spock identified himself as Vulcan, he had an ongoing internal conflict between the reason and logic of his Vulcan half and the emotion and intuition of his human half.