3 Lbs.

Season 1 Episode 2

Of Two Minds

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 2006 on CBS
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Of Two Minds
Hanson and his staff deal with a pregnant woman who has a brain tumor. Hanson wants her to follow a treatment plan that threatens the life of her unborn child, but the patient is determined to keep her baby. Although she refuses the radiation, she agrees to a complicated brain surgery that could buy her sometime. After the surgery, she discovers some unexpected side effects. Meanwhile, Dr. Seger discovers he is involved with the attorney of a man he's treating who has been accused of a violent crime.moreless

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  • right brain/left brain

    Another great episode! The pairing of Stanley Tucci and Mark Feuerstein is excellent. Once again the "B" story takes a major backseat to the "A" story. So far, the B story has not been as memorable or exciting to watch as the A story. It seems as though there is more attention and detail put into telling the A story, which is fine for me and I'll only be talking about that story in my reviews. A pregnant woman has a seizure in the middle of a department store. She has no history of ever having had a seizure before...The culprit, a tumor in her brain. Radiation will certainly affect her baby but if she doesn't do it, she will die. While in the hospital, she has another seizure despite the fact that Dr.Hanson has given her anti-seizure medication so she has surgery to cut the brain in half so the seizures will stop. This is a success until they realize that if they take out the tumor, she will lose her ability to speak. However, Dr.Hanson points out, she may not be able to speak but she'll be around when her baby does. Amazing. She has the tumor removed and I assume she turns out to be ok after all.

    I love the visual effects at the beginning of the episodes so far. I really like this show. It's not just another medical show, this one is specifically about the brain. If the writers incorporate real live cases, lots of people will be educated about things that we never thought of before with regards to the brain and it's functions, as well as the diseases and illnesses it is prone to. This is just an awesome show.moreless
  • Does the left brain know what the right brain is thinking?

    THere were several things I really liked about the episode and especially the right brain/left brain part and the separation of the corpus callosum. The focus on the decisions the patient must make in the wake of a mortal diagnosis was good and showing it as a right/left arguement was an interesting way to look at it. I was particularly interested in the contact lenses that they used to simulate a hemiopsia so that visual stimulation would only reach the right brain. I\'d been looking for a way to describe what this condition was like and just seeing the contacts in the eyes was worth the proverbial thousand words. The iterpersonal plotting was only slightly above average, but the medical toys are quite good.moreless
  • The premises of the show sounded good except it\'s a House rip-off and it\'s not a good copy.

    I usually do not write bad reviews, there is no point to it. Going into the forum and say this show sucks is kind of stupid because it will have the people who like the show. But this episode made me realize that 3Lbs is one of the crappiest shows I have seen on TV recently.

    Okay, I love med shows, St Elsewhere, Grey\'s Antomy, House, ER etc etc. But when you watch the first few minutes of an episode and you expect to see gregory house jump to the screen instead of Doug Hanson, you already have a problem. Here you have a woman going baby stuff shopping and suddenly she crashes. In this week\'s House episode you had a young waiter attending kids celebtrating a birthday. In both shows, they start convulsing, in both shows you see images of the problem in the body. In 3lbs, you have a great special effect showing the damage to the brain and in House, you see great special effect on the damage to the heart. See, how similar it is?

    Except after that, where in House you tend to like the way the characters interact and you can love the dialogue, in 3 Lbs, there is nothing of the sort, Doug Hanson is not a not likeable character, he\'s kind of nice to the patients. His second in command, who is supposed to be the naive new doctor is not remotely interesting and the sermons he tries to give to Hanson are just falling flat on their faces.

    As for the two other characters of the show, they could be flower pots, it wouldn\'t change a thing.

    The story is unoriginal, it\'s sadly a bad House rip-off and while House is attractive because of smartarse dialogues and a superb anti-hero, 3 Lbs miss all the fine points that made House a hit. Comparing with Smith which got yanked after three episodes and was actually a pretty well written show, this should not have made it to the tv screen.moreless
  • Well Writen

    I like this episode. I also really really very much like this show. I think it has great characters. And I find the storylines very interesting. I don't think it is much if not anything like House or Grey's Anatomy so I still wondering why people keep saying it is a rip off. The only thing that pisses me off is why can't they make shows were people who are working together don't sleep together and in real life I believe that people will be fired for sleeping with someone they work with especially their superiors. But I guess this is the last time I am going to watching this show as Boston Legal is returning to its regular night Tuesday next week after an episode on Sunday and Nip/Tuck is on the same time. So its Boston Legal and Nip/Tuck Tuesdays at 10pm and my DVR can only record two shows at once and those are the two shows I choose to watch so Im sad to say that this is or might be which i think it is my last time watching 3 Lbs.moreless
Armando Riesco

Armando Riesco

Dr. Thomas Flores

Indira Varma

Indira Varma

Dr. Adrienne Holland

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci

Dr. Douglas Hanson

Mark Feuerstein

Mark Feuerstein

Dr. Jonathan Seger

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    • Dr.Seger: Mr. Marks, we're scheduled to get that bullet out of your head tomorrow. We're also going to drain the subdural hematoma ok?
      Dr.Flores: Said he had some pain in his face
      Dr.Seger: Uh, James? (leans down towards james) Can you show me-
      James: Come near me and I'll rip your throat out of your head!

    • Dr.Hanson: Why do you do this Seger?
      Dr.Seger: Care?
      Dr.Hanson: Oh stop, that's too easy. No, try to put yourself in their shoes?
      Dr.Seger: Oh, because fourth year I took a seminar entitled "Putting Yourself in Their Shoes".

    • Dr.Hanson: Mrs. Larsen is having drop attacks which are rapidly becoming more frequent; every three hours and the seizures are cutting oxygen off to her baby.
      Dr.Holland: Anti-convulsants?
      Dr.Hanson: Mmm-hmm. She's maxed out on two of them. The seizures continue, I'll consider a corpus callosotomy and you'll monitor side effects.
      Dr.Holland: (To Dr.Seger)What was your problem?
      Dr.Seger: It's the tumor killing her. She could miscarry whether or not she gets radiation.

    • Dr.Holland: You think we should convince her to give up her baby?
      Dr.Seger: I think we should take a position.
      Dr.Hanson: And if the radiation doesn't work? How are you going to explain that to Mrs. Larsen after she's given up her child?
      Dr.Seger: (Shrugs shoulders) What I'd say to her isn't the point.
      Dr.Hanson: This woman is facing a decision that has no right answer and the only thing she's got going for her is that she's made a choice and she's a peace with it and you want to take that away from her? (pauses) Don't answer.
      Dr.Holland: He means well.
      Dr.Hanson: It's easy to be a saint.

    • Kate Larsen: What does it feel like?
      Dr. Hanson: What?
      Kate Larsen: When you wake up and the two sides of your brain aren't connected anymore?
      Dr. Hanson: Well, I had one patient who said it was as though she had been living with a roommate all her life and she'd finally gotten her own apartment.

    • Dr.Seger: Thirty-three year old married woman admitted this morning after a grand mal seizure. Scans show a an inoperable grade four glioblastoma and she's pregnant. So, she choses radiation to save herself; she'll lose the baby.
      Dr. Hanson: I know, I read the chart.
      Dr.Seger: She's had no symptoms before today. I mean completely healthy.
      Dr. Hanson: Are you creeping up on some pithy observation about humanity Seger?
      Dr.Seger: Forget humanity, how about Kate Larsen? This morning she woke up and wondered whether to have corn flakes or oatmeal and now she has to make the toughest choice of her life.

    • Dr. Holland: To resist is futile.

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